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Coconut and Hashimotos

I was told by my Endo doctor to keep any coconut product and thyroid meds, four hours apart. Has anyone else been told this? She is an Endo doc......but I do read that coconut is good for us and I had begun to drink coconut milk in the morning. Yes it does have calcium in it but I was drinking Almond milk which also has calcium. So confused!?

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just a guess here: maybe the fat can prevent absorption of the thyroid meds. ????

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Foods etc can interfere with the uptake of levothyroxine that's why we say to leave around 1 hour before taking breakfast. Coconut oil is being used as a supplement and it is very good for thyroid problems. Your doctor is right, supplements/other meds should be taken 4 hours apart from levo. She sounds quite good if she has told you that as I doubt many other Endos would be aware.

You could take levo at bedtime, having last eaten 2 hours before so there would be no interference. If so, you would miss the night dose if you were having a blood test next day, taking it after the test and you can also take the dose at night too.


You should always take any sort of thyroxine on an empty stomach.


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