Coconut kefir and yogurt

Having sifted through the online gut summit last week I realise I need to do even more to get well. Although there was sparing reference to Hashimoto's itself, coconut kefir and coconut yogurt were mentioned frequently. Having done the usual google and Amazon search I am now somewhat bewildered. Have any of you tried to make your own, if so can you direct me to a good recipe? I am guessing buying pre-made is less active??

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  • You can buy kefir on ebay. Not expensive. Make sure you get instructions. It's a bit messy to make each day but worth it you will feel better.

  • Hi tiredothetime,

    I really enjoyed the Healthy Gut Summit as well.

    I know that Kefir is also drank in different places in Europe such as Poland so if you happen to have any Polish, Lithuanian, Ukranian, Romanian or other such shops close by, do enquire as I'm sure they stock them.

    They tend to come in different fruit flavours - depending on where you live and what sells best.

    Wishing you well.

  • Hi, I'm interested in making my own too. You can buy kefir starter kits online - I'm avoiding dairy so buying the water kefir starter and making with coconut water. I also noticed with joy that Tesco are now stocking coko yoko live dairy free coconut yogurt. It's absolutely delicious! Cheaper than buying from health food shop but still expensive. How live it still is I don't know but good to have when in a rush.

  • I bought some kefir on E-bay, a few months back, it was not expensive and it grows very fast, I have since given some away, and taken over to my brother's home in Tenerife. He had a very poorly cat, and has given her kefir every day and she is now thriving. It is magical stuff and very cheap.

  • I agree. Make your own. It does work. You will have an endless supply once it grows. I always feel I have more vitality taking kefir

  • Do you have a link please Margo?

  • Have p.m.'d you Silver_Fairy

  • Received, thank you Margo :)

  • That's good to know, I sometimes am a bit lax in taking it, but now I have been reminded to continue.

  • Hi Ive been also inspired by the GI Summit to brew some kefir and sauerkraut. My

    kefir is made with unsweetened almond milk. Im not sure how powerful it is but a glass made me sleepy the other night. No affects on stomach. I got a sachet off amazon. I think the grains are better but not tried. Ive also ordered some commercial stuff from Nourishkefir as she sounds quite honourable and wanted to compare taste /effect. Not tried the sauerkraut yet but its bubbling gently on the worktop.

    I can't believe I'm making all this stuff. I think my family think Im bonkers.

  • My brother who is on this site somewhere, was nagged and nagged by me to get his bloods done. I was very suspicious of some of his ailments, and being that I, our mother our sister and her girls have thyroid why not my brother. I even offered to pay for his bloods (he lives in Tenerife), eventually he had them done and was astonished to find he has Hashimoto's. Always thinking that me his sister was a bit bonkers and obsessive about avoiding Pharma medications and the like climbed on board of the alternatives. To cut short he completely changed his diet, and is currently on a healing gut one, which he had to cut out practically everything he liked including wine. To his utter amazement his anti-bodies reduced dramatically within weeks. He has now upped his game and is taking the kefir I sent him, and fermenting vegetables. I can't believe this is my brother who poo poo'ed everything I did, and accused me of being irresponsible taking grams of Vitamin C that would surely cause me to have cancer. It is great being able to share information with him, because he looks into everything much closer than me, and now it is he who is offering me advice.

  • Would you ask your brother to let us know what he is doing that has such good results. There are plenty of people on this site who are battling with Hashimotos who would be delighted to learn from him. Holly

  • Yes I will ask him Holly, hoping he will see these posts and respond.

  • I have made water kefir but interested to now more about the coconut kefir and have been looking for a coconut yoghurt for a while now.

  • Hi Monix, I've just been googling and there are quite a few pretty easy-looking recipes for making coconut yoghurt. I've never tried the one janiebell mentions above but I did but a couple of Coyo ones last year and I wasn't impressed. Pretty tasteless...and HIDEOUSLY expensive! I'm sure I could do better ;-)

  • Thanks!

  • Sorry to butt into my own post, but if anyone finds where to buy good grains or coconut yog recipe could you also pm me. Thanks :)

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