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Coconut Crust Pizza Recipe

Having gone totally gluten free, I have been investigating different receipes and ingredients, mainly flours.

Yesterday for lunch I made Dr Axes Coconut Crust Pizza with coconut flour and it was really quite delicious.

However, by 4pm both my son (who is just home from uni) and myself had severe tummy aches. During the night son had chronic diarrhoea and I was very sick. I still have nausea and tummy ache this morning.

Having googled coconut flour and sickness, and it appears quite a few people have reacted the same.

I guess the moral of the story is to introduce new foods slowly.

Just thought I would share.

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Have you had ny success using other flours in baking?


No I have only just started experimenting. Have you?


Can I ask? Where did you buy coconut flour?


No, only made a rock hard loaf of bread! Bought quite a few flours but not really experimented enough


Just a health shop. Expensive at £4.00 but you only need about a quarter the usual amount as need to add loads more water, eggs, whatever....

I shall just be adding a teaspoon full to usual receipes for a while. Lol.


Flower, a restaurant I used to go to made King Edward Pizza. The pizza base was crushed (not mashed) potatoes and absolutely delicious.

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