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Latest blood test results

i've just had my latest results Free T4 2.060 and TSH 13.5 or maybe it's the other way around. i phone the surgery for the results and they are not keen on letting me know, so written down in a rush. they say that's normal and i don't need another test for a year or so. i'm on 40mg of carbimzole and 100mg of levothyroxine each morning. i was diagnosed in sept last year.... any advise would be appreciated, thanks.

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I cannot answer your question as I am hypo but next time just ask the surgery for a print-out a few days after you get a blood test. It saves time and it will have the ranges printed too, also some receptionists don't think they should not do this.

Someone will be along soon with the info you require.


I suggest you mean tsh 2.06

free t4 of 13.5

You are legally entitled to all your results

i assume you are hyperthyroid /graves disease which is why you are on block and replace although i would suggest your on slightly too much carbimazole or not enough thyroxine


There is no way someone on carb should go a year without a blood test I have to have them every 8 weeks and see endo every 3 mths carbs are begining to effect my liver and endo said they need to be mointered carefully


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