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Blood Results!?

I have had my Thyroxine reduced from 225mcy-100mcg (gradual reduction) as my TSH was 0.01 and my T4 was 24 - but since the reduction and over the past year my GP believes I am still taking to higher a dosage and wants to reduce my Thyroxine more? My recent blood results were TSH 0.01 and my T4 15....I don't have, not have I ever had, any hyperthyroid symptoms. Infact, I continue to have 'hypothyroid symptoms'.....and these have become much worse since reducing my thyroxine to 100mcg. I have palpitations at times but I have always had these and take a beta-blocker for this problem....I have no other 'hyper' symptoms....I went to see an endo' in Manchester but he wasn't too understanding and I was basically 'brushed-off' as being peri-menopausal?? Please HELP! Does anybody know an endo' near to the Manchester area who does not go purely from blood results??


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If you feel well do not reduce your medication. This is really how it should be done, pity the Endocrinology/GPs are unaware. If they reduce your meds they can cause even more problems for you. All the questions are good but the first two questions more or less answer yours.


Dear Rubie, I am sorry that you feel unwell and are having the frustration of the medical profession not understanding. I am no expert, I am just learning myself but I was in a similar situation to you in that my T4 was in the top 75% and my Tsh was 0.03 but still had a few hypo symptoms. Then I had my T3 checked and found that I was running on empty as I was very under range on the active thyroid hormone. T4 needs to convert to T3. have you and your T3 tested? Also, something that I discovered on here is that you should have your blood taken first thing in the morning as this is when TSH is at its highest and also do not take your T4 until after your blood has been taken. Apologies if you already know this :)


Thnak-you for your replies. I really have been suffering recently but the GPs and the endocrinologists I have seen on a private basis have been little help. I was seen by Dr Skinner but sadly he passed away just over one year ago. I wish I could find an endocrinologist and understanding as he was :-( I guess I will have to battle on in trying to reason with my GP but I am desperately looking for suitable endo' who will not rely on my blood results



NEVER let your doctor reduce your meds on blood tests alone. Simply do NOT agree!!


my doctor has reduced mine too but yet i am piling weight on. i go to the gym 3 times a week and i don't over eat. he never really explained why, just said i was taking too much.


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