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Happy New year everyone !! possible new symptom

Hi All hope everyone okay ?

I've woken up this morning with aching joints in my hands, knees ankles and back. I wondered if it was anything to do with bing hypo. If not I'm just getting old and it sucks ......

Here are the thyroid function results 2 months ago

TSH 0.49

Free T4 21.9

It says Normal no action.

what do you guys think, I'm none the wiser?

I'm just on 100mcg levothyroxine

Cheers all.

Hope 2015 brings us all better health and happiness.xx

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VitD levels ?


It does sound as if you have clinical symptoms of hypo. Even tho' I was on levo as well the pain/stiffness was bad too.

We could have a problem with the fillers/binders in one of the generic levothyroxines (take note of which one you are on at present) or maybe not on sufficient thyroid hormones. Some of us need a suppressed TSH to feel better. If you email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org and ask for a cop of the Pulse online article and discuss question 6 with your GP and ask for the addition of some T3 to your T4. It also states the whereabouts of the TSH and your GP should give it a try to see if you have an improvement.. You can say that it is a past President of the British Thyroid Association which states this.


Thanks Marz and Shaws

I have asked for T3 with no joy they say I'm in a good range. I will do as advised and get hold of that Pulse online article. I'll get on more D3 and get some glucosamine sulphate in the meantime. I don't think it helps that I see a different doctor every time I go.

Cheers x


Well, your TSH and FT4 may be in a good range, but that's not the point, is it. What you need to know is where your FT3 is. If they don't know that, then they have no grounds for refusing you T3. That, after all, is the active hormone that your body needs!

Have you tried magnesium and zinc for your aches and pains? They are usually low in hypos - as is B12 - and all three can cause aches and pains.

Hugs, Grey


Hi Grey

I've not been well, and not replied sorry! I'm going the doctors later, I'm going to print out this page so I don't forget what to say. thank you so much I know I need to get this sorted. I can't be off work and ill as much as I have been anymore.

Vits wise

I'm on Seven Seas Complete Multivit.

It has

Iron 10mg

Magnesium 100mg

Zinc 5mg

Copper 0.5mg

+ loads of other stuff

I also take Vit D3 5'000 IU or 1250% of daily value

Cod Liver Oil that had D and A in it too

Vit C 200mg

Sea kelp 150 ug? or 100% RDA

Any advice welcome


Nicky x


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