Happy Birthday Headinjuryhypo

I hope I'm right in thinking its your birthday today, so sending you birthday wishes.

I also wanted to thank you for all that you are doing through your website, and the help you have given to us through this forum. I believe that you and others like you do not know how much you have helped and that you deserve far more recognition and praise for all you have done and continue to do. So THANK YOU xxxx

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  • Aww- what a lovely post!

  • Thanks Louise, I hope shes seen it.

  • Dear Flatfeet1 - no, I didn't see this at the time, what a shame! Still, it will do for this year's birthday which is coming up soon. Thank you so much, it is lovely to feel my website has helped some people, I really hope it has.

  • It most certainly is one of those sites that I link to.

    For those who do not know your website, this is it:


    Happy-coming-up-soon Birthday.

  • Thank you Helvella, that's so nice of you. And what you do as administrator is immensely valuable, and I hope people sometimes send you messages saying that. In fact, this is a message saying that!

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