Is this a new symptom??

I'm still having a problem getting to sleep at night,when I do drop off I usually wake ten minutes later. Last night however,when I woke after the usual ten minutes,even though my eyes were closed everything was bright. As if someone was shining a torch in my eyes. I lay there thinking perhaps a car had gone by,but my eyes were still closed,the light was still there and there was no noise of a car. So I opened my eyes,turned over and waited for sleep again. :(

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Hi B, I can't say Ive had this symptom, although I did have flashes of bright lights, with my eyes shut, like fireworks going off.


Similar then.xx

Sleep problems are classic hypo and hyper symptoms for me. Not sure what your symptoms would indicate, but for me hypo - no problem falling asleep but early waking and being unable to get back to sleep, hyper - difficulty getting to sleep.

Well that's me then not one thing or the other. :( :)

It can be very individual. If anything I would hazard a guess your levels are too high, but I don't know anything about your history or test results, so that could be very wrong. Give it more time, and usually the situation becomes clearer.

Thank you.x

I have a similar experience from time to time, just as if a torch is bring shone in my closed eyes, as you describe.

I'm not alone,thank you.x

If you often have difficulty sleeping,melatonin is well worth a try. Because my pituitary was chopped (purposely,to remove a tumour)when I was a teenager,I don't produce enough melatonin of my own and spent years suffering sleep-deprivation. My endo gave me a scrip for melatonin but to cut a very long story short,my GP isn't allowed,under our PCT,to repeat prescribe it. I buy it online,and have found that although,on the face of it,it's cheaper in the USA,by the time you factor in P&P and import costs,it's cheaper to buy from a UK supplier e.g on eBay.

The rest of my family take it very occasionally when they're having problems sleep-wise;it's very good,especially because it doesn't give you the next a morning a hangover that traditional sleeping tablets do. Give it a whirl - I've just had a quick look on eBay and there's a UK supplier offering 180 capsules for £23 ish. Incidentally, the NHS pays £1 a tablet,so someone's making a big profit somewhere.

PS I take 10mg as my dose - you do have to suck and see to find your own...

Thank you Mumcat2,Yes I shall look that one up now.x

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