Lightheadedness - new symptom

Hi all,

I've been doing well lately by taking my thyroxine at a time that suits me, eating better and drinking more water, but something happened a few minutes ago that has worried me.

I felt a fizzy feeling/lightheadedness in my head and this persisted for about 30-40 seconds, so not long but long enough to make me stop and take note of it. When it was over I felt a warmth go across my cheeks, almost like a hot flash but I'm only 28 so I can't see it being that.

I'd like to see the GP about it but they're now fully booked for the day and I had so much trouble getting an appointment from them last time as they booked me for a phone appointment but couldn't give me a time and when I called to cancel it as I had somewhere to go a time was confirmed.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Jo xx

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  • I have this and just assumed it is part of my many hypo symptoms. Best to check with GP though.

  • Thanks debjs for your answer.

    Yes, I was sitting in the lounge last night with two cardigans on and a hot water bottle, and my boyfriend was in his t-shirt and shorts. I asked him if he was cold and he said no. Couldn't understand it since I've been taking more thyroxine! The only thing is although I'm essentially hypo (Hashi's) I hadn't been getting the other symptoms such as constipation, joint pain and so on that I tend to get with the hypo. So I'm not sure.


    Jo x

  • I think you should see a doctor. It's probably nothing serious but best to check.

    It can be a symptom of hypothyroidism but also of many other things, even the onset of a cold. Hopefully it's nothing to worry about but if it were me I would be getting it checked out :)

    Carolyn x

  • Hi Carolyn, thanks for your answer.

    Yes, I did consider it to be a hypoT symptom as I was tired and had a sleep for 4 hours. I also felt sick upon waking, but I'd been eating well and increasing my fluid intake. I haven't had any more lightheaded attacks but I've had to cancel my appointment at the GP as they gave me no set time and I had to go and see my thyroid support therapist, however when I called my GP to cancel they gave the slotted time as 3.10! Yesterday I was very cold, having to put two layers on with my boyfriend sitting in the same room as me in his t-shirt and shorts, which would explain it being hypoT. The only other head-related symptom I'm getting now is a burning sensation in the back of my head but I'm going to give it until tomorrow. I have an interview to go to, which I don't want to miss as it's with my previous employer. :)


    Jo x

  • I had this only much worse. Turned out to be pernicious anaemia. Gp was useless, i diagnosed myself and later had it confirmed with tests

  • Hi Bluedaffodil, thanks for your reply.

    I was diagnosed with anaemia with iron at 15, but I've been taking iron tablets and increasing my iron intake so I don't understand it.



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