Happy New Year everyone...

Hi everyone,

I've just been rereading old blogs/fquestions that I wrote this time last year when I was feeling really dreadful - dizziness and vertigo, tingling, headaches, dark vision, terrible anxiety and insomnia, feeling detached, brain fog etc etc. I had begun to feel that my family would be better off without me :(

Anyway one year later and although I am feeling exhausted today I am so much better :) We hosted a party for 12 adults and 7 children on New Year's Eve and I spent the day shopping, cooking, cleaning and tidying. I didn't manage to do any of this at great speed but slowly got (almost) everything done.

Yesterday we made the most of the sunny weather and went for a lovely 5 mile walk near Bath with some friends, followed by a drink in a country pub.

I wish everyone here on the forum a healthy and happy 2013. This time last year I couldn't have envisioned feeling so much better, but I am, although it has been a bit of a slog to get here. Best wishes and thanks everyone xx

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I am happy for you and I am sure you will still go on improving.

Best wishes

Thanks Shaws :) I have just increased from 2 grains to 2.25 grains so am trying a small 1/4 grain dose at night to see if this helps my sleep. Fingers crossed :D

Fingers crossed.

Thanks :) Do you take a night time dose (sorry can't remember)?

No, I am fine on one morning's dose before breakfast and I luxuriate in bed before rising as I have slept undisturbed. I am lovely and warm (no night sweats, palpitations etc, insomnia and always cold previously) calm heart and feel well. 1 1/2 gr and half T3. I occasionally have an off day if I have been upset.

That's great. I am now able to take one grain in the morning having previously only been able to tolerate 3/4 of a grain - not sure why that is but wondering if it is the CT3M helping with low cortisol. I take a half a grain at 11am, another half at 5pm and now a final 1/4 at 11pm. Ideally I would like to reduce the number of doses so that I can fit the iron tablets in more easily :D I think maybe I am so tired today due to all of the activity over new year. Had a much more relaxing day today so hopefully will be more energetic tomorrow as am taking the girls ice-skating :) x

Well, I am fortunate in that I do not work any more and have no young children to look after. Enjoy your skating - it is years since I have done that, don't think I could manage it now.

So pleased to hear about your continued improvement! Have a happy and healthier New Year!! You sound very active and it's good that the armour is sustaining you.I've just realised why I'm doing less these days-i'm getting old!!! Like Shaws, no kids to look after anymore and the ice skating days well and truly over! jan xx

Thanks janjan :) I used to love ice-skating about 30 years ago - not sure what I'll make of it this time though :D

Have a happy and healthy new year too xx

Happy New Year Clarebear! :-)

Like you, I can't believe the difference in my life this Christmas to last Christmas. Last week I went ice skating and then out to dinner and a show, in THE SAME DAY! A miracle really. I am extremely tired now too, but I think that's a small price to pay. I've struggled with the rise to 2 and a half grains and dropped it back this week. I think any small amount of alcohol puts me back and I had a few sherries at midnight ;-)

Thinking back to your headaches and dizzieness last year, was your B12 implicated atall? I had that a few months ago due to low B12 caused by omeprazole.

Happy New Year lala :)

I have just gone up to 2.25 grains 3 days ago and so far so good. I increased from 1.75 to 2 three weeks ago and had the usual headache etc - will have to see if I get it again this time. I decided to do the 1/2 grain increase in 2 stages to see if it was easier to manage :D

When I was first diagnosed with hypoT my B12 was 375 I think. I have been taking a multivitamin for about a year now and think in Feb my B12 was over 500 as a result, so I don't think it was due to B12.

Strangely my tolerance to alcohol seems to have massively increased and (touch wood) I don't seem to get hangovers any more. Think I have totally over-indulged this Christmas so have decided to give up booze for January - will probably regret it at the weekend but think my liver could do with a break :D

Sounds like you had a fantastic day out. Hope you have a fantastic year ahead :) xx

Have a happy and healthy New Year bear!


Oh my reply to you is in the wrong place :D Thanks and same to you! Xx

Happy New Year! It's great to see such a big improvement. Hopefully next year you will be even better :)

You too Carolyn :) xx

Thx you too :) xx

So glad you are feeling so much better Clare, and very envious re. the skating. When we lived in Ottawa the local council maintained an outdoor rink all winter right next to our house in a little park. Hardly anyone used it and both kids learned to skate there - we were incredibly lucky, but I also remember it being incredibly COLD!!

Do you think you might be magnesium deficient. My cousin put me on to Peter Gilham's Natural Vitality Magnesium Supreme which I now drink mid-evening. It is a lovely refreshing fizzy drink (including citric acid and magnesium carbonate) and definitely has helped with my sleeping. One doctor whose book I've been reading recommends Magnesium Taurate as being the best form of magnesium, but you might want to check both out.

Enjoy the skating. Jane x

p.s. The same doctor also says that magnesium should not be measured in the blood, but intracellularly.....not a test available on the NHS I suspect! x x x

Thanks Jane :) I think I will give the Peter Gilham's drink a go - do you know a good place to get this from? Thanks again xx

I got mine from here calmnatural.co.uk/

Hope it works for you. Have a biscuit (or maybe a slab of Christmas cake!!) with it as it can make you feel a bit queezy on an empty stomach. My cousin has hers mid afternoon - it's not necessary to take it just before bed, but that's when I usually remember. x x x

Thank you Jane - I will try some and report back :) xxx

Happy New Year Clarebear :-) That really is great news how much better you're feeling now. Sounds like you've had a lovely xmas break :-) I have just replied to your other post on my question, so hoping you might be able to have a look when you have a free moment. I am thinking about maybe moving over to Armour myself.xx

Happy New Year Diamondfire :) I have replied on your other questions now :) xx

Ohhhh excellent! I'm delighted for you and thanks for he encouragement. Happy new year!! x

Thanks and Happy New Year to you too :) xx

Hi, I have a question as I have just started armour, did you feel got straight away? started one grain had been on 175 mcg of thyroxine. In a week I feel like a new person, having difficulty sleeping where I was sleeping for 12 - 15 hours now sleeping 4 to 6 hours, feel on a complete high? I am not sweating my blood pressure is only slightly high but pulse normal, the chap at boots told me that I was still getting thyroxine as its still in the blood and that he hadn't seen a starting dose of armour of 1 grain infact his other patients only take 1 grain and started on 1/4 grain, I like yourself felt bad, I thought I couldn't carry on feeling so rubbish, my migraines were killing me, oddly I have had one migraine in the last week, which had no optical nerve swelling, I could see but with all the other symptoms this has never happened in 20 years of having them? Do you think its the armour thats the success or is this going too be short lived, I got armour as I told the doctor I thought thyroxine was causing migraines, he had been unable too do anything for migraines no betablockers, anti depressants or pain relief has worked he had given me an injection for the pain which I can use myself, will be interesting too see if I will need it I am feeling so hopeful. It was great too read all your postings, I hope that 2013 is going too be a good year for both of us. kind regards karen

Hi hattiehound - it sounds very promising to me as though the Armour will help you, but I suspect you will need an increase from 1 grain. 1 grain is roughly equivalent to 76mcg of thyroxine so you probably feel ok now as you still have thyroxine in your blood from before you switched. Has your doctor said anything about when/how to increase? xx

hello clarebear

thank you for your response, I will be having a blood test on 21st then an appointment too see my doctor when he will review things, he did explain that he has limited knowledge on armour but because nothing else is working and its the migraines that the main problem as I can't cope with them and he can't disprove that its not thyroxine thats causing it?,

I have ordered several books from amazon,can't wait too read them

Stop the Thyroid Madness: A Patient Revolution Against Decades of Inferior Treatment- Janie A Bowthorpe

Recovering With T3: My Journey from Hypothyroidism to Good Health Using the T3 Thyroid Hormone- Paul Robinson

Your Thyroid and How to Keep it Healthy: The Great Thyroid Scandal and How to Survive it- Barry Durrant-Peatfield

Hopefully I will understand abit more then, many thanks for your help I really appreciate it, regards karen

That sounds good :) I have all of those books and they are all really interesting and very helpful. I think you will need to become the "expert" on Armour so that you can guide your doctor (I have had to do this too - thank goodness for this site and those books :) ) xx

thank you, I am feeling really bad at the moment, I was feeling the best when I started the armour but now I feel sick, have a feeling my head is full of water, I am breathless, I have tried reading but can't concentrate, I suppose going from 175 mcg too one grain, I knew I would feel bad. Is this how you felt? but it has proved something the armour worked too begin with, I felt better than i ever done in nearly 20 years on thyroxine alone, no migraine, my doctor was reluctant too believe that they are connected, trying too feel positive but its amazing how down you can get when you are exhausted. anyway I hope you have a good weekend karen x

Yes this sounds quite familiar. Are you still on one grain? If so how long have you been on it for? If you were on 175mcg of thyroxine then one grain will be far too little and I imagine you need an increase. When is your doctor going to let you increase?

I expect you felt better initially as you suddenly had 9mcg of additional T3 from the Armour, but you still had plenty of T4 from the thyroxine.

I still think this sounds promising but unfortunately it takes a while to get up to the right dose. xx

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