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Sick of bullying GPs who know nothing!!!

I have just come home from the docs almost in tears. I went to see the nurse for a Free T3 test, which they should have done at the hospital. She asked about my does of thyroxine as supposed to be taking 100 and 20 liothyronine. Told her the truth, that I had actually been taking 200 and this is made of some synthroid and 25 cynomel which I ordered myself. She said that she needed to check with the gp because I have been doing my own thing. Anyway, along comes the gp, another one from the practise obsessed with managing my condition with the TSH only!!! I tell him that being on a T3 medication, I should be having T3 tests as well as TSH and T4. I then point out that the T3 is the active hormone. He then says T4 is the active hormone. I then mention that another gp at the practice said T4 was an inactive hormone and then he said that T3 and T4 are both active. CONTRADICTORY. Anyway after all the debate on T3, T4, I then point out that I suspect I have a conversion problem - which explains why I am on T3. He was having none of it and was shouting at me in the nurses room and everyone outside in the waiting room could hear. I then mention Dr Toft and the case of a suppressed TSH when on T3 and also that some people cannot function unless their T4 is say 30. Still he was having none of it, and to top it all off, he told me that the practise is not going to prescribe me anymore thyroxine as I had been taking extra. What a joke!!!

If only I was working, then I could opt out of paying NI as this is how the NHS treat me. Being on ESA @ 72.50 a week, because I cannot work due to health issues that wont get treated properly is a joke. How does the government seriously expect someone to eat properly on that, let alone put petrol in the car or pay bus/train fare and pay for their own medication. Being out of work, I get my NI paid, though if it wasn't for the fact that I have other health problems (which I am getting treated for), I would definitely opt out if I was working.

I am now looking for another practise and the next nearest one is more than 12 miles away, and that's if they take me. Buses are 3 times a day to this place.

The best health care is only available to those who can afford it and stuff the rest of us.

I am just so upset at the moment x

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Omg, what an awful experience for you. No wonder you came out in tears!

Not sure if they refuse you treatment tbh.



Pinkgirl, ouch! That can hardly have gone worse and isn't much recommendation for honesty being the best policy. Is there another GP at the practice, or perhaps the practice manager, you can discuss this with rather than moving to a practice which is difficult to access? It isn't acceptable for doctors to shout at patients. It would have been reasonable for the GP to have told you the practice would stop prescribing thyroxine if you didn't stop self medicating and given you time to decide what to do.


I agree that is totally unprofessional behaviour and you have every right to complain. They have signs don't they 'abuse of staff will not be tolerated' - that works both ways. Take a friend next time too. That was verbal abuse and regardless of why the Dr thought it prudent to get heated it is still unacceptable.

Good grief what is the medical profession coming to? I am shocked this past few weeks.


Thanks for all your replies. I made enquiries with another practice today after coming back from the surgery and they said that they could not take me as out of their catchment area and that they have a large area to cover. That's kinda the same with the practice I am at, though we are lucky that we have a branch surgery in the village. I usually go there, unless cant get in and then I have to go 8 miles to the main one, though end up driving as the bus services is so sparse. But, yeah, 12 miles is a lot further, so have found out that I have to stay with the same practice.

I am going to get the T3 test done private, and will have to use credit card. Though am waiting for them to call me back with an idea of cost.

This needs to be sorted out, the one gp I spoke to the other day, I said that I had been self-medicating at 200 thyroxine and he said to lower to 150. He said that I need to come in and have a chat with one of the GP's. Prescribed T3 anyway, though have a supply of 25s I ordered myself. Different GP today, who I normally got on well with (though had never discussed thyroid with him before) refused to test T3, however, am prescribed it anyway.

I made a complaint before about another GP at the practice (was in one of my previous posts). That one said he was running late because of patients like me and told me I wanted to abuse thyroxine to lose weight - which was of course rubbish, I came out of there in tears and could hardly speak to reception and managed to say that I was not happy with him and got booked in with someone else. I have been the same weight for a few years. I would like to get back to my normal weight which is about half a stone less than I am. I have never lost weight on thyroxine. All I got was a letter from the practice manager telling me to book in with a different GP.

I will give the surgery a ring and ask to speak to the practice manager.x


Wow they sound like a right bunch. Charm school they definitely didn't go to. Are all the drs there slim? I find it funny that the GP who advised me weight gain not due to thyroid is as rotund as can be. Surely if you preach you should be upholding a good example first? :)


You don't happen to be in dumfries shire by any chance e


Am not in Dumfries. Brecon, Powys, Mid Wales


Lol:-). I know what you mean. I agree.

I have just now emailed in a complaint and attached Dr Tofts notes:-). Will see how far it gets and I also brought their attention to previous complaint about the previous GP I saw a while back - who I haven't seen since.


Good luck with that honestly I am in a similar situation and have taken the self help route because of it. At least you have some prescribed meds. I hope you manage to sort this out. The other doctor seemed to have better understanding so can you see him/her? Not the other complaint one. Or have I got myself seriously confused? :) so easy to do that these days.


I got a months supply I picked up the other day from my repeat prescription, luckily this was before my TSH and T4 results came from hosp to GP. Also, the order that I made on-line when I finished work has also arrived today. I used my final pay for that, am out of work now. So, in all, I have about 3 months supply. The one doc from the other day, said to lower thyroxine to 150, which I don't object to, and he also said that I need to come in and have a chat - am ok with that. T4 is now 36.8, though wont do T3 test. Two docs have said no to T3 test (both are practice partners). One doc I saw a while back said yes to T3 (supposed to have today), T4, TSH and antibodies (not one of the partners - recently qualified), though overrided by doc today who is one of the partners in the practice, who also refused any further scripts altogether. Am assuming that will be on my notes now and all the others at the practice will see it. Have complained about 2 of the partners so far. The one from the other day, who is more approachable will only monitor on TSH and not do T3 or T4 tests. It was only that I had a hosp appt that the thyroid tests were done, and I did mention to them that am on T3 and will need a T3 test, but it wasn't done. I then got the results from the GP - and the duty doc who oversaw them was the one who said to lower to 150. Though if he had sent me for tests, it would have only been TSH and my dosage monitored on that alone.


Private docs have refused T3 test only, unless I see a consultant. That will hike up the cost, and I can probably just be able to manage the cost of blood test only:-(. Even if I ordered from Blue Horizon etc, I would still need someone to actually draw the blood. I cannot do it myself, being needle phobic. Without being monitored I am going to manage condition on a symptom basis only.


Pinkgirl, I think BlueHorizon do a finger prick test kit. Otherwise the NHS phlebotomy dept at your local hospital may do a blood draw for £10-ish as you will be supplying the tubes for the draw.


Thanks for that, that's a good option. There is a small hospital in the nearest town, and £10 is ok:-). I will have a look at Blue Horizon. I can cope with a finger prick test.


What a horrible experience. Unfortunately, this kind of behaviour, or practice culture, seems very common in low-population areas where a GP practice doesn't have any competition. I'm guessing you live in a fairly rural area?

I won't give you chapter and verse about my own experiences, but I have found there is no unprofessional, unethical behaviour to which some GP practices will not stoop, including malicious breaches of confidence, verbal and written bullying and abuse, outright lying, and casually slandering my character. When all my essential medication was arbitrarily withdrawn several years ago, I resolved never to go back unless I developed something possibly life-threatening, like a suspicious lump. I've never made a formal complaint, because I know what happens to patients who go through that process.

I wish you all the best. You'll always have support and advice from people on this forum.


Wow, that is shocking. Yeah, I live in a rural area - one of the national parks. It's really beautiful and when I was in work, I would drive to the bus stop and get the bus as had a 2 and a half hour commute. One of the most scenic journeys ever.

I have now made two complaints and am worried about the repercussions. There is only one practice in the area. It's not like when I lived in a city where I could pick and chose, but luckily when I was there I had a really supportive GP. Sadly, that is not the case now.

This site is great and I have learned so much from it and there are always lots of people who are really supportive:-)


Yes, the last GP practice where I was a patient, about 20 years ago, was an inner city one, and the doctors there really had to be on their toes with a very diverse patient list. My GP there was wonderful, in many different ways, and I made sure to tell her so before I moved away. It's not hard to give appreciation to health professionals who deserve it, but what to do about all the duff and dangerous ones??!!


It dosent matter whether you complain or not I saw three do on practice this week ot o e would help yet quite happy to ha d out addiction e pai killers and benzoate Co. plain while your fit enough I can assure you its very hard to do so when you ca t make the effort I too won't ore you with the nine years of he'll I've enjured ut I have complaint to the very top and my family to eve my re ords they e made out I've seen many consultants etc ut they all read fromm sa.e folder don't listen to her don't treat tell her I it's fibro she'll just go away I'm now trying v to go self help route but find it hard with no energy so you for it girl it's your right and there sworn duty to help you good luck whatever way you go


This is a critique from Thyroidscience:


Some good links. this is the first:

Thyroid Hormone: T3


Why aren't All Doctors Restoring Hormones to Optimal Levels and/or Effects:


This is an excerpt:

6. Thinking of hormones as drugs, with "side effects". Hormones are not drugs; they are original parts in a very delicate and complex system. Higher hormone levels cannot make a person feel better unless they are deficient to start with. Hormones

do not have "side effects" as drugs do. They only have "effects". Hormone replacement is not "unproven". They are the most studied molecules in Nature. They can cause problems only if introduced into the body by the wrong route, or given in too high a

dose or if there is a lack of balance with other hormones. Examples: women can't develop virilization when given testosterone unless the dose is too high. Adults given growth hormone cannot develop fluid retention, joint aches, and diabetes, unless the

dose is excessive! Hormones are not drugs and the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) should have no regulatory power over them or any other natural molecules or therapies!

7. Relying on indirect and insensitive tests to diagnose hormone deficiencies or determine the dose. (e.g. the TSH, an AM serum total cortisol, the ACTH stimulation test, etc.). These tests cannot diagnose the more common partial hormone

deficiencies caused by hypothalamic-pituitary dysfunction. The TSH test cannot be relied upon to diagnose hypothyroidism or to adjust thyroid replacement therapy, any more than the LH could be used to diagnose testosterone deficiency or determine testosterone dose, or the ACTH to diagnose cortisol deficiency, etc.


Hi Shaws, thank you so much for those links- very informative:-)


Please write an official complaint to the Practice Manager.


You can't opt out of NI and it doesn't pay for the health service anyway. Everyone has to pay it unless they have a very low income.


I went again to the docs to day, this time to see a different GP, and as it turned out the one I wanted to see was not there so saw one I hadn't seen before. Things went a lot better this time, although they don't agree with me increasing dose, did let me have T3 test. I put across that is helpful to have the result as I want to make sure that I don't become hyper - at least then will get the full picture. Will get the results next week. So have now had anther full profile done inc T3:-). It was good that this time I saw someone that really listened to me. All I want is to be optimum, and not become hyper - which of course comes with its own problems. Will also have the antibody results next week. A complaint has gone in about yesterdays experiences, though am worried about outcome and maybe being thrown out of the practice, as there is only the one practice in my area.


Well that Dr sounds more accommodating - definitely see that one again. I think that was a very brave thing to do after your awful experience.

And you know what. You got your way! I would say that's one up for you. :)


Thanks:-). Am just glad I got there in the end.x


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