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Is it my thyroid or something else?

Hello to all, I have been Hypothyroid for 6 years, diagnosed with a TSH of 68 and T4 of 7. I'm currently on 150 mcg of Thyroxine and have trialled a combination of T3 and Thyroxine a couple of years ago under the supervision of an endocronologist. I didn't feel any better in fact my T3 dropped. I have felt increasingly unwell over the last 4 weeks and so my GP sent me for a full blood count, TSH/T4, FSH, Ferritin and antibodies blood test. I rang for the results of my thyroid blood test and was told that my TSH was 0.08 (0.27 - 4.20) which the GP had written 'satisfactory' against and T4 was 16.3 (9.0 - 26.0) which she wrote 'normal' against. I have made another appointment to see her as I feel so lethargic, puffy eyes, aching hips and have gained another 7lbs in six months with a balanced diet but not much exercise due to the obvious lack of energy. I'm 48 and know that I'm approaching that 'time' of life but my first grandchild is due in October and I want to have the energy and desire to enjoy that experience. I'm now taking Evening Primrose Oil and the health store recommended B50 complex too. Can anybody think of anything else I'm missing to improve things?

thank you


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results for




Vit d3

ALL MUST BE HALFWAY in their ranges or your body cannot utilise levothyroxine and convert it into the T3 your cells need to function

or you need NDT not synthetic levo or T3

you might also want to consider LDN


I agree your TSH is satisfactory, but your FT4 is too low. By 'normal', she means 'in range', but just 'in range' isn't good enough, it's where it falls in the range that counts. It should be over mid-range - up towards the top. Yours isn't even mid-range. BUT you didn't have all of the right tests, because you need the FT3 to see if you're converting, and not converting might be the reason you still have symptoms. Doctors know nothing about thyroid!

So, what were the antibodies? What was the ferritin? Did you get a print-out of your results? It's your legal right to have one. You need to know exactly what was tested and what the results were. That's the only way to regain your health.

How much T3 were you taking? Sometimes endos - either deliberately or through ignorance - set us up for failure by not prescribing enough to make a difference. How long were you on it? All these little détails are important to build up the full picture.

But, get your tests done that RFU suggests and post the results here, you could be deficient is several of them. It's not very helpful to just take suppléments at random, you need to know what you need and how much, and that's what the tests are for.

Hugs, Grey


Thank you Grey. I am seeing the GP again in 2 weeks but in the meantime I have found my T3 prescribed & it's still in date so I'm trialling 100 thyroxine & 20 T3 split over two doses. If I feel better at least I can go armed with this information in two weeks time. It's difficult knowing what to do, I don't want to annoy my Dr but in the same breath I do want to get well. I'll pop into the surgery & ask for a print out tomorrow. To be fair to my Dr she did ask for my T3 to be tested but it looks as if she was ignored? I read an article recently that said 1 in 6 don't respond to thyroxine!

Dawn x


Interesting article. If it's on-line, perhaps you could share it.

I've just read somewhere else, that all labs have been instructed not to test FT3 or vit D anymore because of the cost. How disgusting is that?!?

I understand you Don't want to upset your doctor, but is it Worth sacrificing your health to keep her sweet? l think not. There are other doctors, there's only one you.

So, I wish you luck, and hope your doctor has the sense not to be annoyed when you present her with the facts! :)



It's a very interesting article.


Yes, that is interesting. You should post it on a seperate thread so that everyone can see it. :)


Grey would you be happy to do that for me? You are well known on this site? :-)


Yes, Certainly, if you wish. :) But you Don't have to be well-known to post - anybody can do it.


Hi Grey I wonder if I can just ask you how you would go about speaking to the Dr when I see her? Do you think I should just act knowledgeable and say that I know my T4 isn't even half way in range and I'd like to try T4/T3 or tell her i've been taking a combination and feel better (if i indeed do). She can be quite stubborn if the results appear normal and without my T3 results I'm not sure how she'll react. x


Ah, you're asking the wrong person, there! They call me Grey 'bulldozer' Goose I'm so tactless! I just charge in and say what's on my mind. But if i were tactful, I would see what mood she's in and either built up to it gradually, or say quite firmly and masterfully, what I had to say, but I'd tell the truth. After all, she's not your boss or you head teacher or anything, she's a public servant that is supposed to be working to regain your health. You pay her - indirectly - and it's your body, your health and your life. She is supposed to guide you and advise you, not bully you and order you around. I would just let her know that you're in charge. That's all I can suggest, I'm afraid.


No that's good thank you. I want to be like that :-)




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