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Confirming GP knows nothing

Hi everybody, I haven't been on here for a while and if anyone has read my posts in the past they will know that after 10 years I took control of my own health and it's the best thing I have ever done.

I was encouraged by the nurse at the surgery to tell the GP that I'm sourcing my own T3, which I have done.

I went to the GP about 3 weeks ago for my yearly blood tests, when the results came back my TSH was 0.1 and T4 about 12. I reminded the GP that I was taking my own T3 along side a lower dose of thyroxine, he wasn't happy about the T3 and asked where I got it from.

I expected him to say that I was a little over active as my TSH was suppressed and lower my thyroxine but to my amazement he said the T4 was a little low and would I like an increase in my thyroxine dosage.

I told him no as I had never felt so well and there was no need to mess with the dosage.

I left the surgery having finally having it confirmed that your average GP knows b****r all about my condition.

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I am fast coming to that conclusion too and have NDT on order along with all the vitamins the ladies here have recommended. My levels are all 'normal' - have come to hate that word so I am fine apparently. Why do I feel like I have been run over by a steam roller? All in your head - you are depressed, you have CFS.

You have a 2.75cm nodule which we can't discount PTC but no rush to deal with that.

I am B12 deficient, I have low ferritin levels, I AM hypothyroid but I am fine! Taking matters into my own hands is definitely the way to go. Now someone hand me a scalpel! :)


Anger and frustration makes you brave. We have nothing to lose if we want a trial. As long as you take things gradually and we are only replacing hormones that our body isn't producing enough of.

Take note of your pulse, temp and how you are feeling. If taking a bit too much you will feel overdosed so either miss the next day's dose or lower down a level.

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Hi Shaws

Thank you once again for your reply. I know where to come for help now and will keep a diary to do as you suggest.

Honestly this site has kept me sane this past few weeks. A Merry Christmas to you if we don't speak before.


And to you and your family too.


If you take T3 your T4 levels will be lower. That just demonstrates how little your GP understands about how it works. In the absence of sufficient active thyroid hormone in your blood, the pituitary senses the lack and pumps out TSH (throid stimulating hormone) which in those folk with healthy thyroids raises the level of T4 in your blood (which can be converted to T3). If you've got sufficient active thyroid hormone because you're taking T3, there's no signal to produce TSH (so if measured, that'll be very low). And no TSH means no corresponding rise in T4, so yes, if measured, T4 will be lower. He doesn't get it, does he?

Definitely better off going it alone!


That is so true! A lot of them have absolutely no idea how tricky the thyroid is ones health

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I too have had symptoms for a long time and always have "normal" tests even though last TSH came back @ 5.37 which I know is too high and I feel like something the cat dragged in. I have been taking vit/ mineral supplements for just over 2 months and have just received NDT in the post so will be starting self medication and hopefully getting myself back. I am fed up to the few back teeth I have left of being told "it is in my head" "here are some anti depressants" or "if you lose weight it would help" "you can have a gstric band" If I wait any longer for doctors to help me I will cease to be. Good luck to all and happy holidays. Gentle hugs Joolz.x

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Well done, Lesley. You're probably the first hypothyroid patient he's had who refused a dose increase, and rightly, as you're feeling well on your current regime.

It's a shame GPs aren't taught about T3 suppressing TSH and lowering FT4.


finally!!!!!.....someone who gets it!!!

I have struggled with this and the doctors for 14yrs ,and decided 6yrs ago, that enough was enough. I too treat myself.

What the doctors don't get, is not everyone is the same!

A t4 level of 12 , is perfectly normal for some people, and the doctor saying it is too low is wrong!!

18 can be too high for me.........if I get up to 18, it slip into hyper, and yet, 18 can be normal for others.

We need to go by how we feel, NOT by the bloods!!!

Apparently now, some specialists are advising that less is more!!

A lot of doctors panic if the tsh is high, but we should be following the T4.

When that gets into a normal range, the tsh will take care of itself.

If the tsh is high, and the t4 is normal and you feel good, then stop pushing up the dosage, because that is when you get sick again.

My anxiety, depression and pain all ease, when I cut back a little.



Good luck!!


Thanks for your replies and I would like to give you some background so here goes

2002 told by the GP thyroid results had been lost but no bother you're depressed and need antidepressant.

2005 finally GP sees goitre on my neck and says I must have underactive thyroid. Go back for results and GP says only slightly underactive even tho sleeping 18 hours a day. Put on thyroxine.

2005- 2013 taking thyroxine, still tired, need a nap at lunchtime, dry skin, weight gain 4 stone.

2013 beck yo GP insist on referral to specialist, get to the hospital and he's a specialist in diabetes, when asked for T3 it's a point blank no. He won't give the real reSon cost.

April 2013 source my own T3, join a slimming club and finally start to lose weight.

October 2013 list 3 stone.

October 2014 join slimming club again and lose another 10 lbs.

I cannot harp on enough about the benefits of taking T3. I've finally got my life back and my mum had got her daughter back.

Please don't suffer out there, keep pushing and pushing and if that doesn't work then help yourself.

Merry Christmas


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