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Thyroid Results and more

Thyroid Results and more

Hi everyone,

This follows on from my post the other day which I posted thyroid results:

These were given to me over the phone, and am currently awaiting printout of them

TSH - less than 0.01 (0.27 - 4.2)

FT4 - 36.8 (11 - 25)

FT3 - hospital had not done this, and I have now requested this. Having this tomorrow.

Gp has advised to drop to 150mcg of thyroxine.

Currently taking 150 synthroid (eutirox), 50mcg thyroxine (mercury) & T3 (25mcg Cynamol). GP not interested in T3 result, however, I pointed out that T3 is the active hormone and then contacted surgery to request on test as I need to have this result.

Other results are below. The hospital appointment was for bowel problems - impacted bowel, severe constipation, pile and also IBS.

Please feedback with your thoughts x

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Thanks for reply:-). I do agree symptoms first, then bloods. I have lowered thyroxine now from 200 to 175, so could try an increase of 25 T3 so will then be on 50 T3 and see how that goes


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