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Update re consultation from Dr

Hi All

I posted recently about seeing a Dr where I came back feeling very disappointed and suspicious that I had wasted my money. Well, after this mornings 6.30am consultation call! I do not feel much differently. In fact all he did was go on about NDT (textbook stuff) and when I moved the conversation along, mindful of my costs, he started going on about lifestyle - things which I know all about. If it was a simple case of less input more output I would not have wasted over £300 seeing him and neither would I have spent the last few years overweight, not 100% and unhappy. Now to the blood results:-

Thyroxine = 22 (Range 12-22)

T3 = 12.8 (Range 3.1-6.8)

TSH = 0.01 (Range 0.27-4.2)

He is interested in seeing my bloods from 3 years ago but I would need to book another appointment and then a consultation fee to discuss!

Obviously, when I went to see him I discussed the fact that my issues started after coming off the contraceptive pill. I reiterated this in my phone call again to him today. The absolute annoying thing was that when I went to see him, he advised me to stop using taking the Pro Jest cream until after the appointment with him. Clearly today he forgot himself because he said that it was good that I was taking this and to wait for another 3-6 months to see improvement. When I pressed as to how to proceed he wasn't able to help. He could only say that perhaps it might be hormone related. He did say that he was aware that I had mentioned money was a factor - I guess this was a factor to him to lose interest in helping me then.

His guidance on the thryroid meds was to reduce - he talked of the long term risks of taking it too such as osteoporosis and heart issues etc

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Ditch him! You're wasting good money. NDT is more likely to prevent osteoporosis as it contains calcitonin (which can be prescribed for osteo).

We have these consultation and because we've read up on thyroid know more than most who only do the 'theory' whereas we have to live the consequences daily of undermedicated/undiagnosed conditions.

We need doctors like the one who wrote the following. We need someone who treats the whole body not just the blood test result.

You are obviously extremely disappointed. If you email she has some names of sympathetic doctors.


Hi Shaws

He was on this list - that's where I found him. Since my original appointment I have spoken to others who are also disappointed with their experience of him.

In the meantime thank you for the list.


Please email so she can remove him.


Shocking, that's really distressing for you.

Just can't help feeling that some private doctors and others are jumping on the bandwagon by realising there are thousands of desperate thyroid sufferers out there who will readily shell out mega bucks in an attempt to regain their health.

Is there any recourse with these private doctors, does anyone know?


I dont know. It would be good to think there was.


Agreed, ditch him. Sounds like his motivation is to cash in on your continued ill-health.

I think you said you researched him before you went - is there somewhere you can leave a less than stellar review so that no one else gets duped?

Edited to add - oh, just seen he was on Louise's list! In that case, maybe it would be good to let Louise know he should be taken off it!

Sorry this has happened to you xx


Apparently this has already been raised so not sure what if anything has happened.


Sandra, He's right to advise you to reduce your thyroid medication. Your FT3 is very high at almost twice over range and if it continues to be so long term it does increase your risk of osteoporosis and atrial fibrillation.

I reduced my T3 when FT3 was 8.4 (3.2-6.2) for that reason. I'm awaiting test results but think it may be in range now as my hair has just stopped shedding and nails are less brittle.


Hi Clutter

I dont doubt he is right to say to reduce the thyroid medication. I am peeved that I have paid this money just forhim to try to tell me about 'lifestyle and exercise (please, over the past 4 years I could have written a book on it myself) and to just throw his hands up and say he doesnt know and give up after one appointment, one set of blood tests and one follow up.

Very disappointing


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