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From Broken Brain episode 6 re progesterone

One huge segment about traumatic brain injury was about a boy who was hit by a car and left to die. In fact later doctors said he would never be normal again and to pull the plug as they say. As mothers are she persisted and takes us through his rehabilitation after a coma. It is an amazing story but when she said they gave him progesterone because of its antiinflammatory effects even though he was a "he" I thought it surprising.

Doctors did not want to give him high doses of fish oil because they thought he might have a bleed in the brain but it did not have that effect. She eventually put him on 20 grams per day. Neural feedback was also one of the components along with a ketogenic diet. He was also bipolar so to reduce his hyper symptoms he learned how to calm his brain. In fact they trained a cat, yes, a cat, how to bring his brain waves down to 1.5 megahertz? The boy is now fully grown and normal. This proves how magnificent the brain is and can be renewed and can recover. It is still streaming for a few hours if you care to see it.


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Thanks for posting, Heloise.


I missed some of the broken brain series but am amazed how progesterone is a calming hormone and has helped with a ketogenic diet with the little boy with a brain injury as well as the cat!

Have noticed the link with broken brain series with autism and gluten in the diet - but having being tested for multi allergies and found others who have been tested but do not have gluten allergy, but wheat rye barley and other allergies, then I think more research needs to be present for multi allergens for brain disease in childhood. We do not have standard allergy tests in the uk for babies and young children so allergies and substances which may be affecting development are left undetected until too late.

Thank you so much as always for your feed back.


Thank you for noticing, ggg. I'm always disturbed that much of this information seems to be hidden. I mentioned that they closed access to this series at times. I guess someone doesn't want us to know. I'm not sure about the allergy testing because Tom O'Bryan said even if it looked negative, it may not be true when it comes to gluten and maybe everything else as well.

Also I wanted to tell you something Nemecek recommends for the brain: high doses of DHA. DHA is part of the fish oil supplement but EPA is not as helpful which is the other part. You could look at the differences between oleic and linoleic acids.

Are you having a heat wave?


Have done some research on oleic and linoleic acids - was looking at hemp oil and linseed oil/flax seed oil and sunflower oil. I tried some flax oil mixed with cottage cheese as it is meant to be a help to prevent cancer. Did some research on omega 7 but found that if you have a possibility of bowel cancer it can accelerate it, so am wary of certain supplements.

Interesting about the use of positive or negative results as in the uk positive means something nasty and negative means everything is ok. So if gluten is mixed with traces of wheat which is common in some manufacture unless you have a complete allergy free food with no additives, then there is always a risk of allergies. Someone on this site went to a pizza restaurant which advertised gluten free pizzas but found they could not guarantee there was no gluten in them. It's the hidden additives which can cause an allergy.

This same person had celiac disease and found on a recent test she had multi allergies and was still wondering why she did not feel well. She had the test recently and now has to remove all the allergens to see if it helps. On the whole I have found I am better removing

known allergens but the oat biscuits I've been gorging, have vegetable fat, in them so as I have gained five pounds recently, I know there are too many carbs and fats for my digestion.

There was a scare over Romaine lettuce in the US recently with e coli - could not see why there was a problem if you wash the lettuce carefully before eating but it is surprising how many take lettuce out of a pack and eat it without washing it - it may have travelled for several days from abroad and could be easily contaminated. Apparently the E colon was a different strain which gave off a deadly toxin so sufferers die. Isn't this scary to think of Ebola and resistant toxins in bacteria which can spread. It's like living in the mediaeval era

with plague and infections which could not be cured. It is a wonder there are so many populations all over the world.

I hope multi allergies are checked in children and babies as some bottle feeds contain lethicin and cows milk - which the child might be allergic to.

Other foods such as baby rusks, contain rye or barley, which can be allergens - Your daughter must have benefited from allergy tests as you mentioned some time ago she had removed foods after tests. My grand son goes hyper on milk chocolate, and the other one has an allergy to oranges and tangerines and lemon juice - his mouth swells up.

I think both of them might have an allergy to wheat which may be symptom free.

The tens adapted electronic stimulator looks really interesting but bet it costs a fortune as

the video mentioned how each set of plastic clips had to be assembled to fit to the device, so was labour intensive. Look forward to your comments - I know I 'm a pain at times wanting someone else to do research - but it needs someone who is familiar with medical and interpretive skills and terminology to help understand complex science and the huge information concerning catalysts which convert food into absorbable nutrition.

Hope you are enjoying golf - it's sunny here today but very cold yesterday like winter. GG


Yes, the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese were recommended for prostate cancer. I don't know what makes vegetable oils so bad but it is very hard to avoid since it is so cheap. I have found things made with avocado oil so it must be catching on.

I remember on Dr. Stoll's board that people should only eat citrus that can be grown in their locale but I don't know of ANY that could grow here although my daughter grew wonderful huge lemons indoors. I don't know if there was any real truth to that but I suppose you can be sensitive to anything.

I'll have to ask my friend if she is renting that device or buying it. I don't know if it's covered by insurance but if it works and she has definitely made progress. She is still not comfortable driving anywhere but if she succeeds in that I would say the device works. I see in one video Dr. Nemecek has his patients on two tablespoons of real virgin olive oil. It is supposed to counteract the other oleic oils that are not good. I have to watch that video again. But that could be a good compromise if you can't avoid them. Dr. Stoll said that you have to balance your 3 6 9 omega oils but that most people get far too many omega 6's.

It really does come down to the bacteria. We know we have more of them than anything else in our body so figuring out what to do about them may be the secret to everything.


Have just caught up with this reply to broken brain - |I have 2 teaspoons of olive oil a day usually mixed with cider vinegar for a salad. Have found out that virgin olive oil can prevent helibacter pyloris bacteria and some viruses. Coconut oil is also able to help prevent some viruses and is good as you recommended for memory. I would think the lemons need the right soil for growth - it needs a sheltered environment. We had a beautiful rose which died and were recommended to dig up the area of garden and replace it with different soil as roses can get a sickness from the soil. We did so but roses still a bit frail. You can grow the tree in a fibrous pot with a protective cover in the winter. Think lemon trees like a sheltered wall. In the Uk they put paraffin wax on the skin, but if you can buy them without the wax you might find they are fine. We stayed in France about twenty years ago and within a few years the vegetables in supermarkets, were tasteless. Local sources of import had dried up.

The longevity project shows elderly folk who say the same thing - supermarket food is not as good as home grown organic fruit and veg. Have not watched episode 2 yet. GG


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