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From Broken Brain episode 6 re progesterone

One huge segment about traumatic brain injury was about a boy who was hit by a car and left to die. In fact later doctors said he would never be normal again and to pull the plug as they say. As mothers are she persisted and takes us through his rehabilitation after a coma. It is an amazing story but when she said they gave him progesterone because of its antiinflammatory effects even though he was a "he" I thought it surprising.

Doctors did not want to give him high doses of fish oil because they thought he might have a bleed in the brain but it did not have that effect. She eventually put him on 20 grams per day. Neural feedback was also one of the components along with a ketogenic diet. He was also bipolar so to reduce his hyper symptoms he learned how to calm his brain. In fact they trained a cat, yes, a cat, how to bring his brain waves down to 1.5 megahertz? The boy is now fully grown and normal. This proves how magnificent the brain is and can be renewed and can recover. It is still streaming for a few hours if you care to see it.

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