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Blood tests

I went to my local surgery yesterday for blood tests for Thyroid function (Hypothyroidism) Liver function, and Inflammatory markers (for Polymyalgia Rheumatica). I did ask if I could have tests for FT3, Vit D, Folate, Ferratin, etc as recommended by others on this forum and I was met with an incredulous reaction by the Phlebotomisy. I was told that these could not be taken unless requested by the GP and almost no-one ever had these tests done unless, maybe, in the case of suspected Anaemia for the Vit D. I was made to feel as if I was asking for something to which I was not entitled and, when I expressed the opinion that I felt it was a good thing to try to manage my condition, I was told that the best approach was to put trust in the GPs. I will be going to my GP next week for the results. I will be questioning the policies of my particular surgery and the guidelines they use. Any advice would be welcome.

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Stay the course! You're doing the right thing. Try not to react with hurt or upset when told things like this. Take them printouts that explain, educate about and support the care you're asking for. I've been through all of this and worse with all of the practitioners in my local health service: they've indicated I'm a hair away from being blacklisted as uncooperative. But to communicate consistently, with proof that you're not alone in wanting to pursue a different-to-the-norm course, WILL start to win friends. Docs put each other under enormous pressure to stand united, which is a further problem. But forewarned is forearmed! Stand your ground. And if you really can't get through to anyone, then ask for referrals and look for other medical help that understands - and make use of what's on offer here and at ThyroidUK and the World Thyroid Register. We will change this, and the more of us who can stand our ground now with GPs, the sooner it will all get better. Courage, mon brave!


Twinbulls, in most practices either the GP or practise nurse orders the blood requests and the phlebotomist draws the blood into the relevant tubes. Your phlebotomist's impression that vitamin D is tested for anaemia is wrong. Ferritin/iron anaemia, B12 and folate anaemia are specific tests for the different forms of anaemia.

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Last time I tried to speed up even an TSH test ordered by my doctor I was told the date on the screen specified a month later 8-) so had a chat about Hashimoto's and thyroid treatment with the phlebotomist who has it herself but cannot act outside the system. Absolutely stay on course and stick to your guns with your GP. Some of them are reasonable despite appearances ;-)


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