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blood tests

hi everyone good news is that ive managed to find a private gp who maybe able to do my blood tests (ferritin, folate b12 vit d and hopefully T3 ) however as iam paying into health insurance ive been told i would need a referal letter from my gp. i see the gp on tuesday. what i need to know is is the gp under obligation to do the letter or could he/she refused even though i will be funding the tests myself.

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you could use Blue Horizon for tests, they have finger prick ones that you can post and are quite reasonable, don't need doc referral. TUK website gives the details or google private bloodtests. You get £10 discount if you are TUK member


You can get a fairly comprehensive set of tests done for £86 if you use the tuk discount.. From Blue Horizon.

Check out testing on the


Xx g


Hello Joyce,

I don't think your GP is under any obligation to refer you if they don't see fit.

So it is up to you to persuade him.

Be prepared he might charge you for the letter.



Hi, I called my Doctors secretary and she got my GP to write a referral letter. I think if your paying private your GP should be ok with it. It sort of relieves them of having to sort your care out. I was lucky my GP did the referral and has actually listened to the advice my specialist gave him. Go in armed with all your symptoms and lots of reasons why you want this and information why he should. Good luck.


Our GP was happy to refer my wife for a private consultation. Perhaps they get commission? I see no reason why he should refuse.

Good luck.


thanks everyone just hope i can get the tests one way or the other. will up-date soon.


I'm sorry but what is a gp?


General Practitioner. I think in other countries than the UK they may be called a Primary Care Physician.


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