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I was in here a few weeks ago - I had my annual blood test which showed I was taking too much thyroxine at 200 mcg Levo. So it was reduced to 175mcg and within four weeks I gad two bad colds and a viral chest infection. Felt so crap that I saw my GP again and she agreed to another test. After I had my bloods taken (I didn't take my meds for more than 24 Hours) I went back to 200mcg. I did feel a bit better but then had muscle pain, heart palipitations and headaches.

Now I've for my blood test result of thenmostbprevious test and would appreciate your input.

Serum TSH Level 0.25mu/L (0.27-4.20mu/L)

Serum free T4 level 21.5 (12.00 - 22.00pmol/L)

I still feel crap. Can't sleep, muscles aching, foggy brain, tired all the time. Need I go on?!

Look forward to seeing your feedback. Thanks

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Your ferritin needs checking urgently

i bet its way below halfway in its range which means you cannot utilise the levo and need t3

never never take your thyroid meds for 24 hrs before a blood test or you land up back at square one

if i am correct you need iron plus at least 1000mg vitamin c taken 4 hours away from thyroid meds plus you must take a really good multivitamin last thing at night


I did heed your advice before giving bloods, didn't take any meds for over 24 hrs and this is the result.

My GP has, at last referred me to the endocrinologist so waiting for a letter.

Thanks for your advice re ferritin and vitamin C. I'm already taking a multivitamin and started taking magnesium to help energy, sleep and muscle pain, yet to see results.


Sarah, is there any chance of getting a free t3 test? Symptoms can be so similar for over and under even when it seems the TSH is totally suppressed.

Adrenals can bring down TSH because they are exhausted. If that's the case, you need to support your adrenals.


Take Vitamin C with your levothyroxine to see if it helps in the converstion to T3 (the Active hormone).

Just for information:-


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