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CT scan with an iodine based contrast medium?

Is this safe for a thyroidian?

It looks from the research as if the iodine is potentially a bad idea anyway, but on top of that I have multiple allergies. I’ve never knowingly had a problem with an allergy to iodine, but then I’d never had allergies to anything else before the last eight years.

In that time I have had reactions to three different types of antibiotics (from different families), an anti fungal, an anti-viral and the fillers in some brands of levo, with either rashes or skin swelling. I also now have problems with cleaning products which make me wheeze, although I am not, as far as I know, asthmatic.

I’m supposed to be having my heart scanned because of episodes of chest pain of unknown origin. These started when I was very hypo on T3 only, continued when I was un-medicated, stopped when I started on levo and came back when my FT4 levels settled at just over mid-range. Since I put my levo up another 25mcg (to 150mcg) I have had no further problems, so it’s beginning to look as if they may just be thyroid-related..

I’m not frightened of the scanner or anything, but I am really worried now about the process. Does anyone have any advice?

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Hi Anstey, I followed a doctor's blog for ten years and many, many people young and old complained of symptoms such as yours. Often it was due to a magnesium deficiency which completely fixed the problem when treated. Doctors also often do not look at deficiencies as you probably know.

They also may not recognize costochondritis, which I think especially women suffer with this muscular/rib pain which makes people feel they have heart issues. Both are provoked when you are hypothyroid.

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I had a CT scan last year with an iodine contrast and specifically asked the scanning team and they said I was OK provided that I was stable on medication. I had it and had no side affects whatsoever.

It might be an idea to speak directly to the radiology team for their advice to put your mind at rest.

I hope it goes well :)

ps...I am hypo :)


Hi Ansteynomad

Interesting you mentioned problems with cleaning products.

My problems started two months ago with a bang, following my cleaners usage of Flash all over the house and me spontaneously developing such oversensitivity to that smell that I spent two night at my neighbour's. Wheezing, tight chest, tight dry throat, skin itching - I am now reacting to any chemical or intense smells though the natural ones are not as bad as anything with perfume/fragrance in it. Must say my last acupuncture/laser treatment seemed to help and I also bought a portable air ionizer I wear around my neck at work or when I have potential contact with people wearing anything fragrant in smaller spaces.

The 'heart' pains four years ago were what started my whole journey to hypo/Hashi diagnosis in March. I had a CT scan then with iodine and they did a test (a small cupfull) first which seemed to be ok (though I did not feel brilliant either but I did not know then there was a problem anyway) and the scan itself was not a great experience (hot tingling sensation in the whole body) but did not make me faint or do anything drastic 8-) Nowadays I would definitely research first and talk to at least two radiologists (to be on the safe side) before embarking on the procedure especially that my heart and cardiovascular system turned out to be in top mint condition anyway. (the only bonus!)

Wish you luck!



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