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Interesting Blood results

Hello All

Just got the blood test results back from the 3rd Nov. In Feb this year my ferritin was 550 (in a range of 11-307) - in April it was 358 (same range) and in Nov it was 288. Clearly this seems positive as it was way too high and I had a test for haeomchromotosis which was negative. Any one know what is going on? Also my T4 has dropped to 10.8 in a range of 7.9 - 20. I am on NDT.

Love Sheenah XX

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You posted a few days ago that you are not feeling well. Could you have picked up a viral infection which is just hanging around and interfering with your absorption of NDT? Any digestive complaints? Your job may increase the risks of contracting various viral infections working close to many people. (It's like school teachers with little kids or daycare workers..... it's like working in a Petri dish.)



Thanks for your reply! Yeah - I certainly work in a petri dish!!!! I seem to get this every year around Christmas - for the last 4 years anyway - it lays me low for weeks. I am lucky this year - I have got it before Krimbo -it's usually bang on the holidays!! xx


When people cough or sneeze into your face, it's pretty hard to avoid not picking things up. But generally, lots of handwashing and not touching your face is the best advice anyone can give under circumstances. Adults with learning disabilities often don't take as good care of their hygiene as we'd prefer.

My daughters work with all sorts of children and adults with various degrees of ability. Nothing quite as gross as being 'innoculated' by a kid in the swimming pool who sneezes right into your face. One of my daughters 'thinks' she does not get sick often.. ha. She should keep a diary!


High ferritin can be iron overload, but it can also be a marker of inflammation. Don't suppose they tested C-reactive protein at the same time? It can be useful when interpreting ferritin tests.

CRP is a marker of inflammation, so if it is elevated then it's likely that your raised ferritin level is due to inflammation. If CRP is normal then ferritin should be a true test of your iron stores, which would then indicate that your iron levels are a bit high.

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Hello you clever old thing - yes they did and it was "Normal" - 2mg in a range of 0 - 10 - which seems a bit low "normal" to me. The serum iron level was 18 in a range of 14 - 29. Does that mean anything ? XX


Sheena, low CRP is good. 2 is fine but 1 is better :)


high ferritin can mean Heamachromatosis


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