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I would have posted this under my post on fibro with all my other symptoms I woke this morning to a tight neck,what feels like enlarged thyroid/glands and swollen tongue.had these fro at least a year along with cough and choking gp saying "I cant feel anything" another recently saying ill refer you to ENT and then didn't and giving me Buscopan for not being able to swallow.another telling my tongue is swollen but no reason why .speech is affected also so much so that people dont understand me as I cant pronounce certain words.surely all these are something to be concerned about as well as hearing,tv on full volume yet seems quiet,not hearing people speaking in noisy places.

going to list these and maintain my diary fro when I see my gp on 11th.

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thank you meg for explanation re meds..if only gps would explain.


MegMog, Anbuma, everything and anything can - and probably is - a symptom of thyroid - directly or indirectly. Especially in the neck area. Certainly the choking and coughing are. And the swollen tongue.

By indirectly I mean, for example, ingrowing toenails. Nails become deformed by lack of B12. But why are you lacking B12? Because you are hypo and therefore have low stomach acid and therefore cannot absorb nutirents from food.

Thyroid hormone is needed in every single cell in the body to function correctly, so a deficiency can have all sorts of unexpected conséquences. People tend to think that it's just feeling cold, weight gain and depression, but that is just the tip of the iceburg. Hearing problems can be caused by low thyroid hormone (as well as low B12 and low magnesium). Rough skin on the elbows and backs of heels; bags Under the eyes; broken veins in the cheeks; these are all indications of hypo when taken all together. So, I see no reason why - unless proved otherwise - neck pain is not also caused by hypo.

Hugs, Grey


once again on main computer .tablet having a mind of its own-each time I touch keypad it disappears off screen then I lose what I have written trying to get it back.then it clicks away typing letters on its own.

so here goes 5th attempt.

Hi Grey,i have complained of cough, choking, difficulty swallowing ,tightness in neck fro over a hasn't/ wont accept any of them.told I cant feel anything.i know when I see him on11th he wont discuss anything with me cos at last appointment with him he refused to discuss pelvic pain saying hes having nothing to do with my scared something serious going gp will listen to me cos they go on what he has put in my notes even if its not the truth.he has said ive seen him for a headache when it was fro nasal and brow bone growth/pain.who goes to their gp for a headache unless they are recurring.porblems with gp going on 2 -nearly 3 years cos he ddint support me re ENT diagnosis.still have nasal sores and bleeding which along with nasal bone growth were reason I was referred in first place and diagnosis was "its not sinuses".


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