another sleepless night

spent two hours trying to get to can do.only sleep on left side which is most painful cos of protruding ribs on that side and pressure on them.when i press on that rib it is the most excruciating pain.i have never been able to sleep on my right side.also have had pain all around my ribs and thyroid symptoms in my neck all day .it is now tight and feels like its been cut with a knife.i thought I would get up and go and sleep on my sofa so went downstairs only to find Buster moved from the armchair onto it!so back to bed fro me .so need an xray or scan to find out what is going on but know my gp wont do so.something is causing pressure on my ribs and my stomach is more harder than ever and more swollen on my left side.thinking if there are so many possibilities why doesn't my gp do more than pump me with meds and not consider all options-some put to him from what other members have experienced-put to desperate

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Mrnng Sorry to read that you suffered a lowsey night. So often the night times are some of the worse times for us. As you prefer to sleep on the side where your ribs protrude have you tried very soft pillow that you can lie against - it might help.

Stick with it lass you will sleep better tonight I feel sure. Have a good day oh and have you finished the riddles yet?

Best wishes


hi gins.thanks fro advice,will try a pillow.woken by Buster crying and to find Annie on my bed.took dogs fro a walk but knew it would be a painful one.was a slow walk for me and Buster (quite hot)tho he still walked into town.saw the two seals on the river.came back across the bridge and felt myself feeling weaker so got bus home.still got no more than teh two possible ones I had .

I was awake at 4.30am and got up at 5am, I'll sleep better tonight but only cos I'll be exhausted!

thought I would sleep well as spent a lot of time yesterday in the garden (working!)

I'm really sorry that you are having such a lousy time Anbuma. You really do need a break don't you. Could you get enough pillows to lie on to prop you up at night - maybe get one of those triangle shaped pillows too?

Imagine getting up at night to go to the sofa only to find Buster had beaten you too it - take it he had no intention of sharing it with you then. Pets! You wouldn't be without them though.

I hope that one day you will be able to get your doctor to do something for you and that you have a better day today and manage to get a decent sleep tonight. x

Hi thank you for your kind words.i sleep on two pillows and thye are new ones which mould to my shape.unfortunately my sofa is only a two seater and I can just about lie on It as long as I don't put my feet over the arm just tooooo painful.not enough room fro 2.when i have managed to collar the sofa then Annie wil lcome along and shove herself behind me and shove me off.i wouldn't be without my dogs and just hope I can be here for them for their forever lives.i just hope I don't become too ill that I cant care fro them,buster had a bad start and would hate for him to go through another rehoming,as he is very dependent on me.

:-) sending you the best of wishes.

Me too I think I got three/ four hours last night and the longest block was an hour. Such bad joint pain paticularly in my shoulders. Seeing Endo consultant tomoz hoping for some answers x

hi Karen lucky you to get a referral .I have requested referrals to endo and rheumy to no avail.dontknwo why he refuses.A&E again?

From experience of others A n E in this situation might do you an xray but probably then refer you back to GP

What is this rib pain? Is it Thyroid related, I have it too and find it really worrying. Also the aches and pains are really getting me down.

My mum rib pain improved alot after being prescribed vit d. test showed locso cd be related? Other tests carried out to rule other causes first.

I started taking Vit D off my own back.what is LOCSO?being ignorant!

Oops meant low! Phone.

I have had this for 3 years and in the beginning got told it was "inflammation".no xray etc.dont think its thyroid related as thyroid symptoms only began after gallbladder op.then other members mentioned costochondritis.still dont know why they protrude-something has to be causing it.

have read in a response to another post that it could be to do with lungs(inflammation and swelling in collar bone )caused by lung protruding thru membrane.

Hi anbuma, you have said before that you have a slight scoliosis,curving of spine.I have it too,as do many others as we get older-and that gives aches and pains etc.The pertruding rib,left side I also have.My concave side is the right so therefor the left protrudes and sticks out somewhat.My sternum bone little nobble at bottom of breastbone is a wee bit screwed too -all in all I am slowly twisting to the right!!I get aches pain strange sensations all around rib,ribcage upper torso really all due to this scoliosis curve.It could be the same for you if so apart from physio to keep it loose,gentle excersizes and pain killers when needed there ain't a lot to be done,if it is due just to the ol biddies getting older!Very serious scoliosis with severe curvature is treated by op and rods and bolts etc but quite rightly I believe,is reserved for youngsters who without it would be in crippling pain and disfigured,for most of their lives.It is also not something to be undertaken lightly even then.So yes,it hurts at times more than others,but is always there as a constant.Sleeping,laying,sitting for too long can make it worse,then again so can being upright walking etc...can't win really!!! Only other thing left side bottom ribcage aches,swelling etc could be spleen problems?? Probably more likely of the two is the curve tho I think.If all else has pretty much been checked maybe it's down to same as mine.

Hi cupi .I assume it was your gp that gave you all this info or did you research stuff yourself?my gp doesn't ever tell me anything and although he may acknowledge stuff gives no reason for next appointment is 12th june.cant cope with rib pain and constant "digging in" or persistent pelvic pain.considering it has all got worse since last august (gallbladder op)want it sorted.

I don't understand why he wouldn't refer you at least for X rays. You need a different gp. In the meantime go to A & E.

went to A&E today ,ddint walk dogs and gto there at 8,30.seen more or less staright away -sadi about ribs and pelvic pain and feeling so weak I wasn't bale to walk uphill and had to call the dogs back to enable me to do so,felt so sick on the bus to A&E couldn't stay awake,told dr of last 3 years and how gps dismissing symptoms-he wanted to know how long i had every thing for.had achest xray and said lungs were fine.he also commented on skin condition ,facial swelling(lips and tongue)and so I told him had asked gp for referrals as per instruction of A&E drs btu he about time someone .felt ill on bus coming home too -nauseous -about time someone gave me some answers-skin swelling stomach and not saying "WHAT IT IS NOT".dogs' faces sad it all this morning.

Did A&E say anything useful at all?

other than that my lungs and ecg (heart)were ok I guess not.the triage nurse I saw was so much nicer than last time.she really looked after me-giving me pain relief inform of ibruprofen.not getting a lecture like previously -she understood that I couldn't get a drs appointment-explaining that they had a couple of emergencies in and that the drs were changing shifts so could be a bit of a wait btu would be seen asap.

phone rang about 20 minutes ago and it was a local number but not one I recognized.dont normally answer calls I don't recognize the number-surprise ! it was my dr and he said he wanted me to ahve an xray and to contact xray dept to book it and he would put it thru the system.- said he was concerned that I still had the cough( ayear +) and .maybe he is eventually listening to me???

More likely he has had a roasting by someone at A & E for ignoring your concerns so much that you went to them for help. They've probably put the fear of god in him but he can't admit that they've been in touch and influenced him so he's pretending it is all his idea. It's far too much of a coincidence not to be linked to your trip to A&E. Still, if it makes him act it doesn't matter how it came about.

Regular attenders at A&E who should be managed by their GP are known as high fliers, and the GP will get called to account

Do you not think it would be worth paying for the thyroid blood tests so you have evidence that something is wrong? He can't possibly ignore those when they are in front of him in black and white. Also asking him for lupus blood tests because of the bone pain? If he hasn't tested you already, then it is neglectful of him not to do so now.

have paid for blood tests,tsh was still high.tho they continue to dismiss symptoms.was told there are no specific bloods for lupus?i know it slupus cos of skin conditions and nasal sores/swelling etc.have purchased a number of home tests to do -kidneys liver etc.

There are specific blood tests for Lupus. ANA and antibodies plus compliments and the others I've already listed for you. What about the other thyroid tests? It would be worth testing FT3 and FT4 as TSH is notoriously unreliable and your GP won't test the others. If you are hypothyroid then it will show in the FT3 and FT4 and he can't ignore those. My GP was treating me in the same way to yours, and I had to spend every penny of my benefits on private testing to prove him wrong. Once he had the test results, he had to accept that I was right.

TSH can be high because of infections.

I think you need to go private. Though scans an X-rays are not 100%.

I just went through a heart

Scan. It said on the internet it was a waste of time for Lyme Disease just exposing you to more radiation.

Some stomach infections

can do all sort of things.

They cause ulcers and a like and need antibiotic treatment.

Hi Jigsawcat- You mention blood tests for bone pain- can lupus cause this? I have bone pain (not particularly joints though) and other symptons..

Anbuma- I am so sorry you are having all these problems, I hope your GP will take you seriously- don't give up. You know when something is not right. x

Hi, yes it can cause joint inflammation and bone pain as one of the many symptoms, Anbuma has skin rashes etc which she attributes to Lupus which is why I suggested the test. Bone pain can also be a symptom of vit B12 deficiency and also Vit D deficiency, which are much more common than Lupus, particularly in people with hypothyroidism (aches/pains a hypo symptom too). So, lots of other things it could be too but yes, joint and bone problems are a symptom of lupus.

I have sore ribs but thought nothing off it too is it thyroid related

Oh, agonies, from possible costochondritis. Thyroid affects the muscles and the rib muscles are very sensitive.

I was referred after being an inpatient. Had surgery (gallbladder) heart probs after diagnosed as toxic thyroid six months ago. Feel iller now than I did then :-(

Hi anbuma, for the past three years due to pain I've been sleeping in a Mayan hammock. I don't know to what extent this sounds totally weird to you or most people or even if it is feasible. It's got a stand and I put a wool duvet in it and wrap myself up.

There's no pressure points and my pain goes away after 5 minutes no matter how awful my day has been.

Lots of people think I'm entirely eccentric but more and more people with chronic pain problems use hammocks as bed replacements. There is a correct way to hang them and a correct way to position the body to sleep in them. There's plenty of information on line if a person googles 'hammock sleeping'.

I was desperate for some peaceful sleep, did a lot of reading on the subject and figured, I've wasted more money than what this cost me on all sorts of whatevers over the years. I'm still in the original hammock, so I guess if they are indoors as mine is, they last a long time.

My back pain made even changing the sheets on the bed an agonious chore. With the hammock, it's only a duvet cover that needs laundering. No sheets, no mattress cover, no pillow, no pillowcases. I hate laundry too. There's great airflow, I don't sweat and there's no dust bunnies underneath. :) All good. I don't think there's dust mites either. I breathe well.

I used to wake up multiple times during the night from numb arms, painful back, and when I had rotator cuff injuries it was hell. About a year or so ago I managed to fall spectacularly. Fortunately I didn't break my wrist but my shoulder was a concern given previous injuries. I recovered in record time because the hammock put no pressure on the shoulder and I could sleep well. My children used to make fun of me because even in the morning, when I'd get out of bed I'd be walking like an old arthritic granny. No more.

Hi Anbuma,

I have a very similar problem. Five years ago I was diagnosed with pluerysi and the pain felt like my ribs were jabbing me and I couldn't breath. I kept getting the pain on and off and nearly 2 years ago I insisted something was done. My GP kept saying it was musculal skeletal pain and the x-rays didn't show anything. I then went for an ultrasound scan and the doctor doing the scan said I was wasting his time because my x-ray was clear. I explained that I'd had pluerysi 3 years previously and that the pain felt more like a swelling or lump pushing against my ribs. This doctor listened to me and organised an urgent CT scan which came back with the result that the pain was muscular skeletal but that I had a calcified nodule on my right thyroid lobe. Needless to say that this was thyroid cancer and has been removed and the pain disappeared. Unfortunately, for me the pain has come back in the past few months and I think it is thyroid related. My own research has found that the thyroid can develop goitres (lumps) and these can grow in the lungs and it is one of the signs of cancer. I'm not saying that this could be you because it probably isn't, thyroid cancer is very, very rare, but perhaps you need to press for some x-rays or scans just to rule things out.

I hope you manage to get the help you and should you need someone to talk to please just PM me.

Good luck x.

hello ,thanks,it s always good to hear from someone new.thanks fro the offer to PM you.yesterday when I took my dogs out i really didnt feel up to it cos of being up all night with the pain in my ribs.i felt really weak .today was the same altho I did sleep a bit longer last night it wasn't entirely intentional.i was on my computer and was waitign fro it to correct errors so i thought ill just go and lie down fro a while on my Right side that way I wont fall asleep.HA ! I woke up and it was 4am and computer still on standby.took dogs out this morning -short walk -got so far and turned back.walkign thru wooded area and dogs took off uphill-couldn't follow them.had to call one back to pull me up .every time I bent down to clean up after them or fasten their leads I got a jabbing pain in my ribs as tho beign jabbed in my lung as well as the pelvic pain..this happened every time I bent down or leaned forward,ribs pressing on my stomach.phoned drs twice told no appointments with any gp and to phone at 8 am.dogs even more subdued today .I have had numerous scans but not a chest xray fro years and altho have requested one it hasn't happened. want an appointment to get one and a pelvic scan

Hi Anbuma,

This sounds exactly like the pain that I experience, it's absolutely awful and my GP surgery just say it's muscular skeletal pain. I haven't gone back to my GP but told my endo when I saw him in the thyroid cancer clinic and he said that if I wasn't any better when I see him next week then he will organise scans.

Have you had a goitre in your thyroid at all? If so, then it might be a goitre in your lung. I wonder if this is what I keep getting in my left side and it's causing all the jabbing pains in my ribs and discomfort. Pleurisy is inflammation of the lung lining and goitre is an inflammation/lump that can come and go, and perhaps this is what my pleurisy was all those years ago and it keeps coming and going. It didn't show up on my CT scan but I was told that there was a goitre in the left side of my thyroid but when I had further scans it had gone. The doctor doing the scan said that they can come and go and not to worry about it.

Have you thought about going into a walk in centre or A&E? If your GP won't help and you cannot get an appointment it's one course of action. Or you could ring your GP surgery for an appointment and when they refuse say that you're going to A&E instead. My daughter had to do this to get an appointment for my toddler grandson and it worked. She was offered an appointment once she threatened to go to A&E and with all the cafuffle and political slanging matches going on it might just work.

Take care and let me know how you get on.

TT xx.

hi there TT.for the last 3 years my gp has told me nothing-its always inflammation,your stomach or nothing said.i have a lump under my jaw and my larynx and thyroid are enlarged.have never heard of goitre in lung?i will ring my surgery in the morning and if not go to A& 111-cos last time A&E "got funny"when i went after nto beign able to get a gp s appointment,

so scared tonight-mostly cos of persistent pelvic pain and pain everytime I eat,l ean forward or bend down,and the way my dog keeps looking at me is a cause fro concern.

Hi Anbuma,

What you are saying causes me concern, you should not be in such pain for such a long time. The lump under your jaw could be your sublingual glands are inflamed. My sublingual glands are swollen and feel like really hard lumps. When I press on them it affects my voice because they push on my larynx, just like the thyroid cancer did. My endo told me that they become inflamed when your run down and suffering from a cold/flu bugs or infections. He told me that if mine are still inflamed when I see him next Tuesday he will organise scans and examine my left side where I get the pains. What tests have you had done? Your pelvic pain could be ovarian cysts, endometriosis, fibroids or other female related conditions.

Good luck and I hope you get the help you need soon.

TT xx.

Hi Anbuma,

How are you doing? Have you been back to your GP? Feel free to PM me if you need someone to chat to.

Take care.

TT xx.

hiya anbuma

I have only recent;y been diagnosed hypothyroid and on 50mg levothyroxine and i cant sleep at all..

if i do I fall in to a comatose sleep for about an hour and then i cant sleep and i cant get back to sleep for ages,,,

I also empathise with you about the pain, i have a similar problem with my gp,, just giving me painkillers,,and its dreadful,, however you could try some soothing music and /or a sleep pillow, i personally dont like lavender but lots do and its supposed to have restful qualities, i hear they are not very dear and one just pops them in the microwave for a wee while and put them near you to warm a pillow and sleep,, i do empathise about the sleepless nights as i have them too every night.

good luck x

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