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still concerned

I am still concerned that my stomach is ever increasing and only reason fro weight gain.why cant doctors accept that?(in the letter I got from my gp he says I have been reassured that I odnt have OC and dont seem to be able to accept that).it feels harder lumpier and more sore to touch all around to my back (esp at sides).my dogs still keep giving me strange "stares" and they just want to be close to me all the time.i know something serious is going on-but what?it Is nothign to do with diet and it s not IBS

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A biopsy or removing a cancer is the only absolute way to confirm or rule out cancer.

Why wont your doctor agree for you to have a scan?

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I just wanted to add that my above comment did not mean that i think you have cancer. As you know from our previous chats i know of someone who was having regular ovarian scans for a cyst and only when the oncologist looked at it did he suspect cancer. It was the biopsy that confirmed this.

I just think for your peace of mind you need to know. Most ymptom you describe turn out not to be cancer but your doctor can not play God with you.

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I cannot find my post you responded to ?what was it t itle do you remember?


hi I have had scans over the last couple of years-uss ct and mri scans plus last week at hospital(went to A&E) another ultra sound +trans vaginal scan,keep saying they are all clear and no sign of OC.he says i have had a couple of others too.can anyone understand why I am concerned ?cos it s said OC is mistaken fro bowel condition and even tho they say its not OC they still tell me its IBS even though I tell them its not as never had bowel probs and never complained to any doctor about constipation or diarrheoa.also had colonoscopy and endoscopy but they were 2 years ago.despite having all these scans my gp never discovered or investigated fro gallstones and if up to him I would never have known I had them.

hope to get an appointment tomorrow if I can egt thru on the phone at 8am

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Have you had an mri scan?

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Hi anbuma, you posted on Monday that you had an appointment with gp yesterday to cover the problem with your swollen neck,thinking it was thyroid connected and got a really sensible response to cover just that issue on that did that go? Did you manage to focus on just that one issue and if so what did the gp suggest/propose/ for swollen neck issue? Are you having blood tested again for thyroid or any further on that?


hi cupi

I thought I said I was going to try and get an appointment(pardon me if im wrong)then i ahd a phone call Monday to say I was going to receive my vcr back from repair on tuesday am so ahd to wait in for that.i ddi call the doctors btu htey said they had no appointments.rang again in pm and they said to call at 8am.i just looked at the blood results I got copies of and think only option to get somewhere is to go back to A&E.stomach is a hard solid lumpy mass(esp around belly button)and very sore around kidney areas(?).also had another nightmare last night -continuous fro last 2 weeks


Hi didnt you go to a&e last week and have a couple of scans? Its highly unlikely anything has changed since then, why dont you try and get a gp appointment


they only ddi ultrasound scans and a transvaginal scan.after scans came home cos late (4pm).maybe should have gone back to A&E after scans cos dr there wanted to get to bottom of it(stomach).dr hasn't given me any other reason for it other than saying it s not OC -bowel condition btu I don't have IBS and if so maybe do another colonoscopy??last time was 2012


I had a hard lump around my bellybutton and it took a while but eventually was diagnosed as an intractable hernia. I have now had a hernia repair with mesh. The doctor was convinced it was not a hernia, because it didn't go in and out like a normal hernia. I remember going to A and E and they didnt even examine me, just spoke on the phone to someone and said they had a lady presenting with "bloating"........ I remember I just sat and cried , I thought no one was ever going to listen to me. I had an ultrasound, but they looked everywhere EXCEPT around the bellybutton area and said they wouldnt do there, as not requested by the doctor! anwyay, eventually a second scan revealed a hernia that was trapped out. so to speak

Ive copied some page for you from an

What are the symptoms of a hernia?

The most common sign of a hernia is a soft swelling or bulge under your skin. The type of hernia you have will determine where the bulge appears on your body. Some hernias can only be seen when you stand up and may disappear completely when you lie down. Others may only be visible when you strain your muscles by coughing, sneezing, bending or lifting. Usually, the bulge is soft enough that you can gently push it back into your abdomen and often is not there when you wake up in the morning.

Most hernias do not cause painful symptoms. Sometimes, the area around your hernia may be tender and you may feel some sharp twinges or a pulling sensation. As your hernia gets bigger, your pain and discomfort may increase. If it is not repaired, a hernia may eventually prevent you from enjoying normal activities, such as exercising, grocery shopping or having sex.

Health risks

When an organ, such as your intestine, pushes through the abdominal wall, there is a small risk that it could get trapped there. This is known as an incarcerated hernia. If your hernia is trapped outside of the abdominal wall, you won’t be able to push it back into your abdomen and it may feel hard and painful. Contact your doctor right away if you have this condition.

If left untreated, an incarcerated hernia may become strangulated. This means that the hernia is tightly trapped and blood will no longer flow into the tissues. Without a normal blood supply, the trapped tissues may die. A strangulated hernia is not very common but may cause severe pain, nausea, vomiting and even death. A strangulated hernia requires immediate medical attention. Leaving a hernia until this stage means that you will have emergency surgery at your local general hospital and will lose the option of choosing how and when your hernia will be repaired.

If you have a hernia, contact your doctor right away if:

your hernia becomes very painful,

your hernia can’t be pushed back into your abdomen,

and you feel sick to your stomach (nauseated) or vomit or have a fever

Hope you get it sorted


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