thyroid pain

thyroid pain

so woke up with my neck more swollen -like beign cut with a knife,sore under jaw and swelling more on left side o f neck quite painful.difficulty swallowing and pain on doing so

like it all day but worse in evening.i can feel my gland is definitely up .thinking I have all

the symptoms -why doesn't gp recognise them.see fi I can get an appointment tomorrow rather than wait til the 5th??ps cant see me getting much across to gp when i ahev my appointment to discuss issues I have (3 years worth)!!gonna need one helluva lot more than 10 minutes.

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This thyroid problem is a mine field! Get the appointment tomorrow and keep the one for 5th ..... Also insist that you need a double apptment for the one tomorrow! I sympathise as I am going thru hell with the NHS Docs :(

am so glad it s not just me .I tel my dr I am only liaising with genuine people and share the same s them that helps me stay in control and I don't need a shrink-just fro drs to listen to me and take me seriously

not likely to get an appointment fro tomorrow they always say they have none.

If you do manage to get an appointment, rather than discuss all of the issues of the last 3 years have you thought about maybe just concentrating on one thing at a time? I just wonder if a different approach might be worth a try since you don't seem to get anywhere asking him questions about all of the symptoms you have?

So, for example, today you have posted on here about your throat being swollen, and it certainly looks it in the picture. Why not just concentrate on the thyroid issue, stick to the facts, don't go over old ground about why he's dismissed you in the past as that will use up the entire appointment time. Instead start afresh today, tell him what you want from him, what you expect, and be firm. Ask him why your throat is like this, what the different explanations could be and how he plans to rule them out. Tell him you believe it is related to hypothyroidism, and that internationally your TSH reading would be considered hypo, and ask him to prove otherwise with testing and an alternative diagnosis.

What I'm trying to say is I don't think you should waste your energy or time chewing over the same ground that you've covered in letters and previous appointments necessarily, because you will end up getting upset, and the appointment will be used up on that. Ask him if he is so sure it isn't thyroid, to give you a scientific reason and resolution that will make it go away and return you to full health xxx

hi thanks fro your reply.thyroid is an issue as have had symptoms fro at least since last august and it s been said it could be related to gallbladder op-which ties in as that was in august.i need to let him know that comments he has made in the past are unacceptable and thats when I started to lose faith in drs plus dismissal of symptoms.the stomach issue need sto be sorted as to what it is if not OC, a cyst fibroid is the only reason fro weight gain of 2 stone and it is also issue s with rheumatologist teelign me i need to diet to lose weight when I hardly eat and defo no cakes etc.i want to ask fro referrals tyo dermatologist,endo and possibly oncologist.

I appreciate all of that, I just wondered if it would be easier to tackle it one thing at a time if you only have a single appointment a thyroid is your main issue, otherwise you'll just be covering old ground

have you read Moggie's post? I can relate to her experiences-talking to friends here and learning from them and their experiences hopefully will help me too on the 5th.

Yes, absolutely, that's why I think it's important to structure it and break it down into manageable chunks rather than try to resolve everything in one go. Moggie's approach was very structured x

The swelling could be due to a salivary gland problem, an issue with the submandibular gland can cause swelling in that area, can be infection, tumour or sjogrens.

I know it s not an infection.could be sjogrens cos of dark discolouration and puffiness around eyes.

Your optician can do a simple tear film test which is a good indicator of sjogrens, and you don't need your GPs permission or referral to get that done, so that is something you could take control of yourself and show your GP that you do have proper knowledge and are prepared to manage your own health whether he is onboard or not. He might sit up and listen if you take the steps you can without him xx

emailed opticians and from their reply none of the symptoms matched btu given nhs website to view.appt booked for friday

thanks I ll see if I can get an appointment fro that.phoned drs fro appt.said none today and to phone at 8am tomorrow when dr s release appointments.just one problem can never get thru on phone at 8am cos everyone is trying/will need to delay my dogs walk if to phone at 8am.

got dr's appointment this pm and went into town to book opticians. done for Friday.

saw gp this afternoon(not my own)and she asked if I ahd had antibiotics recently ?said yes -by the hospital-said I ahd oral thrush and to look at my tongue.this seems to be a recurrign problem when given antibiotics-no more for me.said I wasn't gettign to sleep til 3am and havign nightmares fro last 2 weeks.she checked meds and said I shouldn't be on imipramine or the anti depressant im on and they could combine the two.told her I still thought it to be thyroid problem cos of recent weight loss and sleep probs-.she said if still think that and med prescribed for oral thrush doesn't help then come back.forgot to ask for referral to drematologist

Well it sounds like that was a productive appointment? She listened, and she found a reason for that particular swelling and poss swollen tongue/lip/ hoarse voice AND she isn't dismissing you - she is treating the immediate problem and saying if you still think there is a problem after that to go back. Maybe you should try and see this Dr from now on as that sounds like a much better result. It doesn't matter that you forgot about Dermatologist, as you are going back on 5th, and it's not urgent, but you got two things possibly explained which is progress. You should be pleased.

Oral thrush can make you feel dreadful, and make your throat tight and swollen, and your glands come up, as well as making your mouth sore. See how you feel in a few days. Then at the next appointment, focus on the next problem. I think by breaking it down into chunks is how you'll get them to listen and get your answers xxx

thanks .i ahve had antibiotics before and i saw the same dr and she said the same then it was a reaction to the antibiotics but that time my neck wasn't swollen tho I did have the tightness feeling.from what I have read and been told the swollen lip is a thyroid symptom??have to write down a list of stuff to discuss with my gp on the 5th .one thing i will say to him is "not everyone is accepting what I tell them " .and another to remind him taht he hasn't made any diagnosises-just said things like "wear make up" and "it s your stomach"

someone asked if it could be a hernia?dont think so tho not sure what hernia would feel like.and would it cover the whole abdomen?sure my stomach is growing day by day.has to be something to weigh so much and be so disabling-leaving me feeling completely drained.My Annie took herself off and found her lying on the kitchen floor-like she was "moping".they (my dogs)sure do know something is seriously wrong.

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