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does anyone have these symptoms ?

for months now I have had a swollen neck which is tight -lumpy? and thyroid ?enlarged. and feels like im being cut with a d several choking incidents the last one being so bad I couldnt breathe

at first told that "I cant feel anything" which has been par fro the norm fro my gp.

does anyone else have this sensation and if so have the seen a thyroid specialist or had neck scans and have they been told that it is ?

saw gp last week and he is referring me to speak and language dept.why?what has that got to do with not being able to swallow surely I need to see an ENT consultant or thyroid consultant.

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I have on/off swelling to my thyroid (right side only as only have a right side), but also get swelling above clavical on/off which regardless of tests have received no explanation. Not sure if either is same as yours?

ENT referral likely to check your throat of course.

Ask you Dr to do hormone bloods for your thyroid.

I have times of what feels like slurry speech. Diagnosed with CFS/ME/FM/Atrophy thyroid so generally put down to that.

Hope your gp gets to the bottom of things for you.



hi jellynpain.both gps have only felt the sides of my neck but the lumpiness I feel is from under my jaw to the very bottom of my neck (ends of clavicle).my clavicle is prominent to touch and have swelling around that area.despite telling them it is sore to touch they say they cant feel anything -well only myself can feel my pain.i wouldn't say my voice is slurry but I cannot pronounce some letter combinations ie BR-I notice whenever I get on the bus and ask for my street name(begins with BR) they don't understand me so I just ask for the area name.i have had blood s done in the past and they always say they are normal.what is normal?

I did book an appt with my gp on 19th but they changed it to a week later.


Hi I just seen ENT with my throat problem which I have had since May. It started off with a really sore throat after taking MTX and Sulfasalazine for inflammatory disease and then my throat felt like glands swelling. Now I get this pressure feeling like someone is pressing on my throat with their thumbs and wanting to clear my throat all the time. I have choking incidents even when Im not eating and I cant eat without a drink to help food down. It is especially worse when I go to bed and lay down I feel like Im suffocating. ENT specialist told me I have gastric reflux and Sjorgens and has prescribed Lansoprazole for excess acid. I still feel I have a thyroid problem undiagnosed but am struggling to make any professional listen. I have all the usual hypothyroid symptoms but I keep getting told its fibromyalgia or in my head. I am so confused as I read on here that excess acid is sometime confused with not enough acid and is another sign of hypothyroidism. I am so confused and just want to feel well again. Gentle hugs Joolz.x


Hi Joolz

my throat feels like its being cut with a problem when lying down is my cough-caused by acid reflux-tho no gp has said that.all mine said was my chest is fine but didnt consider anything you I believe mine is an undiagnosed thyroid problem and my gp puts everything down to fibro regardless that symptoms are not those of fibro!i know something is going on with my stomach besides the hiatus hernia and other conditions.


I totally and utterly despair of the medical profession for their abject ignorance of the multude of effects of a swollen thyroid and all the effects of any form of thyroid disease

just to be sure though do very carefully check all your pots and pans are not aluminium or non stick coated

use only stainless steel,enamel,glass or cast iron


hi there .I don't think its just thyroid the medical profession are ingorant of -so many conditions have the same or similar symptoms and they should realize that instead of saying what something is not tell us what it is.

what is that about the pots and pans.never heard of anything like that?


Aluminium and flouride both attack the thyroid and are lethal to the whole body

i spent 2yrs in a wheelchair near death simply from the use of aluminium cookware

theres loads of info on the web about aluminium poisoning and allergy

do not believe anyone who tells you aluminium or flouride is safe its NOT


Anbuma your hiatus hernia will certainly cause reflux and that in turn does often cause the choking and gagging you describe.If it gets really serious it will cause cough syncope also where almost instant collapse occurs due to lack of oxygen.on the plus side recovery is almost immediate since the relation of throat allows breathing to commence again. It's a pretty common condition but unpleasant! The hernia is most likely to be causing the problem but the unanswerable question is always 'what caused the hernia'?.mostly no tests and its discovered accidently whilst looking at other things,very commonplace as we age and usually no real cause is ever found,but it does and will cause the choking.Try to eat decent stuff and avoid fried foods- so those fried fish finger sandwiches ought to go!!

Good luck


if my gp had listened to me and accepted what I told him then my hiatus hernia and other conditions would have been discovered two years ago.i rarely eat fried foods and mostly oven cook or microwave everything.if I do fry something then its because its the recommended why to cook it or I want something quick and nto wait fro the oven to warm .


Hi everyone,

Omg, we learn so much from each other!!!!

As for the Dr's, seems too many need to start listening and acting on what we tell them. My gp is good at both (but gp's have restrictions to what they can do), but the consultants I have seen (all but one) have been non listening, arrogant & uncaring. Harsh but true. If they don't know then they should honest & say, not shoving it back on the patient & leaving them high & dry. We don't deserve it. Argh...I feel better for that..sorry, big rant.

Pots & pans..I need to sort that. Thank you.

Lumps..... mine sound similar. Finally I know it's not just me & I'm not crazy.

Swallowing & speech... again similar.

I am only sorry my post doesn't offer some answers.

Wishing all well & to come across the best Dr's.



yep- me. always get a clicking throat and swelling and sore throat- coupled with daily gravelly voice. told it was laryngitis and a year later is still have it. my TSH rose this month and antibodies off the scale- so that tells me it is all linked! its the most uncomfy feeling to have a swolen throat and feel unable to swallow, you have my empathy!


thankyou.this shows how ....... drs are (cant think of word to use or one that is acceptable )saw gp re difficulty swallowing and she said if it continues come back and ill refer you to ENT.went back2 weeks later still same if not slightly worse.made no mention of referral and gave me meds to home and meds were for IBS which i dont have and what does IBS (if i did have it)got to do with swallowing difficulties.still gps only consider bloods and not symptoms.


yep. I have had enough Im going to see Dr P next month and until then Im trying out self medicating! My throat is killing and Im on the way to losing my job because Im so out of it and sore I cant operate! I took my a&e referral to my doctor as they had sent me to ENT but I couldnt get through on the phone- DR just said Im fine......


hi Jellynpain

totally agree.referred to ENT cos nasal sores and bleeding and nasalbone growth for 9 months and recurring only fro him to say "its not sinuses" and rheumatologist going on about weight and diet and not givign me the chance to tell my symptoms and how things had been for me in the 7 years since i last saw support form gp hence the constant battle to get diagnosed.hoping my appt next week will get things stomach feels like its going to explode right now and pressure in top (hiatus hernia?).

recently more swelling of abdomen = another 1/2 stone weight gain.


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