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I started on nature thyroid in august after being at rock bottom after having my levothyroxine cut in half overnight (now know never to do that again). I have been gradually increasing to 4 grains and have been on 4 for 2 months, but my Dr thinks I should stay here, I have started to feel exhausted and still achy, hair loss and host of other symptoms and feel I should increase as believe the idea is to dose by how you feel.

Any advise welcome


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That's how it used to be done before the blood tests came in. Three other doctors who treated by clinical symptoms and used blood tests only as a tool, all stated that nowadays patients doses are too low. Bearing in mind that they were taught all of the clinical symptoms, nowadays doctors rarely know them and adjust medication up or down according to the TSH, as you now realise is not the right way if they want to keep the patient well.

These are two links:-

Go to question dated November 21, 2003 on the following link:

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Thanks, very interesting links.


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