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NDT and T3

I have Hashis and am on NDT 2 grains. So I went to my doctors two weeks ago and she said that my levels are still not high enough. She thinks that my body is just not absorbing enough of the NDT so she decided to lower the NDT down 1/2 grain and add T3 Cytomel 5mg thinking that if it didn't have to be converted I would absorb it better. She also gave me some 1/4 grains to use to adjust. From day one I started to feel tired so I raised my NDT back up to 1 3/4 and continued to take the Cytomel. I am really starting to regress. I am getting bruising and am exhausted. Should I ask her to raise the Cytomel? Should I give it more time? It has now been two weeks since we changed my dosage and I feel like I am going backward instead of forward.

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Asmile4u, I find it astonishing that your endo feels you aren't absorbing sufficient NDT and then slashes your dose. Why didn't she add T3 to your existing dose to improve your FT3?

2 grains is equivalent to 150mcg-200mcg T4. 5mcg T3 is equivalent to 15mcg T4. 1/2 grain + 5mcg T3 is only equivalent to 52.50mcg-65mcg T4. I'm not surprised you feel hypo.


Let me see if I am getting this straight. 2 grains is 200mcg. She lowered me 1/2 grain to 1-1/2 grains which is 150mcg and added 5mcg Cytomel which is only 15mcg. So before raising my NDT I was at 165mcg. Now that I am at 1-3/4 + 5 mcg T3 it should be 190mcg compared to the 200mcg I was on originally. Just slightly lower than I was at before. Is this correct?

I think in your calculations the "1" got dropped somewhere.


I'm so sorry, Asmile4u. I misread it as your dose was lowered to 1/2 grain rather than by 1/2 grain :x

1/2 grain = 37.5mcg - 50mcg T4.

5mcg T3 = 15mcg T4

Your endo's prescription was an overall dose reduction of 22.5mcg-35mcg T4. Your 1/4 grain increase has put you back close to where you were but I don't understand why, as your levels are low, the T3 wasn't added to your 2 grain dose.


She thought that the Cytomel would be more effective and she didn't want me going hyper. I agree it should have been added to the 2 grain or more Cytomel should have been prescribed. Thanks for confirming it. You are awesome!!


Oh, more endo logic! They are all so terrified of us going hyper, as if we're going to drop dead on the spot and they are going to be accused of murder! 'Going hyper' - or more precisely being over-dosed - doesn't happen just like that. And should it happen, it's just a simple matter of reducing your dose a bit you come back to... whatever - unhyper. lol

I agree, the Cytomel should have just been added to the NDT. If she tries to pull this stunt again, just refuse.

Hugs, Grey

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Thanks Grey. I agree. :)




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