Son's Thyroid Results

My son is showing signs of thyroid issues-dry, itchy skin, dry hair, sinus problems, eczema, sore joints muscles, fatigue, weight gain. Grandparents and myself have underactive thyroid. GP did various tests which look normal apart from TSH 3.93 (Ref Range 0.3 - 4.5) Free T4 14 (Ref Range 10 - 25). No Free T3 or antibodies ggrrrr. GP said all normal including thyroid. Any thoughts? Thanks Sx

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  • I don't know why doctors refuse to acknowledge Clinical Symptoms, particularly if hypo runs in the family already. This is a link from and you will get information from this:-

    There are also topics in the left-hand column.

  • Thanks for reply. Sx

  • HI for thyroid make sure he also had t 4 and Free T3.

    iron and ferritin, B12 and D both hormonal, diabetes, hormonal. If D low a calcium test.


  • Hi Jackie, I asked for all those tests and GP wouldn't do them! His Free T4 was 14. Sx

  • Hi That is terrible, too expensive to pay yourself but worth paying for tSH, T4 and Free T3, so essential.I use DIY, finger prick, Blue Horizon, discount TUK10 but do not use a private hospital as expensive.Cheapest D is City Hospital , £25 see TUK bloods.

    best wishes,


  • Jackie, GP did TSH 3.93 (Ref Range 0.3 to 4.5), Free T4 (Ref Range 10 - 25) so GP said normal. The lab didn't even do my Free T3 when my TSH was 11 and Free T4 15! My son did get full blood count, liver function test, kidney tests and cholesterol and they were all okay as I got my son to get copies of tests. I just think he has many thyroid symptoms. Sx

  • Hi There is a problem with NHS Labs and T3, why I use blue Horizon. I and my Endo consider it essential. When I first had thyroid problems only showed in FT3, done then and it was below range.It is a problem as he has not had the essential tests associated with thyroid, especially vit D. It can be any of the hormones affecting the thyroid.


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