Liothyronine in Sweden

In December 8th 2016 8 batches of Liothyronine 20 mcg were withdrawn from the Swedish market after it was discovered that that only 64% of the tablets in One batch was dissolved in 45 minutes as 70% must dissolve in the same time. The other 7 batched were withdrawn due to a 'theoretical risk'.

Liothyronine is approved on the Swedish marked since 1957. Around 7000 patients are using the medication.

Now, as thyroid advocate in Sweden, I'm concerned there is a possibility that T3 could be taken off the Swedish market. Many patient's have complained feeling worse in their symptoms after using the batches and the withdrawal was also reported by Swedish media as a well known Swedish doctor that has used the batches herself had major health problem during 2016.

I understand that Liothyronine is not approved in the UK and I wonder if anyone here can tell me if Liothyronine has been approved historically and if so, why it was taken off the market.

Pardon my English 😊

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  • I think it is approved but is a generic form that the drug company that sells to the NHS it has bumped up the

    price to something obscene because generic versions are not controlled price....causing all sorts of problems and excuses for it not to be prescribed

  • TSH110,

    Yes, it is approved in the UK. We have a system of Product Licences (PL).

    We have a system of price controls on branded medicines. It was implictly assumed that any unbranded (generic) medicine where is is no patent would be subject to market competition. The manufacturer expressly debranded what was called Tertroxin into generic Liothyronine to sidestep this.

    Sixty years and they still can't reliably produce tablets that have the right physical properties?

  • After all this time the tablets are getting worse helvella.

  • Thank you both. I have followed the the terrible prices you now must pay in the UK. We pay 2 pounds for 100 tablets.

    I wrote 64 percentage but the correct percentage was a 4 percentage dectease, or 66% in the end.

    Takeda Pharma is the Liothyronine producer and Sweden is not the only country where the batches have been withdrawn from but Denmark, Poland, Finland and Estonia.

  • Thyras,

    Are you able to say the name of the manufacturer of the liothyronine used in Sweden please?

    In the UK, there is one licensed liothyronine product, which is a 20mcg tablet from MercuryPharma. This pharmaceutical company have increased the price horrendously over recent years, with the result that we are now hearing reports daily of liothyronine being withdrawn from patients because of cost issues.

  • Sorry Thyras, I see you have now provided the details of liothyronine used in Sweden. Thanks!

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