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Old TSH Blood test

Grateful for views on this blood test from 2006. Have just pulled it out of an old file. That was the year my life went into meltdown.

I quote exactly from the print out :-

"Thyroid function test

(EVH) - as would be expected - due repeat in 4 weeks

Serum TSH level - HI - 8.3 mIU/L (0.4-5.5) SR

Serum Free T4 level - 14.6 pmol/L (9.0-20.00) SR"

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Marigold, TSH 8.3 and FT4 within normal range means you were subclinically hypothyroid.


Thanks Clutter. What does 'subclinically' mean?


Marigold, Subclinical hypothyroidism meansi TSH 5-10 with FT4 in range. Patients may not have clinical symptoms of hypothyroidism :o

Overt hypothyroidism is TSH >10. FT4 may be low in range or below range and patients may have clinical symptoms.


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