raspberry keytones?

hello all again

sorry ive not been on here. just been so tired going back to work ,,just seem to roll in and roll on to my bed,!! Anyway id like to ask if anyone has tried the raspberry keytones diet with hypothyroid probs and can anyone offer any advice. I cant exercise much as my hip is s till causing problems , but i cant seem to lose weight at all , as everything i eat puts on weight.

I dont eat that much, usually muesli for breakfast and and its not a eve meal, which is vegetarian , and not large as i cant eat huge amounts, but everything i eat puts on weight and im getting so fed up with it,,,

I am on lots of pills in the am still 50 mg levo and various others , ranitidine , clonodine and diclofenic pain killers,, but i need to lose a stone,, im quite active, and i walk with my stick quite a lot but this weight thing is really bugging me. i hope everyone who helped me so much is as well as poss, but id like some advice as im thinking of doing these raspberry keytones thing for a short while to help...any advice please?


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  • Hi Astro, nice to hear from you again. I've not heard anything good about raspberry ketones. Lots of posts in this link healthunlocked.com/search/r...

  • Thankyou Clutter

    Nice to hear from you again also,,, well if raspberry keytones is a wrong idea can anyone tell me how i can lose weight with a bad hip, and a lifetime hashimotos prob?

    thankyou clutter i hope alls well in your life x


  • The only thing that worked for me was lighter life, the weight dropped off quickly. It is quite drastic so not sure how advisable with hypothyroid. I did 2 months and lost 1.5 stone. I am maintaining with mega healthy eating and no gluten. I tried WW, but put weight on if I included the weekly points. Like you, it is difficult for me to exercise so I am limited to swimming. Sandra

  • thankyou sandy wandy

    I dont seem to be as fortunate. anything i eat puts on weight ,, my doc lets me have all the other pills im prescribed when i re oprder but not my pain killers,,, im not a pill head just makes life easier if i can move,,without looking like ive been in a car crash,,,

    going to change docs very soon after ive sorted out an occupational health thing

    but im just so fed up always tired and in pain and have to do a 9 hr day on top.. i seem to find that muesli in the am is one thing that doesnt bloat me out ,, as i think thats about the most uncomfortable thing with this horrible condition.. and the aches and tired ness.. but if anyone can recommend something that works losing weight being hypo that would be great, x

  • I was hypo when I did LL as I was desperate- I had piled on weight after thyroidectomy. It still worked. Once T3 was added to mess I was able to maintain the weight I had lost. It is hard work being hypo and in pain. Take care. Sandra x

  • my doctor wont prescribe me t3!!!!! i am def changing gps!!!

    thankyou and take care too ,,try and be happy xx


  • You too xx It took a year of suffering- b4 endo let me try. He wrote to GP then he prescribed. S x

  • well i have endo app on dec 4 so will ask ,, but hes a bit of an egotistical thing and thinks hes the only authority in the world,,

    are you any better after>?

    all the best


  • I did Atkins and im hypothyroid...My ketostix were super purple, and I didn't lose one pound....I always wondered about that...Only thing works for me is calorie restriction...WEight Watchers...and its kinda slo mo these days...Ok raspberry ketones is a different thing...sorry Im old..lol

  • im not young dgleds, and like my old doc used to say its no fun getting old,, im 52 the blonde was to get rid of the grey ,,, lol i feel 90 still as i imagine anyone with this difficult condition does,,,

    but again id still be interrested if anyone finds anyting that works with the weight loss thing xx

  • ok..Im having fun with this...I just found it the other day...Im following WW type of diet, so about 1,200 calories...but this is fun, cause u can see your calorie count...your excersise or not, and ur weigh in etc....


  • thankyou dgleds

    i had a quick butchers.. im glad you're having fun with this,, funs good... looks ok ..anythings worth a try , and its coming up for that time of year when you have to keep warm and diet !!!!!!!?

    but thankyou xxxx

  • Hi I tried these for a month and lost no weight, i am also hypo due to thyroidectomy and about 2 stones overweight i wish i could find the answer, and be able to lose this weight, just to be able to eat normaly and not gain weight would be nice.

  • Hubby and I have done the Two Day Diet - when you eat certain foods and lots of it. Best of all is the 5 dessert spoons of oil ! Or any other good fat :-) You are allowed 1000 calories on those days. We live in an olive grove. Fats do not make you fat. We choose Monday and Tuesdays - 3 egg omelettes with mushrooms for breakfast - salad lunch with tuna and sardines - yoghurt smoothie mid afternoon and veg and protein for supper. No carbs or sugar for just two days. It is not a lifetime sentence. You then do not want to eat loads the rest of the week. Have lost steadily since the beginning of September with a few blips here and there. So easy to get back on track .

    There is a website and a book. Worth a try :-) Of course Hubby has done better than me even though he had less to lose. We both have Hashimotos.....

    Good luck :-)

  • Don't do it because the raspberry ketone thing is a complete scam.

    I was doing the myfitnesspal diet and did make progress with it, I lost half a stone until I visited relatives and couldn't while I was there. When I came home I didn't carry on with it and the weight came back, but I really must start again because now my husband has taken over the cooking while I am spending time finishing a huge sewing project, he makes such large meals!

    Myfitnesspal does tell you to eat properly and regularly because if you aren't eating enough then your body goes into starvation mode and stores fat. To me that makes complete sense, so while you do need to eat smaller meals, eating only twice a day isn't enough, you need to eat at least three times a day.

  • Astro, it's not what you eat that is making you put on weight, it is the fact that you are hypo. And no amount of dieting or exercising is going to help that - in fact, it is going to make it worse!

    You probably need to eat more, not less, in order to support your conversion. Every bodily process needs calories - calories are not the enemy!!! That was an idea - a red Herring - conceived in the 50s but just goes to show how much they knew about human physiology! Forget the idea that weight-loss is calories in vs calories out, that is just a myth. Calories are needed for brain function, breathing, the pumping of your heart - and if you aren't taking enough in - which I don't think you are - then conversion is last in line for a hand-out. Therefore you get more hypo and put on more weight.

    My guess is that your T3 is very low. But I bet your doctor hasn't tested it, has he? Or has he requested it and the lab refused? It really is essential to know your FT3 level, because if it's too low you are not going to lose weight whatever you do.

    Also, your diet sounds a bit restrictive. If you are vegetarian you are probably low in B12. And, believe me, that can cause havoc in your body! I would start supplimenting, if I were you. Don't worry about over-dosing, because it's a water-soluable vitamin and any excess will just be flushed out. Take a largish dose, say 1000 mcg, for a while and see how you feel. And try taking about 5 mg lithium with it, to aid absorbtion.

    You are probably low in iron, too, so it's advisable to get that tested. Plus magnesium, vit D, zinc, selenium (needed for conversion), and any other vitamin and mineral that your doctor is willing to test. All these nutritional deficiencies will work against your weight loss.

    And are you getting enough fat? Forget the idea that eating fat makes you fat, that's a myth, too. In fact, the opposite is true. The body needs fat - coconut oïl, olive oïl, animal fat, butter - and it needs cholesterol (another myth! The world is full of them!!!). Without cholesterol you cannot live. Have a look here :


    and here :


    As to all those pills you are taking... Ranitidine inhibits gastric acid production. Given that hypos usually have low stomach acid anyway, I find this rather a strange thing to give you. Why are you taking it? It isn't going to help your absortion of nutrients.

    I imagine the clonodine is for high blood pressure, no? And the diclofenic pain killers for the aches and pains and inflammation that most hypos get. But it shouldn't be taken if you have high blood pressure. IMHO, instead of prescribing you all these dangerous drugs, you doctor should increase your levo until you are symptom free and you have lost your excess weight. That would be a far more sensible and safe solution. Can you not go and ask for an increase and a revision of all these drugs? Ask if you really need to be taking them? Because no drug is ever side-effect free, and they could be robbing you of essential nutrients.

    It would be interesting to see your last blood test results - if you have them. If you don't, then ask your doctor for a print-out, it is your right in law to have them.

    Take care, Grey

  • thankyou grey

    but im sort of frightened to eat as im a stone and a half more than i ever was and i feel revolting,, and i put on weight whatever i eat and , last year before all this i bought about £60 worth of clothes as i thought id never put on any more weight as id been 7and ahalf stone for about 15 years,,then i go and get all hypo and all hell lets lose, i can hardly wear any of the clothes i wore , and i cant afford to get any more as i a have been off sick, and im now looking after my sick brother too and working,, well hes just staying with me till hes better,, but i dont know what to do my hip hurts and i cant put on any more weight as it hurts , and i cant exercise as it hurts and all i eat is a bowl of museli in the am and maybe a fish supper, or a small veggy curry ,,im not interested in food.. im no foody , i eat to live not the other way ,, but i hate outting on weight and i dont know what to do about it,,, thanks for the links xxx and thankyou for all your help xx

  • Dear Grey

    what is symptom free!!! ive just felt horrible since my thyroid went ,, my doc gave me ranitidine as all the other pills to stop your stomach messing up as youre now taking lots of pills. everything else made me worse,,well im thinking of changing doctors i think there not doing me any good

    may thanks


  • This is the reason why we gain weight - Dr S, Dr P and Dr L state(d) that nowadays we are given too low a dose of thyroid hormones to keep the TSH in range and they would all have prescribed NDT in preference to levothyroxine. They would have taken less notice of the blood tests after treatment began and would have relied more on our clinical symptoms.



  • Hi Astro, when Dr. Oz introduced raspberry ketones to his audience, I believed the ladies who said they lost weight. The problem is that once it becomes known, companies start selling the product and may not be using the essential ingredients..... just to cash in.

    i wonder why you are only taking 50 mcg. of T4. That seems like a dose that could only cause problems. .... enough to lower your TSH but not enough to sustain metabolism. Have you thought about adding T3? It is sold as a weightloss drug in other countries.

  • Dear Heloise

    i started to shake badly on75ml, and my doc wont test my t 3¬!!!!

    thankyou for your reply


  • Hi Astro

    I have heard of raspberry keytones. There was a lot about it on the internet recently as some famous people said that they had lost weight on it. It said that raspberry keytones needs to be taken with cleanse aloe though. My friend has tried it and said that it worked for her. I looked into it, though only use cleanse aloe vera due to bowel probs - the usual ones associated with being hypo, and I find it helps with that. As for weight loss though, I'de like to lose a stone to get back to my comfortable weight and the only thing that has worked in the past is going to the gym. I can appreciate that not everyone can go to the gym, however, I recently had a gp referral for low mood, and there were others there with severe mobility problems and walking sticks who could barely walk but had help on and off from the instructor.

    Also, lots have mentioned T3, and do get it tested if you can. I am on T3, though I still need to exercise

    Have you had recent bloods taken, if so post your results, and people will respond. You may not be getting enough thyroxine

  • sorry my post doesn't read well. It meant to say that the people on the gp referral scheme who attended the gym and still do, had help on and off the machines throughout the session when they needed it from the instructor. x

  • But, a severly hypo person is only going to get more hypo by going to the gym because exercising uses up the T3 she hasn't got. When you are as low as Astro appears to be, going to the gym would more than likely be counter-productive and make her worse. It's not just about whether people can get on and off the machines. :)

  • Hi, I tried Raspeberry Ketones and the Aloe cleanser and it is just a big scam. There are loads of posts on the internet about it. I went up from 13 stone, when I was diagnosed with Hypo to almost 30 stone at my heaviest. I also have Degenerative Disease of the Discs and have very limited mobility. My doctor referred me to an Aquarobics class at the swimming pool and to the gym. In the last 6 years I have managed to get down to between 20and 21 stones and now seem to have come to a standstill, I have failed to get down any further for just over a year.

    I have been attending the dietitians at the hospital for three years and they tried me on various diet regimes but the one that helped most was to actually raise my calories from 1200 per day to 2000. I now eat between 1800 and 2000. It took me about two months to manage to eat all those extra calories as I was so used to being in starvation mode ( I just didn't realise this).

    Since I joined this site a couple of weeks ago I have read lots about hypo that I was totally unaware of, despite it being 23 years since I was diagnosed. I have seen a GP at my practise and asked about getting NDT. She asked me to research it and find out the name(s) so she could find out if she could prescribe it. I have one lots of research since then and I have given her some of it and the name Armour which I was recommended by another sufferer in the US. I see the GP next Tuesday and hope for good news. I am presently taking 175mcg of levo, recently dropped from 200mcg after blood test taken after taking levo (I was unaware it should be taken before). (Yes even after 23 years, nobody told me!). I now also know I need to ask for extra tst for Vits and Iron etc and as I have to get another blood test in four weeks I will be asking for these extra ones. Hopefullly I will get things sorted and the weight issue will get sorted once and for all, along with all the other rotten awful symptoms that meant I had to take early retirement at 55 as I could no longer do my job effectively or cope with the pressure and suffered from extreme depression and anxiety.

    It is my opinion that things can and will only get better.

    BTW I was taking tablets for High Blood Pressure for over ten years then told the doctor they were giving me side effects that I didn't like and came off them. Oddly my blood pressure has been fairly normal since!

  • High blood pressure is a symptom of hypo, too. Doctors think that you should have low BP when you're hypo and high BP means hyper. But it isn't as simple as that.

    Oh, and by the way, I think you mean you shouldn't take your levo before the test! (You said you should.) :)

  • My mistake. Should read what I've typed. I did mean shouldn't! Am going to see her in the morning. Fingers crossed.

  • Fingers crossed!

  • indeed grey ,,hope it went well x

  • i dont think its a scam, it just doesnt work as grey goose says as were hypo, I have known it work with other people. I have a friend who thinks i should drink green tea, but that dosnt work either as were hypo,!!!!

    if any one finds something that works that would be wonderful xxx as im frightened to eat anything at the mo,,



  • T3 works. What you need are optimal levels of T3. Forget all this fad dieting and suspect suppliments, get your T3 optimised!

  • how? when my doc wont even test it!!!!

  • The only thing I can tell you is that I have long since stopped relying on my ignorant doctors. I buy my own T3 and dose by symptoms. Of couse, there are tests one can order oneself but I can't afford those so I've learnt to listen to my body and understand what it's telling me. That's how I've managed to stay alive long after my doctors would have killed me.

  • dear grey

    doesnt it annoy you that these ignorant doctors are being paid excessive salaries to keep poor people like us ill, and they are no more knowledgeable now ,,yet they get paid for this , and we just feel worse while they keep signing us off work and get less money as we cant cope and our illness get s worse until we sit on the net and self prescribe !!!


    you clever person at least you've come out on top ,, despite their ignorance

    kind regards


  • Well, I wouldn't say I've come out on top, yet. Doctors have made me so ill all throughout my life that I still have a long way to go.

    But what annoys me most is their condescending attitude to us. They think that because we haven't been to med school, we can't possibly know anything. And they think that the fact that they have been to med school gives them the right to treat us like idiots and look down their noses at us, when all the time, we know more than them! That's what annoys me!

    But yes, it is irritating that they get paid so much for making people ill. In no other field would failing miserably at one's job be tolerated they way it is in medecine. If they were garage mechanics, they'd be out on their ears!

  • yes grey

    I agree wholeheartedly,, ive experienced all this first hand , and ive watched the doctors and medics butcher my brother and ruin his life and career through misdiagnosis,,i think the majority of them should be struck off for what they have done and im so angry.

    I have been threatened at work that if i dont get better in time i will lose my job,,

    ?????????????? in what time ,, how longs a piece of string,,,#

    my blood just boils as there is nowhere any one can go , and nothing when one is getting older that one can or feels like doing especially when one is ill to fight this,,

    im sorry to hear you have had such a struggle ,, you sound like a decent person .. i hope things improve for you xxxx

    youre such a help to everyone ,

  • I hope it does for you too, Astro. I hope it does for everybody.

    Take care, Grey

  • thankyou everyone, i am getting to think that even the doctors dont understand this ,,i am just so fed up that i had to get rid of clothes that ive only just bought , and like you all cant lose weight , everything one eats just does the wrong thing,, this condition is really hard to manage,, and i think all of you are wonderfull and thanks for everything you have all saidx

  • But astro, it's nothing to do with what you eat! That's what I've been trying to tell people for ages. What you eat is more or less irrelevant and it has nothing to do with calories. It's low T3 that is causing the weight gain. And low-calorie dieting is only going to make this worse because you need those calories to convert your T4 into T3. Lack of calories is a possible reason for bad converting. And lack of T3 will make you put on more weight. But if you don't believe me, do your own research.

    Hugs, Grey

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