underactive thyroid but putting on weight

hello everyone,,

I hope youre all ok,,ish,,

I have an under active thyroid and am finding it impossible to lose weight,,i put on two stone and get bloated, I have been told im on the other side of menopause,,but i exercise now I use an exercise bike and Im frightened to eat, as whatever i eat puts on weight,,, if i have milk it bloats me, bread bloats me ,, i look six months pregnant and im 54,, im getting really depressed about the whole thing,, I dont know what to do ,,i do my exercises,,drink water,, ive tried all the apple cider vinegar things and eveything to help my metabolism and nothing works ,,i cant even lose a lb,, i put on about 4 lbs every time i eat anything its dreadful . I can only do certain exercises as i have had both hips replaced and i am not as mobile as all that but walking is getting better but not the weight loss ,,that isnt happening !! at all!! My gp upped my levothyroxine to 100 ml,, and still no improvement.

can any one help?

Kind regards Astro

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Hi there.... I had a big problem as you are speaking of. I told my doctor and he said we have room to increase the levothyroxine to 125 mcg a day. Well I did that for a bi nd my heart was palpitating so we decreased it to 112 mcg a day. Then, I downloaded myfitnesspal onto my phone and I record everything I eat. I began this in march. I found that I can lose weight if I limit my calorie intake to 1130 calories a day with a day off once in a while. I eat at a salad bar every day and do not allow myself to eat as I did when I was younger. So far I have lost 21 pounds.

It is slow but I am doing it so it is good. Oh and I walk on a treadmill every day for about 10,000 steps . Sometimes less but I also do yoga and weight lifting a few days a week.

I hope this help you. I sure know what it feels like to need support during this seemingly bleak period of time.

I hope it goes well for you

Thankyou punkyb

my prob is also i have had two hip replacements and i cant move the way I used to. One is ok ish and the other the muscle collapsed so I have to build it up. I use a cycle machine , and i cant over eat as i have a hiatus hernia

I am always ten stone now and i hate it. A ll the weight went on my boobs and my tummy. My fella (of on and off 30 yrs ) says he doesnt mind it, and he likes my big boobs, but ive been trying for years to get them smaller, and they only went smaller when i had my kids, now they are twice the size and i have to wear big baggy tops to hide my tummy.

I eat about four ryveta a day with illerprawns and lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and a very thin spread, and im full up . My gp put me on 100 ml levo ,omeprazole, and lyryca(pregablin ) nerve pain killer.. and clonodine as i suffer menopause sweats badly. I now walk with a stick , and i have manged to walk several miles a day..to try and get this weight down.. but its really bugging me, ive given up sugar , and sweets , and no carbs ..i STILL CANT LOSE EVEN 1 lb!!!!! its driving me mad. My gp said join weight watchers, and I said 'why should I pay for them to watch me putting on weight ! I cant go swimming as I am not allowed to do breast stroke as i risk dislocation.

thankyou regards astro

Well I hope it gets better for you.


I have to agree with greygoose.. I was the same, couldn't lose a pound no matter what I did and you wont until 1; Your Thyroid levels are adequate ( I self medicate and take what I need re my symptoms) 2; I cut out gluten,wheat and dairy.... I drink coconut or almond milk (AVOID SOYA) although occasionally have a little cheese.

3; Check your other levels ie; vit d etc

It doesn't matter what you try, If your levels are not right you will not lose a thing. I only lost weight after sorting all the above out.

Don't waste your time dieting, You will only get depressed and frustrated.

Good Luck..It all takes time and some tweaking! :)

I keep reading on here that people "self medicate". Please can you elaborate?

Meaning we get our own Thyroid meds and treat ourselves as many of us are told by our GPs that nothing is wrong with us..

Are u using glandular? Where can you get the thyroid medicine. The dr wants to go by my numbers not how I feel. When my joints hurt he wants to give me rheumatoid arthritis medicine but not more thyroid meds.

How did you self medicate? I'm cryin at night cause I feel so crappy. I went from Levo and cytomel and now on armour. I was thinking of self medicating with bovine glandular.

Hi hun if u in the UK Dr refer you to slimming world for free it's a slow process I've lost four St in 6 month

Menopause+ thyroid is a wicked combination. I put in weight too and was super worried as i have had eating disorders. I managed to take control by eating mostly fresh homemade very simple food like green s and vegetables. I cut out all dairy . That helped a lot. I eat farm house eggs only and non farmed fish when available. No ready made biscuits or cakes. If i have a dessert i do it myself with fresh ingredients like baked pears in wine. And of course there are any number of pasta dishes to eat . In italy pasta is a course on its own not something to complement a meat or chicken dish. A nice portion of spaghetti with fresh ripe tomato sauce, some Basil leaves or a little hot red pepper is filling and healthy.

No calorie counting, just reasonable portions of healthy food .

I have had food issues all My life. Since i started eating this way they've disappeared.

It is true, if you get an app on your phone that records every single thing you eat and your exercise, you will be surprised at how many calories you eat without knowing. We, as we get older and in menopause, can't have the calories we once had. I feel your pain, I too have dr'd years with the bloating, weight gain, stomach aches etc. if I eat the exact same thing every day that helps. I'm 51 and went from 125 to 140 in two years without changing my diet or exercise and no medication- so- go figure. Been in menopause six blissful 😑 Years. Just eat as clean as you can with mostly water for beverage and a lot of filling veggies. I've been eating eggs or oatmeal for breakfast and plain tuna on romaine with tomatoes- no dressing and mostly veggies and a little protein at supper. It helps. If you figure it out, let us all know. Do yoga if possible and any weights help. This sucks. Good luck!

Hypo weight is caused by low T3, not how much you eat or how much you exercise. In fact, low calorie diets can make things worse because they negatively affect conversion. And exercise uses up your T3 - which you cannot easily replace - making you more hypo.

Have you ever had your FT3 tested? You are on little more than a starter dose. Do you have copies of your labs? If so, post them here and let's have a look. You are probably under-medicated. Also, you could have nutritional deficiencies, which will make it harder for you to lose weight. You should get those tested.

Apple cider vinager does not increase your metabolism - only T3 does that - what it does is increase your stomach acid, which means you digest your food better, but it's a long slow process, you won't see instant results.

You obviously have a problem with gluten and dairy, so the best thing would be to give those up - at least until you've improved your thyroid status/digestion. Find out what foods you can eat, the foods that make you feel good - and stop counting calories! Which is un-natural and counter-productive.

One step at a time is the rule, and the first step is the labs - NHS and private - to find out exactly what is going on. :)

I think drastically I.e below 1000 is ill advised unless you have a lot of weight to lose granted. But no matter how many times you keep saying it reducing input and increasing output is a good equation. To track your calories whilst laborious helps people understand just how much they are eating and where the mistakes might be happening. You know I advocate the good fats approach but just not too much. Not too much of anything in fact. Fruit included. I'm sure I've quoted it on here before that on average we burn 200 calories a day less than a non hypo. To put that in perspective you'd have to run for half an hour at a steady pace to burn that and it's only 1.5 medium bananas!!!!

Actually new studies have shown that the 'calories in calories out' theory is incorrect. Its how your microbiome breaks down what you put in that determines how many calories you will extract from food. So two people can eat exactly the same amount of the same thing and extract different amounts of calories/energy/nutrients from them. Its a lot more complicated than that.

Here are some links;




If I eat too many calories especially carbs I put on weight full stop. Hypo are more carb sensitive fact

There are always new theories out there.

thankyou rhsana

thankyou jody pody

i cant run i have two prosthetic hips and my muscle collapsed on the left side. I cant eat bananas they dont do my thyroid any good, and I have a hiatus hernia, and cant eat a great deal . Im fed up of bloating nd feeling fat and fifty.. my boobs are massive and my tummy is too. it doesnt matter what i do I cant shift the two stone i put on whilst i was ill. I was always 7-8 stone all my life , and now 10 stone, and it wont shift no matter how many times i get on my exercise bike and cut out all the things that bloat me ! ive been trying for 10 months now and im always ten stone no matter what !

regards astro

Have you tried the low carb high fat thing. It's a good one for hypos as we don't do well with carbs?

I went up from 9 to 11stone because of thyroid and menopause.I'm down to ten now just been on the medication. I want to lose weight and can't through not been mobile.10 isn't heavy but like you I want to be thinner,we won't get to the weight when we were younger I don't think.you've been through operations don't beat yourself up.hugs x

Wish I could get down to 10stone I've struggled all my life with weight especially last 20 yrs I have attended slim clubs and all managed to do is yo yo. I am over19 St any have lost 1.6 St but surgery won't go ahead till I have lost 2 more.iwrite everything in fitness pal and row most days. I have been told I am glucose intolerant so trying to avoid what I.like carbs.

I take levethyroxine. Find i am to heavy. i get bloated. I have a hiatus hurnia. So i am taking omeprazole 20 mg twice a day. Have done for years. Will this affect my T3. I also. Had gullbladder out years ago. I am 64. Had both knee replacements 3 year ago. Still have mobility problems and find exercize a problem my gp only put me on levethyroxine. 6 months ago. Under active thyroid. I feel fat its dreadful i am 2 half stone overwieght

sue09101952 - definitely worth reading up on PPI's especially as they can affect medication and nutrients. Have a look at Dr Mercola's website.

I know just looking at food can make many of us put on weight, but Payment Protection Insurance piles the pounds on too?! NOT FAIR :D

Thank you. That website very helpful

Omeprazole will affect your absorption of any thyroid hormone replacement, so yes, it will affect your T3. It will also affect your absorption of nutrients, so best to get tested for vit d, vit B12, folate and ferritin. These all need to be optimal for your body to be able to use thyroid hormone.

I suspect the bloating comes from low stomach acid, rather than high acid, so the omeprazole will be making it worse. Hypos usually have low stomach acid, but the symptoms are the same as high stomach acid, so doctors automatically put people on PPIs. The food ferments in the stomach, because it can't be digested and moved on without stomach acid, so it rises up into the eosophagus - The valve cannot close properly when stomach acid is low, which is what causes the hernia. How long have you been on omeprazole? They are only intended for short-term use - about six weeks, I believe.

Gall stones are a hypo symptoms because when you are hypo, you cannot use your cholesterol correctly.

I have been on omeprazole for ten years was on lanzoprazole before that i no longer have the flap that stops the acid rising. I have reflux disease. Every couple of years i go back and be checked. Last time they found a growth in my stomach. That was a worrying time. But they said its benign. So thats ok. Thank you for your advice. I will speak to my GP

You're welcome. :)

thankyou grey

You're welcome.

Hello Grey

My gp took me off the other stomach acid pill i was on and put me on omeprazole. Do you think this is whats causing me problems?

Do you actually have high stomach acid? Or do you have low stomach acid? The symptoms are the same.

What omeprazole will do is affect your absorption of your thyroid hormone replacement, and your nutrients. So, if you have low nutrients, and/or feel you aren't getting the benefit from the levo you're taking, then yes, omeprazole could be part of the problem. Doctors just have no idea what they're doing when it comes to PPIs.

I have high stomach acid. I. Do get bad reflux still but not very often. Have to be careful what I eat.

Well, that's rather rare, actually. Did you have the actual amount of acid in your stomach measured?

If they did I was not told. Last time I went for the tube down my throat the said the flap that covers my osphesagus ( unsure of spelling ). Is no longer there. I will be on omeprazole. The rest of my life. My dad had Barretts he died a few years ago. They just. Do a cheap every couple years to see how I'm doing. The odd night i have woke up choking on acid. Horrible. But that's not very often now

Then the likelihood of you having high acid is pretty small. Hypos usually have low acid. But, the symptoms are the same. So, doctors automatically put you on PPIs, without bothering to check.

With low acid, you get the food fermenting in the stomach, because it isn't digested properly, and forming a volcano effect, rising up into your oesophagus with the acid.

What that means is, you're going to need a higher than average dose of thyroid hormone replacement to get your levels where they need to be. And you're going to have nutritional deficiencies that will need keeping a strict eye on. Have you had your vit d, vit B12, folate and ferritin tested?

Thank you for your advice. I do take vitamin D daily but have not been checked. Will speak to my GP next time I see him


im off that omeprazole now and trying one called mebeverine. i have to take 20 mins before a meal,, see how that goes !!!

Well, that's not at all the same thing. Why is your doctor prescribing it?

Hi Greygoose. Sorry I'm being lazy & haven't read all the !posts so somebody may have already written this. I mebeverine is an IBS medication. GP's prescribe it to hypo's to help with the constipation. It suppose to stop your bowl spasms & make it work in a regular motion.

Yes, I know what it is, It's seems strange to change to that after years on a PPI, because they're not a all the same thing. Which kind of suggests that either she didn't need the PPI in the first place or the doctor has no real idea what he's doing.

Oops sorry didn't know if you know what it was. As you say the GP isn't making any sense!

No problem. :)

I can totally understand what you are saying.. but did you ever try using the swimming pool to do some movements? I find the water supports my weight and If i move around in the pool for about and hour(remember starting out to ease into an hour) that I get my exercise in ... you don't have to swim laps ..just move around in the water...xx

Yes have been to the pool. But not as often as i would like. But i do need to try and go more. Thank you all for any advice you give. Its all helpful.

id love to but im told i must not do breast stroke as it can dislodge my prosthetic hips , and i USED TO LOVE SWIMMING since my second hip op im frightened to go and havent been since ive had both hips done,, I walk and cycle !!! i cant run . my left leg muscle collapsed, and I was advised running wasnt the best thing to try and do .



i sympathise.I am 54 and have a hiatus hernia , i get bloated and have mobilty issues as have two replacement hips.. I gave up milk and sugar but i am still learning what I can and cant eat,,I find eggs are good usually, and I am 2 stone overweight but no exercise or diet seems to be helping..

I will let you know as soon as i find anything that works



thankyou grey.

My gp wont test Ft3 i have asked him.I have tried everything i know, i do all the exercises i was given for my prosthetic hips , i cant do a great deal as my left leg the muscle collapsed , ive given up carbs , sugar, dairy etc.. I dont eat bread, only ryveta.. and medically im on omeprazole, 100 mg levo, 50 clonodine and 75 pregabalin.

I feel so fed up



Well, I doubt the omeprazole is doing you any good. It will be affecting your absorption of thyroid hormone and nutrients.

And I'm not convinced Ryvita is gluten-free.

Your high blood pressure is probably due to your hypo, so is the Clonodine helping it?

If your doctor won't test your FT3, it really would be a good idea to get it done privately. You have no idea what you're dealing with, otherwise.

Revitalise isn't gluten free as it contains rye which has gluten

th ankyou grey

I will speak to the Gp about this, I have to visit him again soon as my leg muscle after the 2nd hip op is far from good . I will ask him about the omeprazole, as I am now having difficulty with milk as it bloats me ,

i dont know if this is the thyroid or menopause!!

Youre always very helpful grey

Much appreciated



You're welcome. :)

Yes, that's what I thought. Ryvita contains rye, which contains gluten.

Hi :-)

How can someone increase T3 level without taking hormones?

As a general rule, you can't. But, impossible to say more without knowing more about you. I suggest you write your own post, giving all your details, and ask your question again. :)

It is true that as we get older/hit menopause/ have a thyroid condition the amount of calories we can consume without putting on weight drastically reduces. Anyone who pipes in with 2000 kcal a day nonsense can (admin edit). I am 47 and not quite hit the menopause yet but I'm probably peri and only 5ft2 so on a hiding to nothing in terms of metabolism! BUT I've accepted all this. I can't eat anything naughty and train hard most days (Weights, HIIT etc) and stick to no sugar low carb gluten free diet. Boring sometimes but it's the only way. Calorie wise I stick to around 1200 so I can have a few glasses of wine at the weekend. Is it worth it. Hell yeah! I'm on NDT as I had a T3 problem

And it doesn't matter how many times you say it, your regime is still the reason you have problems.

Actually I don't have problems. My blood results are good and I've finally got a body I'm happy with and know how I can maintain now I have gathered the knowledge to do so and accepted this illness

Jodypody, sorry to point this out... if you are drinking a few glasses of wine at the weekends, you are not sugar free or low carb.

Alcohol is not good for anyone with thyroid and/or adrenal issues.

Through being sugar free, alcohol free and low carb, I've lost three and a half stones \o/ That's 49 pounds for those that don't do stones. I'm post menopause.

I don't count calories, so I don't know if I ever reach 2000 calories a day, but I wouldn't be surprised if I do. Bugger being on 1200 calories a day - I'd pass out or be chewing my shoes.

Slight admin edit to this thread.

I'm fully aware about alcohol calories and carb content but I'm lucky that I'm at a level of fitness that I can still enjoy a few glasses of red at the weekend but can train hard enough for it to bounce off me.

Jody, I'm also at a level of fitness where I could drink, but choose not to for the sake of my health. I go hillwalking, it's much more fun than 'training' especially if that is hours spent in a gym :p

Are you aware of the damage you are doing to your liver with a 'few glasses'? Or that it's nothing to do with calories and carbs, but that the body burns alcohol as fuel first and then stores the excess intake from food into fat? That's why men with beer bellies haven't actually got beer guts, but excess food bellies.

And you don't need to train hard enough, you only need to train smart enough.

At 47 I can do a 6 mile run in 45 minutes, I can do 70 press ups with good form and can even do chin ups. I've completed P90x/P90x3/Body Beast/ insanity max 30/insanity/ insanity the Asylum volume 1& 2. I think I'm probably doing ok

That's great, jody. You keep listening to your own body and don't worry about others. You're the rare one on this site I would say.

I'm only 5ft 2 and I'm "fine tuning " which is what bodybuilder do I would normally eat around 1400/1600 kcal even training as hard as I do

That's not struggling with my weight is it? I'm on WP now which I'm doing really well on thanks

And I've gone down to 2.25 grains on WP so it clearly works for me

I suspect you have Hashimotos thyroditis get your thyroid antibodies tested.

In the meantime go gluten free and cut down on dairy. Almond milk and oatly are delicious.

Research leaky gut.

Kris Kresser website.

Dr Daris Khazzarian has fantastic books.

The Auto Immune Recovery Plan by Susan Blum

In three weeks going gluten free I lost over a stone. If I'm regimental with it there's no bloating. Tomato and potato are no good for me either. They are in a group called nightshades.

Potato makes my joints really hurt for a couple of days after I eat it so I substitute with sweet potato. Tomato makes my gums inflamed.

We are all different, start a few diary and work out which foods trigger your inflammation other than gluten.

An excerpt from Everydayhealth.com

People with hypothyroidism can also benefit from strength training β€” exercises such as lunges, leg raises, and push-ups or those involving weight-training machines. Strength training builds muscle mass, and muscle burns more calories than fat, even when you're at rest. Building muscle can help counter possible weight gain from an underactive thyroid.

That is exactly what i started doing and it's seemed to have halted the weight gain. I'm still under medicated, but 2 months of strength training and no additional lbs, and the scale seems to be moving the other direction.

I'm so happy I've found someone who agrees with this and has had positive results from it πŸ˜ƒ

Onwards and upwards πŸ‘πŸ»

Strength training will shrink you but not make you lose weight if you're gaining muscle so don't focus on the scales just on how your clothes fit x

You might have to consider that it may not actually be your hypothyroidism that's causing the weight gain. I spent far too long fixated on my thyroid and huge weight gain when it was actually something else.

If an increase in thyroxine or switching to adding T3 or NDT doesn't make a difference then you have inflammation and will need to find out what's causing it.

How do you find out what's causing it using the NHS - so far I've had no luck getting GP to look for cause

lidoplace - I'd done everything I needed to do so that meant vitamins and minerals all being at good levels but my health was deteriorating. NHS Endoknob told me he wasn't concerned by my symptoms despite providing photographic evidence of my weight gain despite cycling.

I recently mentioned my weight to a GP, he sneered and was offensive. Basically don't expect your GP to do anything, they'd rather stick to their lazy assumptions and clinical ignorance. You could investigate oedema, leptin resistance, insulin resistance, inflammation, DHEA, cortisol, gut issues etc.

My weight has increased by 50%, been privately tested and diagnosed with Lyme disease. Lyme plus inflammation is causing the weight gain, I have high levels of heavy metal toxicity discovered through testing.

I consult with an American doctor who's been a revelation compared to NHS doctors.

Edit: should also mention that I was undiagnosed hypo for 18 years.

Thanks for that ,it echoes my experience with GP's & endos - Lyme disease will be the next investigation if I can't get the cause of inflammation sorted

Sorry that you've had a bad experience with both. I think what makes it particularly difficult is knowing whether something is normal or not. For example, gut issues is something that most of us would probably not discuss with others!! It's tricky until such time as one discovers a thyroid forum where many others are experiencing the same.

I'm obviously not suggesting you have Lyme, and I sincerely hope you don't, and would recommend reading the following book by Dr Neil Nathan that covers chronic disease including thyroid imbalances,inflammation, intestinal dysbiosis, mould related illness and biotoxicity. Written in easy to understand terms too.


Do report back with your progress, good luck!

Thank you for the book details I will have a look at it - I was diagnosed 16 years ago but don't know how long I'd been hypo before that. 15 years on Levo before I took control of treating my condition. Best wishes for your recovery

You're welcome lidoplace. Would strongly recommend obtaining a copy of all of your medical records, you're legally entitled to these. Details here:


I found it really helpful to look back and see what test results were showing especially as GPs ignored results flagged up by the lab. Discovering that I'd been unmedicated for so long has made me totally distrustful of GPs.

Good luck!

Having changed gp recently I am at a surgery that is up to speed and have outline medical record on- line plus all the blood test results, so I am really pleased with that

And would love to know which American doctor, if poss. , having spent a fortune in UK doctors who have not a clue between them!

Dairy, grains, alcohol and sugar are incompatible with thyroid disfunction and medication. Give them up and you might see a big difference. On the recommendation of my integrated doctor and gentle exercise like yoga and walking I lost 13kg in six months. No calorie counting. Just fresh organic fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, nuts and seeds.

I take 2 grains of Naturethroid

It sounds like youhave a very good "integrated doctor". Is he anywhere near London or High Wycombe/Oxford and if so could you pm me his name/contact please? If anyone else has

a suggestion I should be grateful to hear from you. Endless trouble with bloating, tho underactive, TSH is nearly normal and I am converting. Recently lost 3 stone on sugar free fresh eating but now putting it on again and cant seem to lose it this time.


Agree with most of what's above. If bread and milk are bloating you that's a definite signal that they don't agree with you. If you can, you should take them out of your diet. Probably take all wheat-based (and yes, gluten-based) foods out and see how you go. It is a long road and everyone is different, but for sure get the information you need re your vitamin/mineral levels so then you can establish a baseline and work out which direction to go. :)

I thought that a lot of the weight we gain when we become hypo is a kind of fluid retention called mucin. It weighs a lot, makes you gain weight and look bloated all over, but isn't fat. If it's this kind of weight you are carrying any amount of exercise and dieting won't get rid of it. Optimising your thyroid medication is the key, and this isn't just what you take by way of pills, but optimising what is absorbed and what your body does with it. Many people are low in nutrients such as ferritin, B12 and Vit D, which means your body can't convert T4 into T3 properly. It's your T3 levels which need to be good to get rid of the mucin as I understand it. I have read contributors to this forum who found that about 6 months after changing to NDT (which contains T3) they realised their weight was dropping without them having to do extra diet or exercise. I can't promise it would work for you but I hope this gives you more insight into the area of hypothyroid weight gain.

Hi eeng,

Like your reply - hadn't fully made the connection between mucin and weight gain before. I suppose mucin is a bit like that water retaining gel that you get for your summer plant pots! I did a quick search on here..

You may be interested in this previous thread


I'd recommend making broths (some recipe books can be found online) which increase amino acids like NAC and L-carnitine naturally. These are very good for helping you burn fat and build up muscle - body builders have known this stuff for ages - and are nutrient dense. The supplements work, but can be a bit harsh if your gut is highly sensitive.

If it helps, im the same and have just been diagnosed as Menopausle, you are writing what i put up a month ago. I was terrified to eat and was a lovely size 8-10 last year. Im a 14 now and gym everyday and stick to 1250 cals daily and nothing so i really empathise with you. Try Vit B6 it helps with metabolism and the pill from boots Menopace. My Doc wont even prescribe Levo so can you imagine. When i find a natural remedy i promise to post. But im here to tell you i am exactly the same as you xx

Completely sympathise.

Pre hypotyhroidism I had no weight problems ate what I wanted and stayed the same weight for decades. Since hypothyroidism I balloned over 4 stone. And only lost half a stone with treatment.

These days I eat a low carb diet -cut out the high carbs, pasta, bread, potato and added sugar. No processed foods. I keep my diary as I need it for another medical problem. I have lost nearly 2 1/2 stone in 10months. No calorie counting. I feel well and no bloating at all.

Am now looking at weight training as I agree with comment further up that since becoming hypothyroid I have lost a lot of muscle mass.

However you will not loose weight unless your thyroid treatment is optimised so that is the key starting point.

My GP told me that once my thyroid levels are corrected I would loose weight naturally. I havent found that to be true at all.

My issue is not portion control it is that my metabolism needs far less calories then it did before hypothyroidism. Full stop. Sad truth. I also read somewhere (sorry cant remember source) that when you have hypothyroidism you find it more difficult to process high carbs... My GP told me that you can live healthily on a low carb long term. My endocrinologist also suggested a low carb eating plan. A personal trainer told me that exercising does not help you loose weight it helps with fitness and muscle building. Diet is what looses weight. I agree with him. Interval training boosts your metabolism.

Hope this helps.

I agree with what you say but ask your PT this...

Strength training builds muscle mass, and muscle burns more calories than fat, even when you're at rest. Building muscle can help counter possible weight gain from an underactive thyroid.

I'd be very surprised if he didn't agree. 😊

Sandybeach agree with you but you have to build the muscle first....and that will take time & also deal with the effects of low metabolism which as pointed out above can cause low T3 when exercising causing crashing & further lowering of metabolism, decreasing muscle power. This means exercise has to be increased slowly as you feel better. It is a very fine balance. Therefore building muscle is the long term plan but a diet that suits your low metabolism helping you to loose weight is critical. Exercise and building muscle alone wont work. Nether will loads of exercise if ure not used to it or if combined with the wrong eating plan for you.

Ive tried for over 10years to regain balance with my weight/ fitness and this included loads of exercise plus a variety of diets. Nothing has worked long term for me. But low carb has and am hopeful for the first time that finally I may slowly be able to redress the loss of muscle and fitness that I once had. Fingers crossed.....

I also cut out wheat, gluten, dairy, processed foods and sugar. I've built up slowly with my weight training, all since March this year. It's worked for me but that's not to say it would work for everyone. I'm sharing my experience in case anyone would like to try it. 😊

I would love a diet sheet I would try it iv lost 3 stone and a lot of muscle mass would you help me

Well done you for losing 3 stone! As far as the weight training goes you really need to go to a PT who specialises in body building as I have. You need someone who really knows what they are talking about.

No I was a body builder I didn't want to loose weight I was 13 stone and very happy it was muscle im now just under 10 my hairs falling out I ache I look like Mr burns and everything I eat upsets my stomach my appetites gone I don't know what to eat confused all the time its got worse since I started taking levo

I guess Levo doesn't suit you. Try to get NDT ( Natural desiccated Thyroid) If not from your GP or Endo you can buy online.

Obviously if you are not feeling well and are not 'optimal' you won't be able to train.

I agree with everything Grey Goose has said about the importance of T3 when it comes to metabolism and weight loss.

Also, have you had your blood glucose and insulin levels checked? High insulin levels can cause weight gain as insulin is a fat-storing hormone. I was diagnosed with insulin resistance in 2014 and decided to try supplements instead of prescription drug Metformin. As a result, I have managed to lower my fasting blood sugar and insulin levels significantly, and I have lost 20 kg (3.14 stones according to conversion table) as a result. Before that, nothing I did would allow me to lose weight - not even NDT.

It's possible that my previous attempts to lose weight contributed to these problems. In the past, I used to be on one low-fat high-carb diet after another, simply because low-fat dairy products and fruit are recommended on WW, while full-fat products should be avoided. Of course, that is the last thing you should eat if you have blood sugar problems...

I now use full-fat products only. I don't eat unlimited amounts of them, but I always use butter instead of low-fat alternatives with only 50-60% fat content.


I have the same problem and have had for years. Lately I have cut out wheat and I have lacto free milk which is helping a great deal with the bloating problem and I have started to loose weight very slowly so do try this and see if this helps you to be more mobile.

I was on levothyroxine too for several years. After I went into menopause, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I'm 57 now. After all those years of awful TSH levels, but in "normal" range, I finally got a dr to switch me to Armour thyroid medication. My TSH went to a true normal and my T3 and T4 are on the good end of normal. I have also lost all of my weight I had gained and and am back to pre-menopause weight. I had always been thin and had gained like 20 lbs. It didn't matter what I did, I couldn't lose weight. Like you, I mean I could not lose any weight. Also, I don't know, but I had been a heavy runner and speed walker for years and now I read that did not do my thyroid any favors! I do carefully watch what I eat and definitely stay away from bread like the plague. I also try to do weight training more than cardio type exercise now. I like kettkebells. I also take psyllium husk 3 times daily. That really helps control my appetite and has other benefits too: fiber, cholesterol lowering, and other numerous things. Read about it online. It has been a real blessing for me. I went to 5 doctors and none would prescribe the Armour. I stuck with it though and am so glad I finally found one who would. Good luck to you.

Thanks! Yes. If u show u are in a "normal" range it's almost impossible to get a doctor to listen

For sure. Mine would only test TSH. What?? I had to make them do the other tests. It's crazy that they want to only look at TSH level.

Hi Astro,

Just reading your post - we have another thing in common in that we are the same age!

Unfortunately having a thyroid problem can play havoc with our weight. Have you had recent blood tests done? I have a long history with my thyroid problem. I think I am menopausal now, just had the one period in seven months. The bloating, I wonder if you are gluten sensitive? I would get checked for all the usual Thyroid T4/T3 levels, B12, ferritin, Vitamin D etc and also ask if you can be checked for lactose, gluten and celiac intolerances.

I tend to use the lactose free milk, not because I am sensitive, just feel better on it.

If your levels are not correct, you are unlikely to lose weight, especially if menopausal too. However, I do find that the Slimming world eating plan is good for me. Managed to shift 3 stone in the last year, but the last stone has been on off for ages.

It can be so depressing, because no one understands, unless they have a thyroid problem yourself. It might be that you might be carrying fluid as well.

Take care and keep in touch :)

Thankyou jolly dolly

I get very depressed as I am unable to do lots if exercise have now two replacement hips, I can cycle( exercise bike ) but it doesn't shift any weight, Ive been using it for over 6 months now and i haven't lost any weight at all, all it does is losen my stiff hips. I dont eat a great deal as i have a hiatus hernia , and so over eating is impossible. If i eat three meals even e small ones i get constipated..

I went to the gp and all he suggested was weight watchers!!! thats not an option for me as Im currently unemployed (lost my job after 30 yrs as i got ill and osteoarthritis stopped my ability to walk), weight watchers costs!!! I really dont want it to cost me the embarresment of not losing any weight too.I have been walking further, but my hips dont let me move like i used to . They are very stiff and the muscle in my leeft leg collapsed.

I am trying to diet, but i find eating little just makes me put on weight. I am on 100 mg levo and my gp says thats perfect, my bloods are optimal and my t3 according to him! I really dont know what to do. I have discovered that my body will no longer digest milk.. I cut it out from my diet and if i drink black tea OR black coffee I feel sick,,so now i just boil up ginger water!!!! I ve given up sugar, cheese , milk and nearly everything I like.. Im just on a protien diet now,,getting very fed up.. getting on the scales i always way 10 stone now!! i always used to be 7-8 stone and its all gone on my tummy , and boobs!

still very very depressed and fed up



astro - have any follow-up scans/x-rays been carried out since your operations? Have you told consultant/GP that your ability to walk has not improved since the ops? I think in the first instance I would push for this to be investigated, don't let doctors fob you off.

Were you referred for physio? If not then worth pushing for this as I appreciate that private physio would be a considerable expense.

You could well be undermedicated, perhaps consider adding a little T3?

When did your dietary intolerances start? Has taking thyroxine had any impact on this or have you always had a delicate gut?

You'll need to be your own detective but just use the NHS for tests, tell them what they want to hear to get them to investigate.

I would also strongly advise obtaining a copy of all of your medical records, this would be invaluable in looking at the whole picture.

Hi astroscopesuk, :(

I have said this on many occasions but no one and I mean no one, understands what it is like to have a thyroid condition, unless they have one themselves. If they are ok and have a healthy thyroid, they will judge you and say, it is an excuse that we use - "If you are on the right medication, there is no reason for you not to lose weight, do this that and other" The other sentence I hear quite often is "If I can do it, I am sure as hell you can, you ought to get up off your arse, not be so lazy!" I have had it said to me many many times. But they fail to realise, what other problems it can cause.

I have a really bad back problem which started way before I gained the initial weight. My lovely GP will not refer me for a scan, but for physio, which I had to wait for over six months . They still would not refer me, so how can they help me, if they do not find the cause except to categorise me. (again). I can hardly walk some days because of the pain. Like you, I am not in a good financial position and I certainly have not got the privilege of going private. I am also unemployed. I am a full time carer for my sister, who needs 24/7 care. This takes its toll. I part cared for my mum, until she passed away in February.

I find it hard to lose weight and over the years because of my medication and other health issues (most caused by the mismanagement of the thyroid problem), including my back problem, I have mobility problems. I gained so much weight, when they started messing me around with my medication (I was born with a partial gland, so have been on medication since birth practically) I was always on the same dose until I was 32, that is when my life changed forever.

I feel so depressed about everything. I even joined Slimming World, but can't afford it now. It has taken me over six weeks to lose 5.5lb including one gain and I bet most of that was water. My SW consultant looked at me as if to say, "a lady your size, should lose it very quickly, you must be cheating" I went home and cried, I did message her and she apologised if she made me feel like that. But now I feel I am having to justify everything I do and eat. (I have managed to lose 2.5 stone from last year) But it has taken me a year to lose it though. Started this time last year.

I can fully sympathise with your plight. I am also having a glucose intolerance test next week, so that will finish me off, if they say I am diabetic. I have been borderline for so long now.

I do not suffer with constipation, but I am guessing that is because I drink so much water. I know it has helped my sister, who also has a thyroid condition and she has also had two hernia operations.

Keep in touch and I just wish I could wave the magic wand for you, for all of us.

Take care :)

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Please respect each other and the original poster - thank you.


I also have a hiatus hernia and have read that it may be related to hypothyroidism in that the muscle weakness when hypo can affect the diaphragm. Totally sympathise as well re problems losing weight. I lost 10 pounds about 2 years ago using My Fitness Pal and an exercise DVD. Would recommend Rosemary Connelly's Ultimate Body Workout as it is very joint friendly, good music and easy to follow. By good music I mean cheesy but inspiring, Moving on Up, Celebration. There is also a section on chair based exercise, although I didn't use it. I aimed at 1200 kcals per day, and I usually didn't eat back the exercise calories, but plateaued after losing the 10 pounds. Took me 4 months to lose this weight which, with the same regime, would have been gone after 3 weeks before diagnosis. Now back to trying to lose weight as I've regained it, and then some... Think I'll go for 10 pound stints this time, with a break in between to just maintain weight.

I to am tried of feeling the way I do .I'm 57 and quit smoking 7 mos ago And that's when thing started going wrong for me .I put on 30 PDS in a month and hafe and not because I was eating a lot I didn't change my eating habits. I started to bloat and by the end of the day I looked 6mos pregnant .I day I quit smoking I weighed 125-130 now I weigh 157 and the drs know nothing I been going to them for almost a year .I think when I quit smoking its really mess my hole body up .

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