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I am sorry I have not posted in ages,, but i had a hip operation in November, and i have been trying to recover from that and have another hip operation in feb , i cant believe what bad luck im having,, im also trying to lose weight ,, but to quote the old saying ,, it keeps finding me,,, i seem to have developed a huge paunch round my tummy and privates,, which is very embarrassing.

I need to get back to my normal weight of 8 stone,, but i am nearer 10 and i hate it,, but i dont eat a lot,, i have a yoghurt,, low fat and muesli for breakfast and soup for lunch with a couple of wholemeal rolls and

a quorn burger usually with spinach ,, i try not to eat after 7-8 pm, which lately hasnt been easy as my work dont want me back as i cant walk , and i have been trying to see my 81 year old mum is ok as she has been in hospital for about 8 weeks ..

I dont know what to do i have tried every diet poss, and i dont seem to lose any weight at all, what i eat isnt full of fat,, and i dont really snack,,

i drink tea and sometimes green tea , and i dont see whats so bad about my diet to make me out on two stone,, all i can put it down to is that my metabolism is so slow that i dont know how to make it any faster!

I had a bit of a prob when i was in hospital the first time as one of the docs undermedicated me and took

me down to 50 ml levo and i was on 75,,i nearly ended up in a coma ,,it was awful,,

any suggestions as exercise is going to be hard for the next three months after feb !!!!and i dont want to put on any more weight,,

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  • They now know that you will lose weight better if you DO eat fat. It is not our enemy, it is our friend. It is used to make hormones, and it is what our bodies prefer for making energy. A low fat diet is an unhealthy diet, which will make you gain rather than lose weight. I recently read an apology from a TV doctor for the terrible advice he has been giving which has done untold harm.

    Here it is:

    I do hope that you are able to read it.

  • thankyou ,, i will have a read ,, but im battling osteoarthritis and the menopause and dry eyes and hypothryroidsm,,its such a bloody joy to be alive,,,lol

    thankyou for your quick response


  • Do your eyes water and itch all the time ?

  • Yes Michelle

    They do and lots of grit too.I have been.given.dry eye drops but they.still pour all day long



  • Hi, have just come on and not read any other replies but I even without seeing your blood results I would think that you need more than 75 levo if a drop to 50 made you so ill.

    And yes make fat a must in your diet.

    Jo xx

  • yes totally agree with marram here- iwas going to write the same but she has already don e it- low fat is usually loaded up with sugar and other crap, good quality fat will synathise hormones, organic coconut oil is one such fat, iknow how u feel as iwas 9stone an dnow nearly 10 and I don't eat cakes

    bics or pastry hardly eat bread and I getmine from greggs, multiseed which is known as the .low G I loaf as a lot of gluten people buy it, its is gorgeuois, plus I only eat choc on occasionans, so myhormones I think need some

    fat. having ops donthelp either as you have to slow up and body has been stressed. coconut oil is stabilised under high heat and wont change its molecules whereby softer oils like virgin/extra virgin will not withstand high heat, the molecules change, i never understand why chefs and tv cooks heat

    up that delicate olive oil- there are of course divided opinions on that issue buti have watched so many oily/.fatty/videos on that subject to follow that advice and i now don't heat up olive oil. olive oil is recommended on cold stuff ie salad dressings, just my opinion here. cocnut oil in solid fat form you

    can buy without coconut taste for cooking its organic from Holland and barratt, not cheap but lasts forever, coconut oil also boots thyroid, so does good quality fish oils, don't buycheap- dr axe recommends Nordic.. cheap ones have prob got sea crud in them from shallow seas. buzzing off now to leave you in peace.

  • Aldi's now sell Coconut oil - Raw, Cold pressed, Organic, Virgin - 300ml for £2.99. The one I saw in H & B's was 'Pure' and was not organic.

  • aldi that is good I shall visit- I dont like lidl at all and considering they are both brothers that own the shops one is much better than the other I think

  • I use both shops (well, what I mean is I send my husband out with a list..) but we can't beat Lidl's for un-salted nuts - I eat loads. In fact one of my quick, easy snacks is half a dozen pecans, each dipped in coconut oil... luv 'em. As Aldi's is a 3/4 minute walk away we do use that shop the most.


  • I would say cut out as much starch and sugar as possible. I've learned that starch is much worse than fat when dealing with hashimotos. I think you'll be surprised how the weight will come off. Kind of hard to stick to but it works. Even small amounts of starch will put weight on you. Maybe Try Atkins or similar diet. It works!

  • if you are full of inflammation and improperly medicated, you will only get minimal results. Cutting the sugar is great, but if you are eating foods that you are intolerant too and have a leaky gut, it just isn't enough.

  • Dear valt

    Will do my best



  • Do not try the Atkins diet. Ridiculous advice. Tiredness is a major symptom of having thyroid issues, the last thing you want to do is cut out the body's main source of energy.

    Familiarise yourself with portion sizes for each type of food you eat and stick to them religiously.

  • That's harsh as actually it's very good advice as per Dr Starr we don't process carbs very well so avoiding them is a good thing and fat gives you energy. You can get adequate carbs from berries and vegetables

  • I do eat berries and veg but seem to.gain weight every meal.. And I only have two



  • Markwhufc82, there is so much more to it than portion size. Actually, the body's main source of energy should be fat. It is calorie dense and satisfies hunger much faster than carbs. Butter, lard, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, you will see a good mix there of animal and vegetable-sourced fats. But do not make the mistake of using oils from grains, they are not stable and create trans fats when heated, plus many of them have an unhealthily high level of omega 6 rather than omega 3.

    Some carbs can be eaten, but in very small quantities, if you find that you do not lose weight. They have found that if you eat a potato it will reduce the GI if you add butter!

    This lady has done her very best in the past, with the information she has been given, and if by now she is not familiar with portion sizes I will eat my hat! That is exactly what arrogant and condescending doctors were saying to me for years. I ended up eating less than 1000 calories a day thanks to this 'advice ' they gave me, but as soon as I was optimally medicated and followed the healthy fats regime, I dropped from over 12 stones to just over 9.

    Having said this, I agree that the Atkins diet is not good, it is unnatural, as is any diet which excludes any food group, and can make you very ill, because it is far too high in protein.

  • I more tired all.the time.. Maybe my.meds need uping???



  • So I am going to give you yet another slightly differing piece of advice, your body had a shock when it was reduced and even though you brought it back to the previous dose (I assume), the damage was done. In all honesty, if Levo is not doing it for you, then you need to either:

    A. source Liothyronine.

    B. source NDT.

    The diet side of things, it is most definitely true the FAT is your friend, but choose the healthy ones, I am going to jump out on a ledge and again assume that you are vegetarian? If so, having the hearty full English breakfast as a regular will not be your choice, BUT, cook with a lot more Virgin Olive Oil. The Atkins diet is not a choice I would make, but on saying that, a reduction in carbs AND increase on proteins most definitely is worth while.

    There are so many choices to be made, I totally understand, as I also am contending with osteoarthritis, menapause, dry eye, HASHIMOTOS as well as celiac. My food choices are to me quite easy, but then I have had years of getting my menus sorted!

    Take care and I wish you luck in the miserable journey of thyroid related crappiness.


  • Just read your reply and was very interested. Can you tell me what Liothyronine and NDT are? What do they do?


  • My abbreviations and acronyms document may help a bit:

    NDT = "natural" desiccated thyroid = powdered dried pig thyroid formed into tablets.

    Liothyronine = the name of T3 when used as a medicine.

  • Where do I get advice on this please

    Regard s


  • Dear addi

    Thank-you for understanding

    It is crap..

    And hard too..I'd like to.ask the universe what the he'll did I do to deserve all this nonsense.. Ive lost my fella of 30 yrs because I crap about myself.. Can't walk.have put on weight and I just hurt all.the time..Can't exercise cos of hip op..s..

    I will.but not now.. Yes the silly doctor s took my.meds down.and I was very ill

    I got them.up.but lost two.recovery days.. Then it twice as long to.recover..

    I need to.lose the weight as I feel.terrible and nothing seems



  • Same boat, I've had two hip ops, several back and I have kissing spine and a slipped disc. Was 8 stone now 10 1/2 it's crap!

    Things that help for me are cutting out gluten, less carbs and serious exercise. I live on a farm so am active from morning til night otherwise I think I'd be the size of a house.

    You need to speed up metabolism.

    Plus as we get older we need to fill out our wrinkles, these skinny people look much older!

    Good luck with second op, religiously do your exercises they really help.

  • Lucky you katepots

    I'd love it on.a farm

    But think I have enough to.contend with my 81yr old mum

    I am.being sacked Job ad I can no longer walk.. Hope the second hip.op helps me walk again

    But I really want t get 7_8 stone as I.have had to get rid of lots of clothes..

    I' Many here go on about the size off the meal but I don't eat lots

    I.have a split in my tummy lining so can't eat lots

    Just anything I eat puts on weight



  • I'm sure the second op will help. Not sure what your having done exactly but I had my hip muscles/tendons realigned and it took several months for it to work so don't lose hope. Try cutting out gluten and less carbs. It's not easy losing weight when recovering from opsas it is without being hypo.

    Is your medication correct?

    How about Pilates,?gentle enough to do in recovery.

    I know how you feel re your mum too mine is 83 and she lives on the farm and has just started with dementia.

    It takes a lot of time and patience!

    I'm exhausted by the end of the day with this disease and my commitments. You are right though I am very lucky to live on a farm, I really do appreciate it it it is a huge amount of work, some days I litrally have to drag myself around.

    Good luck with op and I weight loss. 10 stone is not fat though, I'm sure you look better than you think.

  • Please don't cook with olive oil other than at very low temperatures, (and avoid all vegetable oils for cooking as they turn into trans fats when heated) use extra virgin coconut oil, or coconut butter which doesn't have the strong smell. I use Tiana from Holland & Barrett. Please look up the Paleo diet. We may still get our energy from glucose, or ketones depending on the number of carbs we eat and burn. Eat the colours of the Rainbow, 7 portions of veg & fruit if possible. Eat unprocessed food. Again move your body, but please only low cardio such as walking as your adrenals are probably sub optimal. Try a few minutes meditation it really helps and of course good quality sleep. Try to get 9 hours. Might sound crazy but it really can make a huge difference to losing weight. Check with your Dr if you are not sure of any advice. Good luck. Feel better soon.

  • agreed totally with Feelbetter, that is what I use from Holland and barrett tiana, I couldn't think of the name when iwas replying, it lasts forever doesn't it and no taste, rainbow colours so agree with you.

  • Avocado oil and macadamia nut oil are also great for cooking...and Avocados are a terrific and healthy source of fat.

    The coconut and macadamia nut oils are also great for topical use as a moisturizer.

  • Thank-you



  • You're welcome. I hope you feel better soon!

  • Thankyou blue petals

    Well I will.try the colours of the rainbow.. What is blue that one can eat..!?

    I will.also look.for coconut oil.. I believe coconut is a natural cure seems good advice..

    Ive tried Virgin olive oil as it's supposed healthy as the Mediterranean diet seems good for longevity... And health..maybe not weight so.much




  • Thank-you feel.better

    The rainbow thing sounds good..

    But what's blue in food??

    All.I can think.of are some blue crabs and blue berries which I hate

    Regards Astro

  • Hi Astro, plums, Aronia berries (brilliant nutritionally), aubergine, (red cabbage turns blue when cooked in aluminium or cast iron!, ) black currants can be blue, elderberries. All high in antioxidants & anthocyanins. Figs can appear blue, but very high in carbs so be careful. If you don't like blue berries, you can trick yourself by adding a few into other foods. You can buy them frozen. Try delicious blueberry coconut ice cream. 1 tin full fat coconut milk, frozen blueberries, (1/2 cup- 1 cup) a few TBs stevia powder. Whizz in food processor and try not to eat the lot! You can freeze it, but it hardens fast. Just 1TBs served with 1/2 cup fresh raspberries & 1/2 cup fresh strawberries is a delicious dessert. For a photo see my Instagram a/c healthilyolivia. Please like if you do & I'd love to know how you get on. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Sounds good. Not sure about the blue berries though..and stevie powder sounds good too..where would I get that?

    Kind regards


  • Hi you can buy Truvia (branded Stevia) but it's about £5.00 for a container although it lasts ages and has the same consistency as granulated sugar. Alternatively you can get the generic powder from Asda or Tesco and it may be called sweetener. Check the label though and please do NOT use any sweetener with aspartame in it, or sucralose (which has been shown to still spike blood sugar levels - a few weeks ago in the to programme Trust me I'm a Doctor). Brands Sweet n'Low and Equal are aspartame. Not good. Did you check out my Instagram page? There's a photo from 9 weeks ago of blueberry coconut ice cream. Thanks.

  • dear feel beter

    thankyou i bought a stevia plant but it died on me which was a shame as it was just producing lots of leaves when we had a frost,,,

    i know what it is

    and i have never seen the powder,, but i will look out for it now


    kind regards


  • I just have to comment on the advice above to cook a lot more with virgin olive oil. You should NOT heat virgin oilive oil. Heating it damages the fatty acids. At one time the experts were saying it was alright to cook with it if you didn't heat it to above 180C but now they are saying you should not heat it at all.

    I agree with this because when I had a red blood cell fatty acid test done they found some bad fatty acids that had come from heated olive oil. I used to roast veg in olive oil but never above 180C because I don't like them blackened at the edges. I now roast in avocado oil or coconut oil. Avocadco oil can withstand being heated to higher temperatures than olive oil.

    I know that they cook a lot with olive oil in the Mediterranean but they probably eat far more in the way of antioxidants than we do.

    The other advice is good. Fat burns fat and starchy carbs are bad if you have a weight problem even though it could be due to your thyroid. I've just listened to a lot of the Fat Summit and they all say that.

    (Just saw that someone else had posted about olive oil while I was writing this )

    Wishing you a speedy recovery from your next op and that you will lose weight and feel better soon.

  • yes agreed again here bonsai kid- I still wonder why tv chefs heat up olive oil- they obviously need educating. have you watched dr sherrie tenpenny, the oiling of America, it is well worth watching if anyone is reading this.

  • No I haven't but I will make a point of looking it up. Thanks for the heads up!

  • I.have some coconut oil but it's in a glass bottle and it's gone hard and I'm.trying to think of a way of heating it without breaking the bottle..

    😁 lol



  • Thank-you.. I don't do ops well as anaesthetic doesn't make me well..but it's needed to put one out

    . A necessary evil..however.. Thank-you I will look for coconut oil

    . I was wondering if it flavours food with coconut taste as that can be bothersome???



  • holland and barrett do one tha t doesnt taste of coconut butsomeone here said that aldi do one not sure if it tastes of coconut tho

  • thankyou blue pettals

    i will look the next time i hobble into the shops,



  • Dear bonsai kid

    Will look out for coconut oil




  • Thank-you

    I do have a dreadful sleep problem..I'm often asleep in the day since my work don't want Me back and have asked for sick certs until they sack me..

    And up all night.

    I can't get any decent sleep as the pain in my left hip Is like a full mouth of toothache...

    But thankyou for that



  • Only my own experience but feel that symptoms can it can be caused by a combination of conditions and this can sometimes be overlooked. Dr Mercola's site is well thought about by many, but others feel it is to be disregarded. Personally I feel many of the articles make a lot of sense and have found it very helpful. Wishing you good health and that the pain you are suffering eases as soon as possible :-)

  • I know it's not thyroid related but what about looking at The 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet by Michael Mosely?

    I've been on a low carb high fat (LCHF) diet since the end of December when I discovered I had T2 diabetes - Im in remission from Graves' disease and I thought my thyroid was becoming underactive! I was on LCHF before I got picked up that book in the railway station but his book is basically the same as the LCHF diet I read about on the Diabetes UK website.

    I bought a blood sugar meter and I'm eating 'to the meter' - I avoid anything that spikes my blood glucose levels - and I am losing weight quickly and easily.

    Basically I am getting my carbs from vegetables rather than grains as even healthy ones and things like my favourite jacket potatoes (although I can eat a few baby new potatoes with no problem) spike my blood sugar like mad. Like you I ate a pretty healthy diet but for some unknown reason the weight was still piling on - I now realise that all the 'healthy' things that I was led to believe were 'good for me' were actually spiking my blood sugar like mad and then being laid down as fat :(

    You wouldn't need to go as far as testing your blood before and 2 hours after meals but the principles of the diet might help you if you have tried everything else. I also have a brisk half hour walk every day that I don't go to the gym and I'm constantly aiming fir 10000 steps a day but I find that difficult to achieve at times.

  • Nice reply fruitandnutcase. What sugar meter have you bought? That's the only thing I haven't yet tried doing. And yes my weight is keeping me from enjoying a full life :-(

  • I bought the Accu-chek Mobile. It is so easy to use and there are no problems disposing of needles etc.

    I had to buy it myself though and although it wasn't all that expensive - about £20 something and it comes with a cassette of fifty test strips and two needle cassettes, the refill cassettes are quite expensive to buy but I figured it was the only way I was really going to be able to keep a check on what was happening with my bloods and it has been worth every penny.

    Once I've had my next HbA1c done I will probably not test quite so often though although you have to use the cassettes fairly continuously once you have started them.

  • good reading fruit n nut- I too have an insulin prob and shoving on the weight and wa s wondering why- I don't eat junk or pastry cakes or bics and I have put nearly a ston eon, how doe sth e 'meter work and what did you buy- I will look atthat book,icant walk far as I have nerve compression in the lumber and lumber spondylolisthesis and fracture, its weak and painful thanks

  • Hi petals,

    Just before you eat you wash your hands and prick your finger, you taken a drop of blood from it and put it on the test strip, the machine tells you when to put the blood on. Five seconds later it gives you a number. That's your blood glucose level.

    I eat my meal then two hours later I prick my finger again and get another reading. By doing that and recording everything I eat I can see which foods are causing my bloods to spike - jacket potatoes do it yet two or three boiled baby new potatoes don't and I've been able to adapt my diet to keep my bloods within a good range. Fruit spikes it - an orange or Apple for example - I haven't tried grapes or bananas because my diabetes nurse told me not to eat too many of them as they were high in sugar.

    It's surprsing how I can eat a really decent meal- roast plus potatoes and loads of green veg perhaps and my bloods are fine yet the jacket potato and salad was really bad.

    If you watched Trust Me I'm a Doctor the last week it was on you will see that one of the doctors went to Israel to take part in a study where she had a blood glucose meter fitted under her skin and she and another woman were given the same foods and did the same exercise yet they had completely different blood results. It was all about individualised diets but it was SO interesting. She was shocked because the things that caused her spikes were good healthy foods - just like for me.

    I started off with another book called Reverse your T2 Diabetes by Dr David Cavan, then I found the Michael Mosely which is more general, I really liked the Abid Caban book though because it was so positive about reversing T2 which I hope to do - obviously you can't go back to eating the same old things though.

  • hi fruit, I am very very squeamish, I am a tough old bird and for 5 years have suffered intolerable pain in my head, and pain in general, I am due to go in overnight next week for head to be wired up but I don t think I can prick my finger-

    if someone else did it whil ei look away I could tolerate it- I think it is because I have neuropath ynow and I cant cop ewith blood tests anymore wherby it was easy peasy lemon squeezy all my

    life, is it necessary to do that or coul di just follow a diet in th ebook, ihave heard jacket spuds wreck the b.s. I am so surprised. so do oatcakes. such a pain, we used to eat what we wante dwhen we wanted , what has gone wrong with us . I haveto get thi s weight off as I was always an 8 / 10now a podge- how is Levison goingto cope with a podge at the breakfast table.

  • FNC

    Complex carbs are good but jackets pots are high on the GI scale. It's to do with the starch that converts to glucose and the way it is cooked.

    Having half a jacket potato and adding protein (tuna, beans, cheese) will break carb down more slowly and keep you full but my husband (who is diabetic) just avoids them completely.

    Roast pots are high but the fats they are cooked in will slow carb//glucose absorption (much like protein) so lowering GI slightly.

    Mashed & boiled potatoes have a slightly lower GI and sweet potato lower still.

    Boiled new potatoes are probably the best choice. A really weird thing is eating potatoes cold lowers the GI further.

  • I.prefer cold new potatoes so that's good news



  • I've read that potato salad is very good for you - trouble is I can't remember where I read it or what it was good for *sigh*

  • Thank-you fruit and nutcase

    But I'm thankfully not diabetic.. I have enough trouble with osteoarthritis and my thyroid. Thank-you

    But good luck with your condition.



  • Have you tried the new Weightwatchers' diet? It is geared so that you eat mostly lean protein, fruit and vegetables and seems to be healthy as well as successful in weightloss. Sugar is very difficult to eat on the diet because of the high points values attributed to it so you end up cutting it out. My WW diet basically comprises porridge for breakfast, soup, bread and butter for lunch and grilled fish or meat, veg and a small potato for dinner with a crumpet and butter before bed and fruits for snacks. It seems to be working slowly although I also have terrible trouble with rapid weight gain being hypo. This is the only diet that has ever worked for me and because I eat no sugar or alcohol, actually feel much better for it too.

  • That WW diet sounds high carb/sugar to me - porridge, bread, potato, crumpet, fruit with naff all protein. Although I doubt I get enough protein, being vegan.

  • If you don't eat meat or fish or dairy then yes, it would be difficult to get enough protein.

    What I eat is just what I eat for weightloss because I am on a diet, not particularly for health but feel much better having ditched sweets, cakes, biscuits etc. About 1000 calories per day. I personally need the carbs and dairy as well as protein and fruit/veg but everyone is different. The sugar is only in fruit - not more than two portions per day. Apart from the crumpet, all the food is natural and unprocessed.

    But the general principles of the WW diet are geared towards healthy eating rather than just weightloss in isolation.

  • But all the carbs I mentioned turn straight into sugar when you eat them.

  • Of course they do, your body cells need glucose for energy. If your body wasn't getting glucose from carbs, it would get it from the other food groups anyway...

  • Fat! Your diet, as has been discussed here in some detail, should supply around half your calories in the form of fat. If you go back to the top and read the earlier answers, you will see the details. Fat is essential for the production of hormones.

  • Dear angel

    I think. That too..

    But I feel my diet is healthy.but I still seem to have such a slow metabolism that every meal I eat puts on.pounds.



  • Dear claudiasmum

    I.hate porridge.. Ive tried oatmeal and hate that lunch and tea if I ever eat tea do make up most of what you described.. I do eat mostly protein.. I'm pescatarian.. So eat fish and not meat and veg.. But very few carbs and salad.. Still seem s that every meal I eat is putting on weight..

    Good luck with your diet



  • Hi,

    I don't know if my advice will work for you, but i found that i was putting on loads of weight also, even thought i was eating healthy and doing some exercise (not a lot thought).

    For the passed month i decided to give up on Caffeine, just to see how it would effect me. The result is that i now feel less sluggish and have started to loose weight, i have also started doing Yoga which has helped with tightening up that awful spare tyre.

    As i said it might not help but it might also be worth a try.

    Good luck luv xx

  • Thankyou.. Unfortunately I can not do yoga..I have had one hip op and awaiting another.. I can't bend at the moment.. Hoping I can bend a few months after the op.. And maybe in a yr or two if I get to a gym.. At the moment I'm doing once a week for an hour at the hospital gym to.get my legs strong for my op.. But my thyroid is still giving me grief.. It's making my.metabolism so slow I don't know how to make it speed up. I.have given up.Coffee.. And drink tea and the odd cup of green tea.. But apart from that I do eat a healthy diet. I make my own soup and stew and have few carbs... I need to know what exercise I can do after two hip replacement s.

    Thank-you for your post

    Regard s


  • Hi Astroscopesuk

    First of all have you been diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis. I was diagnosed with this as a result of being given steroids briefly for an overactive thyroid gland - I am now underactive after radioactive isotope. Anyway, I was diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis and had both my hip bones replaced also.

    Fortunately, I am now slim as doctors, of course, cannot give me steroids because of my allergy to them. With regard to your weight, I would concentrate more on cutting out sugar - biscuits, cakes, etc., as well as processed foods

    By the way I too live in the UK and I had my hip replacements in 1997 and 1998.

  • Dear ripon

    I don't know what disease that is you mentioned but will.Google it.

    However I believe I have hashimotos.but I also believe my metabolism is so.slow I don't know how to make. It faster



  • Hi Astro,

    I would start eating more fruit and veg. and stop eating biscuits, cakes and surprisingly ice team as all contain an awful lot of sugar. This might have a better effect on your metabolism.

  • dear ripon

    i rarely eat cake, and i eat fruit and veg, mainly grapes , tangerines , oranges , pears,, pineapple if i can be bothered,,

    i eat lot s of veg as i make my own soups , and no this doesn't change things at all

    i feel as if every meal is putting on weight



  • Sorry I don't seem to be able to help you.

    You seem to be doing everything right. The only thing I can suggest is you try to eat things in moderation and do not eat between meals and avoid sugar as much as possible.

  • I'm no expert but have been reading recently about the amount of fluoride in green and black tea. This somehow interferes with the absorption of iodine in your system, a nutrient the thyroid requires to function well. Your local water may be much more harmful than the tea, but that's another story. Apparently, if you pour your tea quickly before it has had time to really brew, this is better for you - OK if you like weak tea.

    Good luck with the weight loss.

  • Thankyou.. Will.try that.. Didn't know that green tea etc was harmful to.thyroid patients.. So Thank-you for that



  • Hi,

    I'm guessing you're also a veggie as you eat quorn?

    I found a low carb diet best, & stick to eating clean foods, so nothing processed, & I try to avoid white flour & sugar, & bread that's not sourdough. I also try not to eat for 18 hours of the day, most days, which I find suits me & my NDT works better, though I always eat something if I'm hungry. My meals are usually small & frequent, & I tend to snack on nuts a lot for protein & healthy oils, as well as fruit. For me, what & when I eat is more important than how much & calories.

    I've had to rethink what I eat since finding out soya & raw cruciferous veg isn't too good for hypo people, so have gone back to eating more legumes & dairy products, & try to squeeze in a few eggs a week for a high protein meal.


  • Yes should eat more eggs I suppose.. But not likr cool hand

    But it's so hard with this wretched thyroid.. I do think I have hashimotos.but I have no idea how to speed up my sluggish metabolism.



  • I don't really like eggs, but they're good for minerals. I occasionally go through a phase of having an omelette every day for weeks, then can't stand them again. I quite like buckwheat or oat pancakes, which avoids the gluten & adds more protein. I eat fruit regularly, but had big issues with starchy foods, so have baked squash rather than a baked potato. I always ensure I'm getting enough protein from pulses & fermented dairy. Not eating anything processed helped me stop gaining so much weigh. Since I started taking NDT I can generally eat more.


  • i dont mind eggs leverette

    im not a fan of buckwheat though,,but its interesting to try

    so thankyou



  • It's really tasty in pancakes, but you need to add a little baking powder, or they're only fit for resoling shoes!

    I also make wheat free oat & cottage cheese pancakes, which are weird but even higher in protein.

    A diet guru on the radio, who's name I don't remember, suggested a high protein breakfast tells the brain/body that it doesn't have to store energy, so more is utilised during the rest of the day. This has worked when I've tried it, as has intermittent fasting, which I've done for about 5 days a week for the past few years, with a clean food diet.

    You're being bombarded with lots of advice as to what's worked for different people, & your head must be spinning! We haven't got your body, so you need to work out what's the best thing for you. :D

  • Well I will add in my two cents worth. Two things which have worked for me in the past are the Queen's grapefruit diet. I think Atkins is based on this method: you eat half a grapefruit before every meal and basically only eat protein and veggies - but eat as much as you like and your meals can be swimming in fat. It's kind of tough and a bit expensive. The second method, which is working for me right now, is the one where you increase your T3 to just a shade below hyperthyroidism and the fat just disappears real fast. BUT you have to measure your thyroid levels a lot with this one because as you lose the weight it is necessary to reduce you dose. Any signs of palpitations, cut back the T3.

  • Dear lahs

    Will try the grapefruit thing..that sound s good..I do eat grapes.. Pears nectarine s and raspberries.

    My diet is healthy.but I don't eat lots of carbs one bit of bread usually wholemeal and I dislike pasta.. Once a month I make vegetarian spag bol as my son likes it but that's all.. And the t3 thing.. The GPS here in UK won't test.. They say it's as rare as hens teeth....



  • Make sure grapefruit doesn't clash with any medication you take.

  • Yes, agreed. And Astro, you are not supposed to eat fruit on that diet (only the grapefruit). But don't freak out, you are only supposed to stay on it a couple of weeks. Like I said, it's a bit drastic.

  • thankyou lahs

    only grapefruit,,,it is a bit drastic,, but then other fruit sort of clears ones system out a bit too..



  • Why can't you dose t3 by symptoms without labs, like Dr. Lowe did? Labs don't show symptoms, especially those with thyroid hormone resistance..their ft3 is really high, yet they have no hyper symptoms and are still are very hypo. If you are full of inflammation, you can take handfuls of t3 and it will do nothing, because of cellular resistance.

  • Hi Faith, I agree with you 100% dosing your T3 by how you feel, I am doing that because while they do test T3 in the US it isn't exactly cheap.

    HOWEVER, however, however……… I disagree 100% with taking handfuls of T3. Please people out there, don't do that. You will be very close to hyper, so if you take a T3 which is above saturation you can get palpitations - at least that is my personal experience. The good news is that T3 only hangs around for a day max (with a half life of 8 +/- hours) so you can recover quickly.

  • T3 is at the cellular level for up to 3 days.

    Yes..there are people who have no reaction to 300 mcgs daily..thats what i meant by handfuls. If you have blocked receptors are resistant, often no amount is high enough. The idea then is to get rid of the inflammation causing meds not to work. Eventually it can be done. Those on over 300 t3 can get down to about 150-125mcgs. Low t3 also causes inflammation, a double edged sword.

  • i dont know what t3 is faith

    my last doctor said its as rare as hens teeth and my new doctors dont test for whatever it is,,i really dont understand,, all iknow is that ones thyroid has to convert the thyroxine into t3 or t 4 but this confuses me lots



  • i hope you will stop relying on your doctor for all of information. You will have to read the links i sent. Start with stopthethyroidmaddness website. it tells you why levo doesn't work for many people.

    T3 Liothyronine, is the most important, most active of thyroid hormones. It is the one responsible for normalizing metabolism, not Levothyroxine, which has to be converted in the stomach and liver, to the active t3. If a person has hashi's, lots of inflammation and/or for many other reasons.. they will not convert the levo/t4 to the active t3. They are left hypothyroid regardless of how much t4 is added. They then get a build up of t4 in their system, which causes hyper/toxic symptoms, yet the hypo symptoms remain. Liothyronine, is responsible for weight loss, energy, stopping pain and depression..all cells in the body need it..they don't need t4. People can use t3 without Levo and get their lives back.

    Your doctor is leaving you in the dark, doing you a terrible disservice. We have to be our own health advocates.

  • Forgot to add that t3 is not rare! It is a thyroid hormone, the active one. People in the US, have it routinely tested and are given access to it, almost always. People in the UK also get tested for it or order their own tests. It is a Free t3 test.

    You are going to have to decide whether or not you are happy with your progress, how you feel and if you want to continue on with this doctor. There is a good doctor list provided by Louise Warville, on this site, for UK residents. can self treat, its pretty easy and at least you have hope of getting well again.

  • Thanks Faith. I am only on 12ug of T3 over and above my 1 1/2grains of NDT. I am going to increase my T3 very slowly until my weight begins to drop. That's the plan anyway.

  • if you find you are able to raise due to hyper symptoms, but still have hypo symptoms, drop the ndt.

  • We have spoken many times before and again, i must stress the need for you to change your approach and get out of this once and for all! Mainstream medicine has failed many and we are looking for a way out of this, not more drugs and surgery! The question should be, Why is my hip inflamed and treat the Why part. the cause.

    Hashi's fills the body with inflammation and we hold fluids. Our livers and kidneys don't work right and we build up with toxins.

    I believe that you are mostly intolerant and not processing the Levo well. Which is why , when you raise you get hyper symptoms, but the hypo ones still remain. Your symptoms are that of hypo and hashimoto. You may be sensitive to the food you eat. Many test positive for dairy and gluten..wheat. If you eat those and sugar, you will stay inflamed and ill. You sound inflamed. The hips if Bursitis, is inflammation..which is fixable without surgery. You will not lose weight when inflamed and hypo. Here is what i suggest.

    I would switch to t3 only or ndt, but anything with t3 in it. You will have to order your own labs and own drugs. T3 is pretty inexpensive. The labs done just 1x seeing if you can get a reverse t3 level and free t3. I believe you are low on t3 and bulding up a reverse t3, based on going hyper on small doses of t4. This all has happened to me.

    This is about reverse t3..

    This from Dr. Wentz on functioal CAN get rid of hashimoto and Arthritis etc.. and be well:


    For those of you not familiar with Functional Medicine, according to, “Functional medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease, using a systems-oriented approach and engaging both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership”.

    That’s right, a whole medical specialty dedicated to finding and treating underlying causes and prevention of serious chronic disease rather than disease symptoms. I was tickled pink when all of the presenters were talking about treating the root cause of diseases!

    When I first set off to treat myself with a systems perspective and to find the root cause of my condition, I did not realize that I was using a functional medicine approach, I just believed in cause and effect.

    The basic theory behind functional medicine is as follows:

    Food is information. Beyond calories, the type of food you will eat will help determine if you are going to be healthy or sick. Functional medicine practitioners realize the value of a whole foods based diet as well as the role that inflammatory foods and food sensitivities can play in chronic disease.

    Stress is a precursor to disease and weakens our body causing it to break down and makes us more susceptible to chronic infections.

    Proper gut function is key to a healthy body.

    Here is a glimpse of the information the attendees learned in the GI module:

    If you work with the gut 60-70% of any disease will get better

    The best way to give your patients the right treatment and diagnosis is through listening to them (I love that one!)

    Treat the gut before attempting detoxification, as the gut is a main elimination organ, detoxification first may result in toxins circulating when gut function is impaired.

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a precursor to autoimmunity and chronic disease.

    This last one really resonated with me, as I was diagnosed with IBS in 2002, Hashimoto's in 2009. Many of you may have never been diagnosed, but have had many of the symptoms. My IBS and GERD helped me connect the many dots to get to my root cause.

    If we can catch IBS in the early stages, perhaps we can prevent thyroid and other autoimmune conditions. Additionally, since we understand that IBS is a precursor for the thyroid condition, treating the root cause of IBS will often result in remission of the autoimmune condition.

    During the conference, three cases of IBS were presented, the root causes of these cases of IBS included:

    Case #1: parasite

    Case #2: pancreatic enzyme deficiency, gluten sensitivity, overactive stress response

    Case #3: low stomach acid, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth

    But some of you may need additional guidance, and I hope that you will consider having a clinician trained in functional medicine as part of your healthcare team.


    Now that I understand functional medicine, I am amazed that most traditionally trained physicians don’t recognize this links between nutrition, stress and gut imbalance that cause chronic illness.

    I know i will not feel well until the hashi's is gone, so i am working on getting rid of it.

    If you don't try something different, you are heading toward diabetes, you may end up on statins and pain meds for life, other autoimmune diseases too. It has happened to me. I am trying the functional med approach because mainstream has left me ill and scared from surgeries. They look at me like i am crazy when i tell them my symptoms.

  • I agree with a lot of what you've said, but wouldn't pay a practitioner to tell me what to eat, when I don't have the resources, & can work this out for myself. :)

    These articles from Chris Kresser make a good start:

    I also like a lot of Mark Hyman's dietary advice, though going veggie paleo, as both often suggest, would be quite tough.


  • How can you determine what you are sensitive too and if you have bad bacteria, parasites or what digestive enzymes or bacteria are missing, without testing? It can't be done right without testing.

    Without testing, i would never have know that i can't seat walnuts, oats or certain cheeses. Nuts and oats are a staple in paleo.

  • i really dont know ,, i dont think i am allergic to nuts ,, but again my gps wont test for a lot ,,



  • Exclusion of foods that don't agree with me, a lot of trial & a little error, & inclusion of more foods that make me feel better. :)

    Several people I know spend a fortune on diagnostics, gadgets, & all kinds of strange superfoods & supplements, & they're still fat & feel c**p!

  • Also, bad gut or lack of gut bacteria, will make it impossible to lose weight. I was recently tested and my results say i will not be able to loose is due to inflammation.

  • Thank-you faith..

    That was really intense...

    I don't know how to medicate t3etc.. All my GPS in UK here say it's as rare as hens teeth. And I am.Having great trouble finding a Gp who really understands the thyroid.. I.also believe I have hashimotos.but again my GPS won't do all the correct tests.

    I have to have my other hip replacement as the bones are now grinding and very painful.. I have to rest for two days after major work outs in hospital gym as the pain is excruciating..

    I have bio yoghurt and muesli for breakfast for my tummy bacteria and home made soup and a quorn burger with spinach salad.

    For winter and lots of salad in the summer.. My diet is healthy.but I can't eat lots as I have a split in my stomach lining and I don't want that t.get any bigger.

    If I.half way understood t3 t4 and even.knew where I could get the test s that would be good.

    But here in UK they won't go down.that Road and don't even understand auto.immune diseases I'm positive about that

    Thank-you I will try and find what I can

    Bless you



  • As i may have said will have to educate yourself! We all start out totally new at all of this. I remember being delirious and still researching on computer. There are so many to help you here. You can order your own test through Blue Horizons, in the UK. Tests delivered to your home.

    You will have to do it on your own, because the doctors aren't trained in this at all or do not keep up to date on the new medical information. I had to learn it all and do it all on my own.

    It is important to get rid of the Hashimotos. You CAN do this..when you become desperate enough, you will want to learn and self treat.

    Your diet is good for someone without food sensitivities, but many with hashi's are told to stop all dairy and yogurt, no muesli..etc..

    Please read an article "how to stop attacking yourself"..Dr. Mark Hyman, read his info on autoimmune disease treatments..

    Contact Shaws on this forum for dosing info from Dr. John all of this.

    Also, stopthethyroidmaddness is good too, but the really push ndt, which doesn't always work for some, makes them worse. have nothing left to loose at this point.

    Have you ever heard the saying "Insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result"? Don't do that!

  • oh..what is the split in your stomach? This could be the cause of the hashimotos. Did you find this before or around the same time as the hashi?

  • I have had it for many years faith.. It's a hernia from.doing the dog pose in yoga..... Can only happen Many wise words there faith.. I will.check it out.. And you.say you can.get rid of hashis this would be amazing if I could

    Thank you for all your advice



  • Hi there - I've read down all the posts and I don't think anybody has mentioned "the calcium paradox". Ask around, almost everybody by the time they retire has osteoporosis. Why would that be? Turns out there is a paradox in that the more osteoporosis you have the more free calcium is floating around your system getting in awkward places like your arteries. There are several Youtubes and books about vit K2 and its association with vit D3 and calcium. Vitamin D enables osteocalcin but it needs K2 to get that osteocalcin into the bones out of your blood. I'm reading Kate Rheaume-Bleue - "Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox". It is apparently possible to get the calcium out of your arteries and back into your bones where it belongs.

  • deaar angelaat

    i do take vit k and vit d supplement,, and multivitamins and omega three and calcium magnesium supplement , vit c and a few others i cant think at the moment ,, im trying to give my body the best chance before the op as i sort of went all woozy as they cut my levo,,,

    so im not letting that happen and ive stopped smoking , i vape since october,,

    i have no t had a drink this week and i am not going to the rest of the month as i decided to cut it out a month before the op

    i dont know what else i can do



  • Sounds like you're really working hard at it. Make sure that your vit K is k2 though and not just k1. They are totally different things. For myself as an older women and underactive thyroid at a daily 150 mcg it seemed to be recommending taking 240 mcg of Vit k2. Not recommending that for anybody else - that's just what I'd picked up for myself. As you can see I'm still researching this. Good luck.

  • i will get some, angelaat 27,, i thought vit k was all i needed ob not,,,

    im still researching too as i know health wise what a bad time i had in the hospital before,,it wasnt the nurses or the place it was one silly doctor that made a mistake ,, but i hadn't eaten properly up to the i am trying to make assure my experience is better and i am healthier,, so i hope to heal better, as i wont have the home care i had before,, and i need to recover on my own virtually so i have to do my best and yes it is hard as my employers are sacking me !!!

    as i can t walk



  • I do appreciate that other conditions give weight problem s too but I was concerned with sorting my.thyroid. And this seems to.have turned into.a diabetes don't know how connected the two conditions are... I.not a doctor..

  • you said in one of your comments that you are eating a lot of protein well it maybe that you are eating to much protein. If we eat to much protein then it turns to sugar in the body.

    even though some dr's are now talking about a high fat I would not recommend doing this until you get your health back on track. I would look at doing things like healing you gut.

    If it helps you out at all even though I eat a plant based diet. I do know that dr's are now saying that you eat meat make sure that this is a small percentage of your diet and avoid gluten, dairy and grains. If you eat fish please be careful because of the mercury that Is in fish.

    I am about to go to bed now and can message you more tomo but if you want think about buying the forks over knives books, fully raw Kristina and the starch solution books there is tons of info on there about eating properly.

    Mark Hyman book will also be coming out in a couple weeks time but you may want to avoid having to much in your fat diet because that it may aggravate the inflammation that you have going on in your body atm.

  • Thankyou kalel

    I will have a look.

    And Thank-you for your input

    Hope youngsters sweet dreams



  • if your thyroid meds are not correct then this can be another reason why you are putting on weight, Have you thought about seeing a private endo?

    You may also want to check out people like John Kohler, Dara Dubinet, Megan Elizabeth, Fully raw Kristina, High carb Hannah, Jackson foster Plantriotic, Rich roll, Life regenerator, freelee banana girl .. they are all eating plant based diet but they have tons of info about why we should not be scared of things like carbs etc.

    also if you have dieted in the past then it is possible you have metabolic damage and need to sort that out.

    if it helps you at all my height is 5/7 and I weight 10 stone this just seems to my natural body weight and I have to come to accept it. I Don't seem to put on weight either good luck with everything.

  • Dear kalel

    i am a mere 5 ft and ten stone is a bit much for me..

    i have seen a private endo and all he did was ask me to do a 24 hr urine test and then told me all was ok.

    i usually have yoghurt and muesli with a gogi berry thing i found at lidl,,thats supposed to be fantastic for your health ,, a super food,, im trying to eat as much of that sort of stuff as im having a hip op at the end of the month ,,ive had one but im walking like a penguin and the left leg is very painful now,,

    i need to sort my balance out too as thats a bit iffy ,,but im going to tell them to leave my levo meds alone this time , and im going to have lots of vit c and bit b6 and anything i can find that will increase my chances of healing,

    becuse i want to try and get to the hospital gym faster to do more to helo my leg and balance so i can at least do some gentle exercise with finding a diet that suits me,,

    i only have one meal in the day after breakfast as i dont usually have three as i have a hernia too,

    i am so fed up as i have this paunch round my middle ,,its not massive but its massive to me ,, and its embarresing,, i havent out weight on any where else but there,,!!!



  • I am not saying that you should weigh 10 stone just saying we all have our natural body weight.

    if I where you I would post our next blood test results on here and see what everyone thinks about them. It could be that you are not optimally medicated and this is why you are having weight issues

    up to you of course but you should really think about not eating dairy

    if I where you I would really think about seeing an alternative health specialist or looking online and finding ways to heal your body

    it maybe that you are not eating enough and that is another reason why you have been putting on weight

    I am sorry to hear about your on going health challenges I do hope that you figure something out soon,

    if it helps you at all since being vegan I eat mainly fruit and veg and starches in the evening and no longer put on weight but I am pretty sure that since getting myself healthy that has also helped me.

    Sorry to hear about your struggles. I hope you manage to figure something out soon.

  • With muesli and yogurt for breakfast, soup and bread for lunch and quorn burger for dinner your diet is very carb heavy. You say you eat a lot of protein but actually there is very little on that day. I think quorn burgers have about 10 grams if that. You can get away with some carbs if you're active but you're not. Secondly if you suspect you have hashimotos you should avoid gluten altogether. Google hashimoto diet and you'll probably be steered towards low carb type diets such as Paleo, LCHF and the newer version of Atkins which is actually ok. You have to trust me on this subject as I've researched it extensively. It seems you've been bombarded with advice!

  • dear jody pody

    the only carbs iis have is the bun ,, everything else is no carbs ,, i have home made soup which can be any type of veg soup,,, and the quorn burger is protein,and i have alot of salad too

    i do also eat fish , prawns and mussels,,and scallops,, sometimes i have white fish but not a great deal , im more shellfish (pescatarian)

    thats what i meant by protein. I aslo have spinach and eggs sometimes.

    I eat fruit and nuts if i want a snack ,, but thats again rare,,

    and veggie sausages,,

    what there is making me put on so much weight >?please?



  • like I said above you could be eating to much protein but you also need to make sure you are properly medicated.

  • Ok here goes. Carbs are in milk especially skimmed so drink whole there's loads in museli and low fat yogurt and yes read the label of your quorn burgers there's carbs there too. If you ate 2 you'd get around 28g of protein which isn't an awful lot. You need to think seriously about gluten free if you suspect you have Hashimoto I can't stress that enough. Drop your gluten Laden products (museli, bread and quorn) and you'll feel a whole lot better. Just to put it in perspective, your carb intake is around 150 to 200g and your fat and protein is fairly low. What will surprise you on a lower carb diet you end up eating a lot more calories as you switch to fats and proteins as your primary source of calories

  • Thankyou jody

    I.never realised there were that many carbs in muesli

    I thought it was healthy to ear that for breakfast



  • Have you tried cutting sugar out ?

    I think sugar could be the worst offender

  • lopushanya, i have very little sugar,, thankyou



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