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Hiya thanx for reading, god I am so confused, I am not going to take the Propranolol going to wait till I see a specialist, I went last year because I have got constant headaches tired all the time and just generally unwell, thought I might have been going through the change, My first lot of bloods taken where, B12 147, Folate 5.7, Ferritin 7, Free T4 11.7, TSH 0.16 but when I rung up they told me all my bloods where ok so just carried on, but I have a lump on my thyroid and have started to feel really ill again dizzy spells, headaches, weight gain, irritable just generally unwell again, so they took new bloods results free t4 13.1, free triiodothyrodine 6.41 says high tsh 0.01 low leve ( 0.40-5.00) folate 15.7, ferritin 14, b12 303 this time went back to see the doctor and this is the result beta blockers, Iron and sending me for a scan for the Lump, I had a thyroglossal cyst when I was younger so maybe I am getting another not sure.

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  • Tracy, If you're getting palpitations, fast heart rate, tremors, anxiety and irritability the beta blockers will calm them down until the lump is investigated and dealt with. You could try them as and when required rather than 3 x daily. It may be a hormone secreting cyst or nodule causing your FT3 to be high. I hope you don't have to wait too long for the ultrasound scan.

    Your B12 is quite low and you may benefit from supplementing 1,000mcg B12 sublingual lozenges, spray or patches.

    When you take iron take each tablet with 500mg-1,000mg vitamin C to aid absorption and mitigate constipation.

  • Thanx Hi have ordered some Dr Davids b12 patches, and I have Vitamin c which you add to water 1000mg one a day, I know I hope so to thanx for replying.

  • Your B12 is low, although you don't give the ranges so I would supplement with B12 make sure it is methylcobalamin rather than cyanocobalamin as a low B12 can give you bad symptoms too.

  • Hiya the ranges at my doctors are 211-550, I have ordered some Dr Davids B12 patches, I am just wary of taking the beta blockers, my resting heart rate is 93 Thanx for replying

  • Your doctor's ranges seem quite low as many have a top range of 900 approx. Your heart rate is a bit on the high side but sometimes levo does that. Mine dropped when T3 was added to a reduced T4.

  • Hiya what's Levo , am not on any medication yet just iron tablets my doctor only gave me them and the beta blockers and said the hospital would sort out my treatment.

  • Sorry Tracybet, levo is short for levothyroxine, a thyroid hormone replacement, also called T4.

  • Tachycardia-raised heart rate-isn't usually diagnosed if your heart rate is below 100 but many doctors are cautious and hand out beta blockers. I was once in that position and my doctor couldn't understand why my blood pressure fell but my heart rate didn't. She left me on the beta blockers but another doctor took me off eventually as I was close to fainting when I got out of bed on a morning. Another reason why I heart can beat quickly is that we are not getting enough oxygen into the cells and oxygen is carried by the blood. If the heart beats faster it is in effect getting more oxygen to where it is needed or at least trying to. The thing that suggest is that the blood isn't as good as it should be and most probably anaemic. Your doctors has realised this and told you to take iron tablets and increasing your B12 will help as well. Did they test folate as well?

    The down side is that if your results are just in range then you are told you are fine but that shows your results may not be fine for you. It would be helpful if you can get a printout of your results and then post them, with the ranges, and then we can all have a better idea what is happening. The ranges are important as they differ from lab to lab. You are entitled to your results done in the last 40 days I think it is. They are free but you may be asked for a nominal fee to cover the cost of paper or ink. That way you can keep an eye on your progress and we can give better informed advice. You need to get that cyst looked at asap as that could be the root of the problem. Let us know how you get on at the hospital

  • Hi I will put my print out on now Thanx

  • Your ferritin is super low, suggest you supplement asap. You can buy ferrous fumarate online.

    Remember, when the nhs says "normal" it is largely meaningless. I was told a ferritin of 8 was normal and then keeled over in the street and ended up spending a weekend in hospital getting 3 blood transfusions. Gotta love the NHS!

    Also told my b12 was normal when i had pernicious anaemia - and mine was higher than yours currently is.

    Their 'normal' does not equate to optimal levels for your particular issues.

  • I know but they said its fine got myself some Dr Davids B12 patches you wear one every 5 days, so hopefully they will help.

  • That is exactly what I mean -- they will always tell you it is fine. You need to get your own print outs so you can see for yourself. Rule number one: Never ever believe and NHS Gp who tells you your results are"fine"

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