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Endo says Free T4 is low 7.3 pmol/1 but not to worry. Range is shown as 9 -19 .Is this right?

Thanks to all of you I went to Endo and raised all the questions I was told to and got answers.

Since had bloods which show above and the following

Cortisol Serum as 226 .0 when range shown is 250.0.-700.

I have been tested twice for Addisons. TSH is good 0.2. but Ferritin shown as 290 where as range only goes up to 204? Testosterone 0.6 and LH 22, FSH 53 "consistent with menopausal" (I had menopause 14 years ago)

Not due to go back fro 6 months but eye sight has deteriorated and had several falls could this be anything?

Any comments again thanks

Best wishes to all Chapers

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Chapers, if you're taking T3 low FT4 isn't a problem as oral T3 bypasses the need for higher levels of T4 for conversion. Was FT3 tested?

Ferritin is sometimes high if there is inflammation in the body. Ask for it to be retested in 4 months.

If you fell because your balance is off ask for B12 and folate to be tested. Low B12 can affect eyesight but eyesight deteriorates after age 40 too, so you should have an eye test.

Did the endo say why your cortisol is below range and whether anything needs to be done about it?


Thank you for responding your depth of knowledge never ceases to amaze me . I am Taking 20MG and 50MCG of levothyroxine . FT3 wasn't tested but was 3.7 the time before in July.

Your comment i regarding Ferritin is interesting as I have lichen planus and at the moment it is rampant and very inflamed all over arms legs, and different parts of the body.

B12 was low before but have been taking supplements Vit B Complex Selenium, and Koreen GInsing and all my levels were at top end this time. Yes decided it was probably old age and it would seem that the jelly in one eye is breaking up hence the dots and blured vision sometimes , so just old age me thinks. Have purchase new glasses and eyes had changed quiet considerably.

Now endo didn't mention coritsol

Thanks again for your help


Are you on medication. If you aren't, with low FT4 and low cortisol and low TSH, I would suspect a pituitary problem. This would cause secondary hypothyroidism (low TSH, low FT4) and hypoadrenalism.

If you aren't on meds then it's essential to start on thyroxine and possibly some adrenal glandulars and high dose Vit C to support your adrenals.

Of course, as Clutter says, you might be on a med containing T3.


Hello thank you for responding . Yes I am on meds including T3 .I hope you can read my response to Clutter.


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