Is my Tsh too low t3 too high free t4 too high or is endo wrong

Hi all i have been on ndt since may 2013 i have been on 2 grains since july 2013 i was at endo for hypercalcemia in November 2013 endo sent a letter saying he thought my tsh was supressed at below 0.04 and my freet4 was 19 he gave no ranges i then had tests redone by gp on 13/3/14 T3 3.5 (0.9-2.5) tsh below 0.04 (0.35-5.00) free t4 17(9-21) he has told me to alternate 1 grain i day 2 the next i have decided to take 1 and half grains per day i don't know if i am doing the right thing what do you all think i value any of your opinions on this Thankyou G

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  • Your t3 is above the higer end of the range given and t4 looks ok. Are you feeling well at the moment?

  • did you get my reply to you last night as i dont see it on my activity page ?

  • Yes, your T3 is too high, T4 is normally lower or below range when taking NDT, remember that unless you have conversion problems that will also be converting into more T3. Having a suppressed TSH is nothing to worry about on its own, but it panics doctors. The T3 is the important one. It may also be worth, if you can afford it, getting private Free T3 tests done, its more accurate than the TT3.

    At least your endo sound sensible and has only asked you to drop 1/2 grain, Id also have gone with the 1 1/2 per day over alternating.

  • Hi susymac i think it may be conversion problem as i have hypercalcemia low vit d iron and b12 i thought i would get hypercalcemia problem out of the way and try supplementing vit d iron and b12 but unfortunately a scan could not see parathyroid adenoma so i am in limbo at the moment i cannot afford private testing unfortunately but am trying to find a good parathyroid consultant the endo i seen did not advise on how much to drop ndt it was gp who thought alternating was way to go i decided to try the one and half grains hopefully this makes a difference but as you say if i have conversion problem maybe not thanks G

  • How are you feeling?

  • Did you take your meds on the day of the blood draw? We take them after not before as they can really skew results especially T3. How are you FEELING? Most of us feel well with a T4 at the top of the range and a T3 at the top or just over the range (some medical research exists that says ref ranges are not relevant when you are on thyroid hormone) and TSH is always suppressed in medication containing T3.

    Personally if you feel well on your current dose then stay on that .... its your body.



  • Hi rececca i take my meds at night so would that still skew results? I don't know how i feel but i knew that i was'nt feeling the ndt back in july so went and had b12 ,iron and vit d checked all low but found out i had hypercalcemia so have been trying to get that sorted so havent been able to take supplements and i am in limbo with scan not finding parathyroid adenoma so at the moment dont know if i am coming or going so when your not converting does t3 fluctuate? thanks G

  • Hi G

    Yes it would, you need to be off meds for 16 - 18 hours before the blood draw to get a true picture of your free T3 and T4. It wouldn't affect TSH - that takes weeks to shift, but I'd tell your endo you took your meds on the morning of the draw and they are not valid. Is that a free T3 number or a total T3? Free T3 is the best test, total T3 doesnt' measure what is available to the cells and tissues. I'd stay on your previous dose, and get tested again, remembering not to take your meds the night before, take them after the blood draw.

    Hope that helps, and good luck with the hypercalcaemia, have they tested your parathyroid function?



  • yes rebecca they say i am hyperparathyroid but because they cannot find adenoma they want to treat me with cinalcet and maybe rescan in 2-3 years on the printout i got from gp it just says t3 thanks rebecca i will go back to gp and get retested G

  • Hey

    I don't know much about hyperparathyroidism, but I'm sure others here will. Good idea to retest and ask them to test your FREE T3 ... Good luck x

  • Thanks Rebecca x G

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