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Hi just an update I went to see GP today as requested after having blood test done last week testing for antibodies and guess what I no longer have antibodies and my TSH has dropped from 4.5 a couple of weeks ago to 3. I had both tests done about the same time of day and didnt start meds till after blood test. She was very nice but said all my thyroid tests were normal but if I wanted to stay on the trial of meds that was fine. I am beggining to think it must all be in the mind. she also told me my ferritin was quite high and wants me to have it tested again in 3 months. no wonder they say thyroid madness ha. Also a couple of weeks ago a few people on the forum were talking about b vits being good for sweats I would be grateful for any info on this, but I cannot take anything with iron as it is already high. sorry for the long ramble. oh and by the way the test showing antibodies was done by blue horizon.

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  • Recently there was a study reported on the BBC website about sage. The herb. There was a study where people were given sage capsules or placebo and their neurocognitive function and dexterity were studied. Sage improved it.

    But then I started looking at sage in more detail, and in Germany they use sage for the sweats. Officially.

    I went to the grocery store here and found Polish sage tea in bags. So it's around.

    If you are at all into trying something herbal, you may consider sage tea. 2 cups per day.

  • Thanks for your help I have tried sage tablets but they didnt help at all. maybe I will give the tea a try.

  • Ann, did your GP say you have no antibodies or that they are negative within the lab ref range for autoimmune thyroid disease. It's best to get a printout so you can be sure. In my area antibodies are negative 0-100 but other ranges go from 0-34.

    TSH 3.0 can cause considerable symptoms so I hope you are going to continue the trial and hope TSH goes down to around 1.0.

  • the test I had done by blue horizon in June was ranges 0 -34 mine was 40.1 also their TSH ranges were 0.27 - 4.2 but the lab the GP uses the TSH goes up to 6. I think she said antibodies were now 38 which was within range. She was very supportive but I felt she was just going along with me and she didnt really think there was a thyroid problem which is why I didnt ask for a print out. she seemed more concerned about the high feritin and advised I dont take anything with iron in. I will carry on with the trial and see how things go. I asked her about the b12 which she said was fine but it wouldnt harm to take a supplement so I think I will give that a go

  • Ann, most people have some antibodies which is why they have the ranges for them. Your antibodies are very low and probably won't become a problem now you are on Levothyroxine. I disagree with your doctor. TSH >4 is a thyroid problem.

    I think high ferritin can denote inflammation in the body. Mine was very high last year when I was very unwell and in quite a lot of pain. Unlike yours, my doctors weren't bothered about it and I haven't had it retested.

  • Thanks a lot you have been really supportive I will ask for a print out so I can keep a check on things myself.

  • Ann, the first link discusses B12 deficiency causing nightsweats and the second that folic acid can help with menopausal hot flushes.

  • Hi Ann, are you still of menstruation age or gone through the menopause? I ask because if you are having a period every month and don't take supplements with added iron then your blood loss usually has the effect of balancing iron levels, or in many cases causing anaemia. However, the quickest way to resolve high ferritin/iron levels is to simply go Give Blood. That's what people with haemochromatosis have to do. If you can't Give Blood for some reason, then curcumin, green tea extract, cranberry, pomegranate, quercetin and milk thistle all bind to iron and act as a chelator to remove it from the body. Excess iron has been linked to brain degeneration so all methods are worth considering. I hope that helps ☺

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