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Blood tests and very anxious

Hey there everyone.. I've been posting my results since March of this year when I was feeling very unwell,,, I have had thyroid antibodies detected but doc's refuse to treat me .... am in process of taking matters into my own hands now

My latest results are really confusing, particularly my B12 and Ferritin as I've been supplementing both with iron, eating iron rich foods and taking sublingual B12 for 3 months

In July my B12 was 644, now down to 489!

My ferritin in July was 39 - up from 26 and is now down to 19!

My TSH is down to 1.65 from 1.89 in July (previously 2.36 and 3.00)

and my FT4 is now 12, compared to 14 in July and 18 in March

I'm really confused why are my vitamin levels declining when I have been doing all this hard work to try and get above 50!!! why can't I get above 50 even with mad supplementation and eating steak!

I've put on loads of weight and lost even more hair, although my energy levels are much better than they were earlier in year. .HELP!


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I should mention I have had continual bleeding since August from a fibroid, I have had to take utovalan to stop the bleeding but guess that could be why my ferritin has dropped so dramatically...?


Abby, can you list the supplements you take and the doses? You're either not taking enough or having gut absorption issues at a guess.

Latest FT4 looks low. Do you have the lab ref range?


Ferrous fumerate 200mg x 3 a day and Vit C

Zinc 70mg

Selenium 200 ug

vitabiotic wellwoman with evening primrose etc

500 mg Biotin

FT4 - range 8-21


Abby, you're supplementing enough but the bleeding will be why your ferritin and B12 have dropped. Has your GP done a full blood count and iron panel to check for iron deficiency re the bleeding? You may need more iron if you're anaemic.

I don't know whether the bleeding may have caused your FT4 to drop too as non-thyroidal illness does affect hormone levels, but make sure to have another thyroid test in 3 months as it has been falling steadily for months.


i have had a full blood count but no iron panel, which seems stupid.. I think i should get an infusion, right?

I cannot understand why they are refusing me a trial of T4 at least.. I will ask again when I go next week...


Abby, First the bleeding needs to be stopped and then an iron panel done to see whether an infusion is necessary.

You've not being given a trial of Levothyroxine because your thyroid results are within normal range. I'd push for the iron panel as low iron can cause fatigue, musculoskeletal pain and fatigue.


Ok, I did try last time to get an iron infusion and was knocked back. am having procedure next thursday to investigate (and hopefully remove) fibroid, i'm also asking for a womb ablation to stop bleeding altogether...


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