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Some more of your insights please

Some updated blood results.

Now on 100 Levo been going up in 25 steps with GP. Saw a new endo about a month ago who wanted to do some more tests so here they are

FT4 = 16.9 pmol/l (10.0 to 19.8)

FT3 = 4.2 pmol/l (3.5 to 6.5)

Cortisol = 250 nmol/l ( no range)

TSH 0.78 mU/l (0.35 to 5.5)

ESR 11mm (3 to 9) repeating in a week as above range.

I've managed to nearly double my B12 to 483 ng/l (211 to 911)

I am taking selenium and cod liver oil too.

Endo was thinking of adding some T3. To Levo. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

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You need to know the range for the cortisol. Depending on the time of day that could be low or ok. If you think there is a possibility that you might have adrenal issues, which often go hand in hand with thyroid, order the saliva cortisol test from Genova UK - thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/testin...

How are you feeling? If your endo is willing to add in some T3, then why not try it?

Have you had your iron, folate, ferritin and Vit D levels measured? If not, get them done as they too could be low.


Rosetrees. Have had the recommended suite of test previously that's why I knew the B12 was low but in range and now I've cracked that one. Cortisol was a 9am test but as you say with no reported range it's hard to call. Feeling a little better than a month ago. My biggest concern is my inability to lose weight. As you say - what's the harm in trying it if she is game?!?


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