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Understand of LAB results

hi gyus , since my endo has agree to give me T3 10 MCG ( 5 morning + 5 afternoon ) , and reduce my Levo T4 from 125 to 75 , after a month i had my bloods rechcked .

here are the results .

would appreciate your opinion if either i should increase LEvo or T3 or do what ? bit confusing result.

Ferritin Serum - 59 ug/L range [11 - 336]

FT3 - 6.30 pmol/L range [ 3.8 - 6.8 ]

TSH - 3.45 mlU/L range [0.34 - 5.6]

FT4 - 11.5 pmol/L range [7.5 - 21.1]

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Mzahid, Your FT3 is good and close to top of range so I would increase T4 by 25mcg to 100mcg. 10mcg T3 is equivalent to 30mcg T4 so I think the reduction from 125 to 75mcg was too much.


How do you feel?

How many hours after taking the T3 did you have blood drawn?

I think your T4 dose should be higher. My endo did the same sort of thing thing and fT4 went too low. Went from 125 to 88 and gave 10 mcg T3.

Your current dose is equivalent to something like 105 mcg T4. I don't know why the endos do this, lowering the T4 too far. Probably you should be taking 100 mcg T4 and the 10 mcg T3.


Hi the blood was drawn in the early morning and I took t3 tablet at evening before so pretty reasonable time.

Feeling wise I am ok but have started forgetting things and some hypo symptoms.

Why is my tsh high? If I reduce t4 further and take t3 another 5 would that make things better??

I had dio2 test which perked I had both gene defective and can't convert t4 to t3


I just looked back at your posting from several months ago with fT4 of 20 and fT3 of 6.1. What were you taking then? 125 mcg T4?


Hi I was in 125 Levo only but I was feeling pretty fatigued so doctor said no harm in trying t3 and as soon as I did that it subsided most of the symptoms


i'm taking some T3 because of conversion issues. |i think these are eipegenetic because if this was a problem from day one, you'd be a midget. A half dead miget. A slow midget.

I think, regardless of DNA< its' epiegenetic.


Your TSH isn't suppressed enough. It's good he has given you T3 but that's not enough for a gnat. Always take T3 in one dose in the morning never split it as you have to "wake up" the receptor sites on the cells. See Dr Lowe the worlds greatest T3 therapist scientist and my doctor. Do your morning pulse before moving should be around 72. If you still have symptoms then take the T3 up a little. I had to increase my T3 by 6.25 mugs every 5 th day until pulse and symptoms had gone. If your muscle tone is poor it's a lack of T3. check adrenals are coping well with a saliva test from Genova


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