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Where to buy and how much Ashwagandha to take and the other supplements?

Hi guys,

I bought Pukka Ashwagandha today and Terra Nova B - Complex for my adrenal fatigue. When I got home I suddenly realised I had no idea how much I need to take! Is there a guide somewhere? and what brand do people recommend is there one that most of us here on health unlocked use? Have a new job in 2 weeks and really want to be on the way with the right supplements. Thanks!

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I'm sorry I cannot offer anything helpful in response to your query, but do you mind telling me how you heard about Ashwagandha and Terra Nova B complex in relation to adrenal fatigue? Is that Ashwagandha the psychedelic mind expanding drug historically used in South America for consciousness expansion? If so, it's potentially very toxic so I imagine you'd need supervision when taking it ... or is there a watered down version now being sold as a supplement?


Hi Frog and Princess,

Ashwagandha is an indian adaptogen herb which is used in ayurvedic medicine. It has some great healing properties one of which is supporting the adrenals :)


I've been using it as part of my thyroid treatment (underactive). Dissolve half a teaspoon in some warm cows or almond milk, twice a day, though I suppose you could use warm water if you want. Warm because it dissolves easier.


Hi Wbowles, I want to use it for adrenals as they are low. Do you know much about it? I keep getting different information


I got the dose size from the health food shop I bought it at. I've also seen articles about it online. As to adrenals, Just google ashwaganda and adrenals...


I use a half a teaspoon in warm water. You can also use ghee or honey (or really anything gloopy). In Ayurveda, the taste and smell is supposed to be an important part of the treatment, but I'm not sure if there is any scientific backing for that. Luckily, Ashwagandha tastes OK, unlike Triphala, for example.

Some people use it with Rhodiola


Hi there

has this helped?

Was thinking of ordering some.


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