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Private Doctor in London

Dear all,

I am looking for a private Practitioner in London.

Would be grateful if You could recommend me one or even few. Thank You.

Further information is not necessary to read, but if anybody is willing to advice me or has a similar condition that confuses them as well:

I am in my mid 20's, having autoimmune thyroiditis that was diagnosed not in UK this summer and also ovaries that has polycystic appearance, but low testosterone levels, no acne, no body hairiness. So I am not sure it is PCOS.

I am confused with my condition, my NHS GP ignored my blood results last spring and said I am just fine. Then I went to a private doctor that prescribed me lifelong medication that does not bring my period back, i still experience hair loss and problems loosing body fat even though I try to eat clean autoimmune paleo diet and have active lifestyle.

Currently I am taking of Thybon 20 (Liothyronin) that does not help to bring my period back, actually after taking this for the first time i don't have it for 3-4 months. But when I stop it, I can feel signs of super low energy and depression. I don't want to come back to the same practitioner that prescribed me this.

I am looking for new Doctor that would prescribe me natural medication, test my adrenal glands and other factors that could cause my condition. I want to know if it is Hypothyroidism, is it Hashimoto, or do I have other endocrine problems as well. I am trying to stick to clean diet and wish to take natural medication or no medication at all in the future.

My results from this summer:

DHS: 3.50

F4: 18.3

TSH: 0.906

T3F: 5.39

TES: 1.99

Also I have Vitamin D and Iron deficiency.

Thank You for your help,


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Welcome to our forum Moko8

I am sorry you are having problems and you are very young. If you email who has a list of sympathetic doctors/endocrinoligists. Members who have information of doctors will send you a private message as we don't put names on the forum.

PCOS can also happen with hypothyroidism and it can disappear when you are on the optimum/correct dose of medication. If you have the ranges for your results above, it will be helpful for other members to comment. If you are taking T3 alone, (liothyronine) your TSH and T4 will be low and your T3 high. Female problems are very common with hypothyroidism as well. It affects every part of our body and is usually medication is for life.

Others will respond and this is a link to and on the left-hand side you will see topics which will be helpful, such as symptoms etc.


Hi Moko8,

I went to Dr. Barry Peatfield in Crawley (Tel: 01883623125), which you can easily reach by train from London. He wrote one of the classic ‘natural’ thyroid books I recommended previously on HU and which is one of the earliest if not the first in the UK on adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism. I found him to be very knowledgeable and sensible (he knows all about the bio-chemistry, hormones and their interactions, as well as nutrition) and he won’t try to make you come back all the time in order to make money. He doesn’t just deal with hypothyroidism but also adrenal fatigue and Candida Albicans, hormones and nutrition and supplements etc. I can only say it speeded things up for me in understanding and getting the right diagnosis and treatment and I have since researched all sorts of aspects to do with these conditions. There’s a lot of information out there now. Dr. Peatfield is all about empowering the patient so he/she can help and treat himself/herself – and it’s worked for me and many others I’ve spoken to. He will be able to clarify things and give you lots of information on thyroid, adrenals etc.

In my recent replies to HU members I have highly recommended his book as well as others and some websites that I think will also be interesting for you if you don’t know them yet – just read my previous posts (click on my name and then on user activity).

If you want someone in central London, I heard a lecture by Dr. Alyssa Burns-Hill at the TUK Conference in October – I think she’s a patron or trustee. She outlined her approach, which I also found very sensible, knowledgeable and straightforward. I think it’s similar to Dr. Peatfield’s – for many of these practitioners Dr. Peatfield’s book is a standard reference book. She is also taking the natural medicine route and deals with hormonal problems including thyroid, adrenal fatigue as well as Candida and nutritional issues. You can check her out on the TUK website – she practices in Harley Street, London and in Jersey as far as I remember. Her profile is on the TUK website – her website is

Finally, you could also check out the ecological/alternative doctors and practitioners who endorse Dr. Sarah Myhill’s book (see the very beginning of the book). You could probably also get a list of doctors in your area from the British Society for Ecological Medicine (renamed from the British Society for Allergy, Environmental and Nutritional Medicine).

The point I would make is that these doctors try to help you to help yourself which is good, because the more you learn the more you can treat yourself and look after your own health.

I hope this helps and you get you health back.

Best wishes,


Moulton, he is the man for you Dr G Moulton.


I have been going to Dr Briffa for 17 years - he goes by how you feel plus blood tests. Saying that I may be slightly hper but I feel fine.

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