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I went doctor shopping and couldn't find one and

then I found TWO at the same time.

I changed to a new practice after getting nowhere with my possible hypo T. (Depression was diagnosed)

Had a job to get new doc. to test for T3 but she has come up trumps and put on lab request form definite want T3 done, no results yet. Blood test only yesterday.

Had to see doc over something else and doc No 1 not available so saw another doc. who examined my neck (in 4 yrs no one bothered before, not even an endo) agreed to ask lab for

antibodies (have RA 20 yrs.) AND even arranging for a thyroid scan.

Just knowing someone is doing something has lifted some of the bleakness. Even if nothing comes of the tests I can get off of this particular roundabout.

If I am found to be hypo. just hope these two are knowledgeable enough to medicate.

Bloods should be available end of next week.

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Brilliant siskin. Let's hope they help you feel better.


Hi rosetrees it was your post re Mrs Kidson and her trial which gave me the doctor shopping heading on my last post. I have tried to follow the trial but can't find anything more on the web since 14th. Oct., Do you know how she is doing? It is appalling she is in prison and no harm to anyone. Possible sex offenders are allowed out on bail until after a verdict.

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There have been reports in the Hereford Times, Evesham Gazette and, I think, the Guardian each day. The court didn't sit today or yesterday and the defence is, I think, due to start on Monday. I have been unable to attend until now as my testimonial made me a potential witness. The solicitors have notified me that, if it is needed, my testimonial will be read out and so I will not need to be a witness, which means I can attend next week.

I can't say any more at this stage.


It does make a difference when someone shows an interest in how you've been feeling. Hope results are sufficient for you to begin treatment if necessary.


Thanks shaws, will post results when I get them.


Well done, Siskin, and what luck to find two, especially as one is apparently aware that RA predisposes you to other autoimmune conditions.


Hi Clutter, I did have to drop a hint to doc. with "I have had RA for 20 yrs. would you test for thyroid anti-bodies please? Immediate response was yes of course.

When I first went in to the room and told her how ill I felt she responded with "when did you last feel well"

I think my response shocked her when I replied over 20 yrs ago, and that's the truth.

Anyway may have a new dawn.


Wow, that's great.

I have been hypothyroid since 2009, and recently sent off for my medical notes. I have never had a thyroid antibodies test and didn't have a T4 test at the time of diagnosis. They had only checked the TSH! I was diagnosed purely on that. That was in the July 2009 (my birthday to be exact). I then moved house in the Dec and registered with a different practice and up till the practice I am with now, had always the TSH and T4 tested, and a few practice did the T3 if I asked for it. I found one practice that were really good and did the TSH, T4 and T3 and certain GP's would allow me to increase thyroxine if I was symptomatic. So, in the past, I have a much better service than am getting now - with a practice that are TSH types only. I am back to where I was 5 years ago. I am on the verge of looking for another practice, but living in a very rural area, we only have one practice, and am not sure if surrounding areas would take me. Before, I go changing, I am going to ring a few and find out how they monitor hypothyroidism first.

Really good that things are changing for you:-) x


Pinkgirl10 I hope you can find the help you want. Regards


Thanks:-). Doc has referred me to another endo for 2nd opinion, though have tried looking them up online and found no info. As well as this, Louise Warvill kindly sent me a list of endo's so am going to discuss ones on there with doc also. Am hoping there will be positive way forward from this. All the best with yours, its really good that things are starting to work


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