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Help from an unexpected source

Have had hypo T symptoms and normal? blood tests for about 5yrs.

Have searched for compassionate endo or doc for yrs. now found one in an unexpected aspect of med profession.

Decided to go private because had a nasal problem posss. connected with sleep probs. NHS all normal. Yer right.

Eureka, found an ENT surgeon, sub speciality included sleep problems and YES thyroid disease. This consultant diagnosed me with severe rhino-something and put me on anti-biotics which has cleared up nasal probs.

ALSO looked at blood tests AND SYMPTOMS and prescribed trial thyroxine. Even though a Professor Endo. said blood tests o.k. and symptoms could not be attributed to hypo T. The same info the ENT had.

Moral of this, if you have other probs. look at other specialities. I found out by searching SPIRE websites. Even if you can't afford to go private search SPIRE or others like BUPA because the info. I got was not on the NHS hospital site although the surgeon was.

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Hurrah! What excellent news Siskin. I so hope it makes a difference for you!


sisskin really pleased for you, I also have sinus issues that are effecting my ear, this became a problem after a private nasl endoscopy, my nose hasnt been the same since and its causing sleep issues.

I am sure i have some infection, had it a year and boats of nasal issues.

thanks for sharing your post. xx


It is a relief to be given an accurate diagnosis and wish you well.


You are not the first recently to say that a non-endo doctor has been very helpful.

Makes you wonder...



Brilliant! Someone just recently said the doctor at the sleep clinic sorted them out. It was my psychiatrist (many years ago) that first prescribed me T3 even though I was apparently euthyroid at the time.

I hope you start to feel better soon. Please let us know how you get on :)

Carolyn x


At last, Siskin, I am so pleased for you.Good luck with the treatment. x


Great news I am so happy for you and wish you all the best with your new treatment x


brilliant news , you really dont realise how many people YOU have cheered up with your terrific news.......keep up the good work .....and in the words of woolfy smith POWER TO THE PEOPLE


Great an you just make an appointment at spire without your gp knowing? X


I saw the ENT's name on the local spire hospital and asked GP for a referal. She tried to wriggle with "he is a surgeon not an endo." but as one of his speciality was thyroid surgery I explained he would be as knowledge as an endo in the disease.

She gave in. My suggestion for you is, if you have found someone you want to see, ring his private secretary and ask if consult. will see you without a referal. I did this first and endo. sec said yes could be seen without but preferred one as endo. would have more of my history. Duh as if I couldn't give my own history.


Woops pressed the reply button before I had finished.

There is just one further point I would like to make, if you can go with GP blessing do so because then should get prescript on NHS. I did but it was a fight. If spire consult gives prescription you may have to pay for it.

Perhaps see consult if you can and then fight the battle afterwards. I believe you have a right to a second opinion.

Check the consults prices and ask how long appt. it varys greatly. Also check spires prices for add ons, I got a nasty shock, consult was £130 but spire added another £185 for the nasal endoscopy of my nose which the consult actually performed. I am fighting the spire bill. Private fees vary a lot, buts if you have insurance it would be great..

I know £130.00 is a lot of money but I got my moneys worth, and in the scheme of things false nails and posh hair do's can cost proportionally more on the skills table than highly qualified and skilled suregon.

I really hope you get what you need, please keep us informed.

P.S. I don't do posh hair do's through hedge backwards is my style. :-)


I'm seriously thinking about it I don't mind paying 130 for someone eho knows what there doing!!!! Ty x


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