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Circadian symptoms re thyroid? (ie time of year, not time of day)

Just wondering if people's hypothyroid symptoms get worse at this time of year, only I have noticed over the years that I am always rock bottom in energy and not good healthwise in February. I know that even non hypo people are often low now too, but I took my temps over the day, and along with my BP/pulse, and found I was really struggling, with barely one temp during the day over 36.3

I should add that I have been T3 only for around 3 years (hypo for more like 20 yrs originally on T4 only), and have tried hard to do relevant research to support the adrenals (currently on a little Pregnenolone) and take useful supplements like Vit D3 etc. As I was T3 only I was able to add in another 5mcg T3 easily, and almost instantly the sore throat I had for several weeks disappeared.

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Have you tried seeing what 25 T4 added in does ?

It may well give you a boost. I find T4 much better to use, but need some T3 as well.

I have been on T3 only, NTH, T4 only, T4/T3, Mostly T3 with a little T4 etc.

Trial and error can really help you get fine tuned. sounds like you are doing all the right things as well with regards to vits etc. I also take a 3mg amount of progesterone and it works wonders for me (also male).


Thanks Marsaday. I have tried adding in T4 again a few times, but I don't really feel it suits me when mixed with the T3.

I just wondered if other people have this issue with this time of year and the thyroid.

I am now feeling a bit better with the extra 5mcg, so hopefully it's enough for me now until the Spring.


Some of us can be affected by the weather, i.e. less hormones in summer and more in winter.

Listen to your body and if you either reduce/increase your body will either like or dislike either.

Sometimes - even when on an optimum our temp doesn't return to what it used to be but we do feel warmer.


Thanks Shaws. Yes, I wondered if it was a general thing that people feel who have thyroid issues. As you say, I have found that I do feel warmer in the summer especially, but if I measure my temperature it's not 37, except maybe in the middle of the day.


My temp hasn't returned to 'normal' but its now 36.5 instead of 35.


this is from Dr Lowe:-

But the patient whose basal temperature doesn’t increase with effective thyroid hormone therapy is presumably different at the genetic level. The genes that code for the temperature-regulating enzymes in the patient are less responsive to thyroid hormone. As a result, her basal temperature remains low, as yours is, despite her recovering from all other indications of hypothyroidism.


Wow that was seriously low before Shaws. I don't think mine has got to those depths. I have noticed that on T3 mine goes through a kind of curve during the day - starts lowish and peaks at lunchtime and then gradually drops again. I did try doing the circadian dosing that Paul Robinson suggests, but for various reasons it didn't help me (not least waking myself up at 5 a.m. and then not being able to sleep again).