Found an article on quackwatch about Armour, not good

This article says to be wary of doctors who prescribe Armour Thyroid! I wanted Thyroid UK to see it so as mmaybe we can contact them and give then the real information? I know if I contact them I'll be angry and it will make things worse! It's saying that each batch has different levels of T4 and t3. For FFFFFFFF SAKE this guy is Fking Quack! (sorry for the swearing)

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  • Hi, yep, see what you mean.. But the article is from last year and is centred around guidelines made up a few years ago... Its only one persons opinion. ( misguided though it is). Its not worth getting upset about there isnT even anywhere you can reply.....


  • He's a quack too. :) Oh, I'm not saying he doesn't have a point about some of the stuff on his site, but I get worried when people diss Lyme Disease, DHEA and low carb diets.

    I think this says it best:

  • Lilymay, It certainly does :-D

  • Bexyl, he's entitled to express his opinion even though he's regurgitating old prejudices about NDT which are misguided, ill informed and wrong.

    I believe there have been many more recalls of various batches and brands of Levothyroxine due to quality control issues than NDT.

  • I looked in the US Pharmacopeia for the control of NDT preps some time ago. From the old inadequate analyses, the more "modern" 80's? regulation seems to me adequate to ensure good control of batch to batch T4-T3 levels, both absolute and relative to each other. If opponents are lazy and haven't kept up to date, then they may well quote the obsolete older inadequate test rules. Just as an afterthought, the opponents of NDT (I was once skeptical myself) complain about the "wrong" ratio of T4 to T3 in these preps. Well, if ever there was a wrong ratio, pure T4 could be called that in spades, comparing it with what anyone's once active thyroid put out.

  • Thanks, Diogenes. A pity that so many GPs and endocrinologists persist in quoting outdated analyses which reinforce their prejudices instead of updating themselves.

  • It's the BTA and RCoP that don't keep up to date. They don't read/ignore research because it doesn't suit their guidelines and make False Statements on NDT as they are determined to keep some people very unwell but willngly, as we all know, prescribe anti-d's for which there is only clinical symptoms and no blood tests.

    I think whoever runs quackwatch is probably one of those above as he was dishing the dirt on Dr S and Dr P and Dr Myhill (if I remember rightly). I have just this minute looked at the site and my goodness he is a doctor!!!! He is very happy his site has grown a lot and he is, I think, like a vigilante to save our souls but not our bodies: Re Dr Myhill.

    He also names Dr Derry, who was a great doctor who has had his Licence withdrawn in Canada

    Dr Peatfield and also Dr Myhill.

  • Quackwatch is just an establishment vehicle. It also says mercury fillings are fine andthat those who warn against them are quacks. Not worth spending energy on looking at it

  • There are doctors that think that one batch of NDT is made out of one pig, then they go on to the next pig! Ha ha! You get remarks like: what if the pig this pill was made from had thyroid disease!

  • And according to something I read on STTM, one patient met a doctor who believed that NDT was made from pig's testicles.

  • He he he! Doesn't surprise me at all. I read somewhere on the net, a site by a so-called doctor who talked about the thyroid 'otherwise know as the Adam's Apple'!!!

    I Wonder what they do with pigs testicles... Might be some natural testosterone in there...

  • You do know that Quackwatch is basically funded and supported by Big Pharma? The same people who say levo suits everyone and anyone who says they aren't cured when their TSH is in range has a somatoform disorder (crazy).

    ANY complementary or alternative treatment is labelled quackery - even there are studies that are at least as a "truthful" as most scientific research That's all you need to know.

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