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B12 video

Shaws,thank you for my eye opener on b12 sufficiency,I had my recent bloods done the other day,where l demanded on my b12 be included as l read on here some where that flock acid is alwAys taken together, or something like that,never had b12 taken before,have mention many times of headaches,did the doctor dismissed this,or pains in my head,temples like electric,or back of head,and top,saying tried,believe these are systems watching the video,had pains in chest few times but put this to indigestion,which at nearly 55 never suffered that.

Fatigue, lve always put it to my underactive thyroid ,of which was dignoised in 2002, on my recent visit to doctors as mentioned,checking what bloods l wanted to have done,as including b12 and magnesium,cos of feeling nausea and these headaches l was getting could be through this,some how l mentioned l had also hashimoto s and he said l can't see here in yr notes about this,.........l said why when l had keyhole surgery,to remove another lump from my down my throat at the bk of my tongue,doctor speaking on a dickterphone,prob for Secretary,my name,th I s women here thyroid/hashimoto,

Explain,4yrs ago had nodule removed from voice box,that's when they found my red bloods cells attacking my left tbyroid,so removed it,scar ,doesn't hardly show on throat,............

I said to doctor,well you can contact my consultant,to confirm this,he said......are are that's ok,he said l was quite knowledgeable,when l mentioned,my cholesterol,was high,l said it could be also linked to lower metabolism,so could show my treatment is not working adequately,in that my t4 might not be converting into active t3,,thyroid uk,is a good site,they in layman terms help me with my blood results,as you never explain them,l just wanna live well.

So awaiting bloods.

Thanks again,eye opener on b12,next time at doc's ,going to ask,why was l put on folic acid anyway.

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Sue, are you taking folic acid at the moment? Because if you are, you should have come off it for a few weeks before the B12 test, because it will skew the results. They are likely to come back good when in fact they are not.

And your b****y doctor should know that!

Hugs, Grey

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Morning grey goose

Yes l am,will come off folic acid tabs to mow,.....Sat,and in a couple of weeks request another b12 test ,telling reasons why with what you said.

Thank for that information,l trust you in what you say......

Have a good week end and will post to you my recent blood test results when l pick them up next week,you'll be able to see if l need any vitamins etc,

Bye for now...Sue xxxx


Have a good weekend, too. xxx

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bloods test results,

serum tsh [0.4 - 5.0] Abnormal

serum T4 [9-19]

serum vitamin B12 [189-883]

serum folate [4.8 - 19.0]

serum ferritin [5 -204]

serum iron levels [7- 26]

but this keeps on coming up on my past 2 blood test with this one.

red blood cells.[RBC][3.8 - 4.8] Abnormal

total white cell count [4 -11]

platelet count [150 -400]

I increased my thyoxine from 100mg to 125mg just 2 weeks before I had this blood test,as felt tired ,so doc agreed with me to give it a try.

I had more you can help .

sue 11 xxxx


sorry forgot magnesium,

serum magnesium level [0.7 -1.0]


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