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Update with follow up bloods. Still feel at square 1 😒 Would appreciate views & advice

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so its been a month since my last post, I've managed to finally see a ENT doctor and have had more bloods done for thyroids. Not sure if the ENT Doctor carried out the full works. But was told by him they are all normal, and have been discharged. He said in able to have my thyroid removed if I wished due to cosmetic reasons. I decided not to for the time being, until I can work out what is going on with my body. My following bloods done and results are.

Thyroidlobulin Antibodies 13.23 IU/ml 0-115

Thyroid peroxidase Abs

10.1 IU/ml 0-33

Thyroid stimulating hormon

1.55 UI/ml 0.27-4.20

Free thyroxine

13.6 pmol/L 12.0-22.0

Total T3

1.8 N mol/L 1.3-3.1

I am B12 def last B12 result in October was 161 (currently being treated with injections every 3 months, due another B12 blood in Jan. Still feel like crap with my hair loss increasing, some symptoms have improved like muscle pains. But that is about it. Would really appreciate some advice on results as reading everyone's post on here doesn't give me much faith in GP or doctors. Many thanks for your reply.

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First fire this doc and get another one. Did you really mean an ENT or ENDO?

A TSH of 13.6 is highly hypothyroid, it should be no more than 2.0 if you are to feel no hypo symptoms. Your FT4 and FT3 are both at minima, which will guarantee hypothyroidism symptoms, the doc is completely wrong to tell you your bloods indicate that you are normal. They are not. Also, to tell you that you can have your thyroid removed for cosmetic reasons is shocking! You only have your thyroid removed if you are found to have cancer and there are about three steps to determining cancer of the thyroid. My humble opinion is that the guy is an idiot, run don't walk.

Many of us have to watch our own bloods privately and self medicate and we do it very successfully. We would love to have a sensible doctor monitoring us but they are few and far between. We pool our knowledge and experiences and we get by very well, you may have to do this. Don't worry, it can be done.

Do read up as much as you can about the thyroid and its problems, start with Internet articles, this forum and then read Tired Thyroid by Barbara Lougheed or Stop the Thyroid Madness by Jamie Bothorpe. Hang in there and keep in touch with us.

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Thank you for your reply. It is so stressful. I know my body isn't right and it's affecting me so much even as a mother now as I just seem to function. All my doctor ever tells me is I'm depressed !! And wants to give me meds for that. I'm far from depressed but this is now making me feel down. It was a ENT doctor, who is a specialist in thyroids. No way am I having my thyroid taken out of there isn't a life threatening reason to. I could imagine the problems I would have getting my meds right for that for the rest of my life, when I can't even get help now. I'm in the uk so I'm not sure how the charts work here. The ENT doctor has referred me back to my GP. How do I approach my GP, can I be referred to a special doctor for bloods ? Thank you

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OK, try this. Go back to your GP and show him those results. Tell him you are horribly hypothyroid as is glaringly obvious from your TSH result. There are other things (T3 and T4) but don't confuse him with those, TSH is enough to get a medic's attention. Tell him you need to go to an Endocrinologist, not an ENT doctor, they are different. Keep it that simple, you need to get to a doc who will prescribe the correct medication. Try that first but if this is going to take months you might want to get your own T3 and start on that. T3 only is what I was prescribed for three months after my total thyroidectomy and I felt great.

I understand (we all do here) that feeling of not being able to cope nor of even wanting to get out of bed. This is not behavioral (i.e. laziness) it is hypothyroidism i.e. chemical/physical.

The other thing many of us here understand is that it is terrifying to start on this path, particularly when you don't have a sensible doctor. Do read up as much as you can so that some of the fear will go away. Try the doctor route first then report back here.

A request of other members of this forum: Can anyone comment on those levels of TPO and ThG Antibodies. Those are not my areas of expertise, does it look like Hashimotos? Let JayLou know, if her doctor is an idiot it might be good for her to go in with a diagnosis instead of just symptoms.


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Thank you again for your reply and advice. Just wanted to mention that I did have a lot more bloods done in October this year. If any from them would be helpful to you also I'm happy to give you those. Just thought that it may help you, to help me. Which you have done. My GP is going to be hard work so do want to go fully loaded with info I'm getting and researching. Many thanks

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I am so sorry πŸ™ˆ Feel such a fool, I mistakenly wrote in the wrong number for my tsh I have edited my post now to the correct result. Once again really sorry. I have double checked and everything else is correct. Corr ft result for tsh was 1.55

Oh dear You sure need another doctor.

Advice here is your best course .

Where do they get them from, what an idiot

Bless you. X

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