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Thyroid nodule biopsy. What to expect next!!!

Hi everyone.

I have been feeling unwell for some time but the last two months or so I havr been at my worst. Tired flu like joint pains and enlarged lymph node kick started my first visit to the docs. Had bloods and tsh was 0.27 t4 and t3 normal. Repeated in sic weeks where tsh was .037 t3 and t4 normal. Was sent for scan of next due to lymph node and check out thyroid as im was/ still am tired and breathless when exercising. They found a 3cm nodule so I have been referred to a specialist and had it biopsied. Waiting now for results. Im worried that they will say it's nothing when know something isnt right with my neck. I often have to clear my throat when speaking I have constant ache near my collar bone and under my jaw.

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Mine was compressing windpipe and made breathing and swallowing difficult so hemi-lobectomy was recommended.

I think your nodule is probably to large to be treated with thyroxine in the hope it will shrink. The size of the nodule, the discomfort and breathing difficulties you're experiencing will be recognised and won't be dismissed. I hope the histology is benign.


If the FNA result comes back indeterminate you have to have it redone. If it comes back indeterminate again surgery is recommended to remove half of the thyroid and that is biopsied. If it is malignant you then have to undergo surgery again for removal of the rest of the thyroid.

I had a cough, my voice was husky and I had 2 indeterminate FNAs. I had surgery for removal of half of thyroid 3 weeks ago and it came back with Absolutely No Sign of Cancer.

If your bloods are in range and you have a nodule they tend to monitor if FNA comes back benign. I don't know if that's all hospitals but they do that at the one I attend. It involves a yearly ultrasound. Fingers crossed for a benign result.


Who hun, I had swollen lymph node under my left earno2rs and hec I feel rough, I have had a scan and they are normal. Also my clavicle is swelled, had scan nothing. I have read thyroid issues can cause swollen lymph nodes. Try not to worry easy said than done, I'm still trying to figure out all this 3 years later. X


Hi hun, sorry about my spelling mistake.


Thank you all. Also I don't know whether its a symptom of thyroid but ive constantly got shakey hands although not always visible they feel restless as thouh I need to stretch!! But I am also on anti depressants because I feel so low and tired emotional!! I dont know if that could be them


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